Hello there!

January is gone … Here is a quick update to share with you…


My crochet mood blanket 2014 – January

It’s been a good month. Some dark squares here and there mostly caused by the ugly situation in my country. But it was a not-so-bad month for me .

I love how this blanket is turning… I love how I can see clearly the whole month in a rectangle of crocheted small squares 🙂



I love my moody project 🙂


Home wise, a new couch has been bought for the sitting room. Our sitting room is a big one. Now we can lay down all of us five, feets up and curly under warm crocheted blankets 🙂

Yes, this couch is huge… really HUGE… It is a BIG Ushaped couch …


No, you can not see how huge it is… On the next pic you’ll see it clearly 😉


But believe me my house is not always as tidy as on this pic… This is a very rare pic  I’ll have to look at from time to time 😉


And finally this is my poncho coming to an end 🙂 It is 99% done and I am now crocheting the last row of its edging .  A tadaaa post is coming very soon 🙂

I love my poncho and I keep trying it on and dansing in front of the mirror like a stupid teenager 🙂 Love can make you stupid I know 🙂


That’s all for now 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting!

See you very soon my friend!

Take care


P.S: Thank you so much for your support concerning my heart cushion pattern. It really means to me a lot  🙂

You can find it from now on with the other patterns on the right sidebar of the blog!