Good morning,

I am actually working on a new plain blanket with only seven colors and this is giving me great pleasure to crochet. I like to have a plain blanket for home and I decided to have one with a 3D Flower square. I’ll show you today the wip blanket. I actually made 38 squares untill now, still have32 (the blanket is made with 70 squares in total (7×10)!

This is the basic square:

As you noticed the flower is a 3D one:) it is very beautiful “live”.

I’ll post next time (maybe tomorrow:)) the pattern, so, if somebody want to crochet along with me this blanket it will be very nice to share our wip 🙂

So, for you, some pics:

I think it will become a very beautiful blanket…

but but but…

I have to finish this week my zigzagy blanket

(which I’ll show you 100% done very soon I hope) before working more on the 3D flower one,

and after that I have to make the second leather stool 😉

and after that I have to begin crocheting for Christmas 🙂 yaaayyy

That is a lot of projects in my head:) yes I know 🙂

Have a beautiful week 🙂

and see you tomorrow for the pattern of the 3D Flower blanket!

BIG BIG kisses to you all!