Good morning to you my friend,

Today is a big day! I finished my 3D Flower Blanket and I am very proud of the result! Christina my daughter loved it! She said that it is like a garden in her room and these sweet-5 years old-words make my heart very very happy 🙂

Of course I’m gonna show you…yalla 🙂

The blanket is made with 42 squares (6×7) and 7 different colors and every square is one of a kind as you can not find two identical squares…

It measures 115×100 cm and the size is ideal for a 5 years girl who wants to put it on her while watching TV during the cold winter nights…

The Yarn used is: Stylecraft special DK

The colors are: Aster 1003, Sherbet 1034, Fondant 1241, Meadow 1065, Lipstick 1246, Saffron 1081 and White

Ordered from this shop.

The crochet hook is a 4mm 🙂

I’ve joined together the squares with a white line of dc.and I made another white line of dc before making the final border in red.

You can find the pattern of the square here.

This blanket was a pure pleasure to crochet…

…hope you like it !

Have a beautiful week!

Big big kisses!