Good mornng everyone!

Another week had gone by so quickly and I feel like I am such a bad blogger 🙁 Don’t know what’s happening to me… why am I always so busy…why am I always so tired… that I sleep sometimes around 9:00 pm…

A lot happened in my colorful world this past week…a lot I did not blog about…


A bunting has been added to the playroom… (please look at the bunting and ignore the mess 🙂 )


A birthday has been celebrated…This little girl of mine turned 6 🙂



Some lovely cotton-crocheted-by-my-mother-shelves have been added to my kitchen…


Oh mum you are THE BEST 🙂 THANK YOUUUUUUUU for these beauties 🙂


This is the kind of crochet I can not simply do… I am not so patient you see 🙂


Crocheting with this thin cotton thread is simply magic and my mother is that kind of fairy 🙂


Some spotty colorful bins have been added to the kitchen too…


The first 100g of soft blue has been crocheted on the “I heart you” shawl…


55 squares have been almost added to the happy blankie squares (yes almost…the 4th row is still missing for 20 of them 🙂 )

You see a lot happened…

I feel like I am a loving but exhausted mum…

a happy hooker …

but such a bad blogger…

Hope that things will get better on this front soon 😉

Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!