Hello sweeties,

Yesterday, I decided to join the Beautiful Bloggers Blanket 2012 held by the wonderful Jill (Stocki).  Even though I am a little late, Jill told me that she will wait for my squares 🙂 Youpiiii! I am sooo thrilled to take part of this fabulous project!

 What am I talking about? It is a big blanket made from squares from around the world… squares that you have to crochet and send to Jill 🙂 For each one you send you get an entry into the draw to win the whole blanket! 

Here are the rules: The squares must be:

  • 100% cotton double knit only.
  • Any colour
  • Any pattern / stitch
  • Any size between 5cm x 5cm to 20cm – 20cm
  • You can send just 1 or as many as you like.  For each one you send you get an entry into the draw to win the whole blanket – so 1 square = 1 entry, 3 squares = 3 entries and so on.

The squares must get to Jill by 31th January but she will wait for yours a little longer if you still want to join in! Imagine a big blanket made from a big variety of squares coming from around the world…Isn’t it wonderful?

So, yesterday night I made 4 squares:

And I am sending them to Jill 🙂

They will be on their way from Beirut to Oxford by tomorrow morning!

So ? don’t you want to join in? come on! It is such a fun and lovely idea and you may win a beautiful blanket crocheted by so many wonderful ladies from aroud the globe !

For more info and to join, visit the lovely blog of Stocki here!

Big big kisses,