Good morning to you,
I received two days ago the beautiful blogger award from the wonderful Nancy, and it made me very happy:)

Thank you Nancy!

Now I have to tell 10 things that you do not know about me:

1- My favorite color is red.

2- My internet connection is bad most of the time and this stress me a lot and makes me crazy because it offs every time I write a new post like now for example, Grrrrrr!!!

3- I cry too easily and can not hold my tears, this put me in complicated situations like in the cinema for example when the lights turns on at the end of a film or in front of the tv while watching a disney film with my children asking me : why are you crying mummy? and this annoys me a lot!

4- I love to paint, sew, cross stitch, but my passion is crochet 🙂

5- I met my husband on the internet and I ‘ve been married for 6 years and living a wonderful every day love story

6- Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to eat chocolate or make a row of crochet…

7- I am yarnoholic (I discovered lately this word:)). Sometimes, I ride long kilometers just to reach my favorite yarn shop and buy new yarn…I simply can not resist seeing beautiful yarns and not buying it…

8- When people ask me what is your hobby, I answer : crochet … they look at me in a strange way. Crochet in my country is still for grand mothers and I try every single day to change this stupid matter :D:D

9- I have a sewing machine and every morning I look at her and tell her: next week I am gonna work with you…and leave a little behind mister crochet…and this never happens:)

10- I love to blog and my life changed a lot since I discovered this whole new world 🙂

and now I have to pass it to 10 lovely blogs:

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and I could list a hundred more 🙂

Have a beautiful day!