Good morning my friend!

I’m so happy to have you here today in my new blog 🙂

New blog, new wips and they are once more blankets 🙂

I’m obsessed with blankets! I can not help my self making more and more! But let me tell you something: I do not have a proper blanket for myself 🙁 Every time I crochet a new one, I offer it to a friend or a cousin etc

Remember my fairy tale blanket who was supposed to be a blanket for myself? Well I offered it to a friend 🙂

Remember also my love@first sight hexagon one ? I offered it too to a cousin of mine!

So I decided now to have my own blanket which I’m gonna call: Myyyy vintage blanket…It will gonna be a mixture between two patterns (the square from the fairy tale one and the inside of my love@first sight one ) with vintage colors… Too complicated to understand eh??

Well, to resume, it will be something like this:

Yes, I know, many of you are surely tired to see this kind of pattern with a creamy border….again…sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙁 but I HAVE to make one for myself ! I have to do it !!! and I will! I tried to change a little bit from the pattern of my fairy tale one…but the spirit is still the same… hope this will not bother you too much 😉

I’ll make a graphic pattern also if somebody is interested in having it!

All my graphic patterns are still here in this blog on the right sidebar! And on the left one you can find the categories, the archives, the awards and you can subscribe there too to receive an e-mail every time I write a new post!

and because I can not work on a single project I started also another blanket. This one will be for my one and only 🙂 My lovable husband who also, as far as I remember do not have a proper masculine blanket for himself 🙂

It will be called: stripes of love

and it will be huge because hubby is very very tall 🙂

working on this kind of stripy blanket may be very boring…specially if it is too large…that’s why I’m crocheting two different projects together 😉

I’m trying not to use girly-girly colors for this blanket and this is very difficult for me…

It is crocheted like this: 3 rows of tr, 1 row of dc in cream, 3 rows of treble , 1 row of dc in cream etc etc

and the row after the dc one is worked always with the back part of the dc stitch 🙂

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed my very first post here! Hope you loved my new blog too!

Do not forget to add this new address instead of the old one in your reader or blogroll! Just delete : “.wordpress” Thanks!

I’m sending you warm kisses and hugs from :