Good morniiiiiiiing sweet people!

When I first saw Lucy’s blooming flower cushion I thought to myself I have to make one of my own, I HAVE TO!

This flower cushion is incredibly beautiful, wonderful, amazing …. I fell crazy in love and was a little bit afraid of the tutorial thinking that it was maybe too hard and complicated… and then, I tried it one night…and it worked…and when you’ve done the first four rounds it becomes very simple… ooooh a lovely tutorial with a lovely result… Thank you so much Lucy!

Before trying it, I decided to use the same thin acrylic yarn that I used for this cushion and this one! It is called : Mirage 100%acrylic yarn and I have some leftover in beautiful colors…

It is much thinner than the Nako yarn I normally work with to make most of my blankets and projects!  and it is crocheted with a 3mm hook !

So, after I put all my left over mirage yarn in my plastic basket I began following stitch after stitch Lucy’s lovely tutorial that you can find here!

I can tell you something about this tuto…it is very addictive…and the more you work on…the more beautiful it becomes….the more you want to crochet….

I even added 3 more rounds yesterday evening to show them to you… This is how it looks like this morning 🙂

My husband who never never comment on any of my hook projects said to me yesterday: ” This is beautiful!! ” 😀 (lucky me 🙂 )

I’m thinking about making it very very big…. 45 cm diam…but I don’t know if the tutorial will still work for so many number of rounds… do you have any idea? Did anyone of you worked on this and made it very big? I would really love to know…

Anyhow, Thank you again Lucy for this marvelous project!

and thank you all for visiting today!

Sending you parcels of love via this blog 🙂

Warm kisses!