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11 01, 2012

Back on the wheels: Sucrette’s square: two finished projects!!

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Goooood morniiiing !

Yes, I’m back on the wheels… After a couple of gray days, light came back again in my life and mostly because of you and your supporting sweet words… Thank you so much my friend for your presence and for being so caring and loving…You’ll never know how much I needed every single word you left in the comments 🙂

During the holidays, I worked on something I want to share with you today…In fact, the two new wips I talked about in this previous post were somehow linked in one new square I created during Christmas time.

Enough talking… let’s see something …I hear you say … ok ok 🙂

With some thin cotton yarn, I’ve made some little colorful granny flowers…

and with these granny flowers I transformed a white lampshade…The same kind of lampshade I transformed back in 2010…Do you remember it?

But this time I used small granny flowers with hot glue…

and I prefer this one:

mmmh 🙂 Isn’t it lovely?

And after I fall totally in love with this colorful granny flower …I decided to continue with the pattern and make it a square, yes, a little square with a 3D granny flower in it…

A little afghan block that can be used to make blankets, scarfs, potholders, coasters, cushions, table runners…etc…A variety of cute crocheted projects from this little square of mine…

 I’m gonna call it : Sucrette’s square 🙂 because it is granny and because it is colorful and because I created it and I’m madly in love with it 🙂

 So, with Sucrette’s square I’ve made these two:

 A white lampshade decorated with little colorful granny flowers…


A rectangle cushion with a green background like a field of flowers to welcome spring 😉 (It is not too far anymore:) )

Sucrette’s square PDF pattern ( a graphic pattern with step by step pictures) will be available very soon in my etsy shop 🙂 Yes, yes, yes, I’m gonna open an etsy shop and I’m totally excited about it!

And also available, very soon, here, to purchase for a very special symbolic price for you my dear friends…

Have to go now…back on the wheels…back to my ripple…and my painting…and and and… so many projects on my head… I wish I had 4 hands and days of 48 hours 🙂

Love you all…and wish you a super day!


30 09, 2011

A third project on the go :)

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Good morniiiiiiiing sweet people!

When I first saw Lucy’s blooming flower cushion I thought to myself I have to make one of my own, I HAVE TO!

This flower cushion is incredibly beautiful, wonderful, amazing …. I fell crazy in love and was a little bit afraid of the tutorial thinking that it was maybe too hard and complicated… and then, I tried it one night…and it worked…and when you’ve done the first four rounds it becomes very simple… ooooh a lovely tutorial with a lovely result… Thank you so much Lucy!

Before trying it, I decided to use the same thin acrylic yarn that I used for this cushion and this one! It is called : Mirage 100%acrylic yarn and I have some leftover in beautiful colors…

It is much thinner than the Nako yarn I normally work with to make most of my blankets and projects!  and it is crocheted with a 3mm hook !

So, after I put all my left over mirage yarn in my plastic basket I began following stitch after stitch Lucy’s lovely tutorial that you can find here!

I can tell you something about this tuto…it is very addictive…and the more you work on…the more beautiful it becomes….the more you want to crochet….

I even added 3 more rounds yesterday evening to show them to you… This is how it looks like this morning 🙂

My husband who never never comment on any of my hook projects said to me yesterday: ” This is beautiful!! ” 😀 (lucky me 🙂 )

I’m thinking about making it very very big…. 45 cm diam…but I don’t know if the tutorial will still work for so many number of rounds… do you have any idea? Did anyone of you worked on this and made it very big? I would really love to know…

Anyhow, Thank you again Lucy for this marvelous project!

and thank you all for visiting today!

Sending you parcels of love via this blog 🙂

Warm kisses!






20 09, 2010

3D Flower blanket !

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Good morning to you my friend,

Today is a big day! I finished my 3D Flower Blanket and I am very proud of the result! Christina my daughter loved it! She said that it is like a garden in her room and these sweet-5 years old-words make my heart very very happy 🙂

Of course I’m gonna show you…yalla 🙂

The blanket is made with 42 squares (6×7) and 7 different colors and every square is one of a kind as you can not find two identical squares…

It measures 115×100 cm and the size is ideal for a 5 years girl who wants to put it on her while watching TV during the cold winter nights…

The Yarn used is: Stylecraft special DK

The colors are: Aster 1003, Sherbet 1034, Fondant 1241, Meadow 1065, Lipstick 1246, Saffron 1081 and White

Ordered from this shop.

The crochet hook is a 4mm 🙂

I’ve joined together the squares with a white line of dc.and I made another white line of dc before making the final border in red.

You can find the pattern of the square here.

This blanket was a pure pleasure to crochet…

…hope you like it !

Have a beautiful week!

Big big kisses!


16 09, 2010

My creative space (2):)

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Good to see you today,

I am actually finishing my 3D Flower blanket soo before the revealing BIG BIG post (which will be very very soon), I am gonna show you just a little small picture of it to have a small idea … before making the final touches 😉

I am very excited with this blanket…it is really looking great…

I am making it for my big daughter Christina…

A small pic, just for you…

mmmm, what do you think?

This is my creative space for this week!

I’ll post it 100% done soon !

Have a perfect day 🙂


6 09, 2010

3D Flower blanket

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Good morning,

I am actually working on a new plain blanket with only seven colors and this is giving me great pleasure to crochet. I like to have a plain blanket for home and I decided to have one with a 3D Flower square. I’ll show you today the wip blanket. I actually made 38 squares untill now, still have32 (the blanket is made with 70 squares in total (7×10)!

This is the basic square:

As you noticed the flower is a 3D one:) it is very beautiful “live”.

I’ll post next time (maybe tomorrow:)) the pattern, so, if somebody want to crochet along with me this blanket it will be very nice to share our wip 🙂

So, for you, some pics:

I think it will become a very beautiful blanket…

but but but…

I have to finish this week my zigzagy blanket

(which I’ll show you 100% done very soon I hope) before working more on the 3D flower one,

and after that I have to make the second leather stool 😉

and after that I have to begin crocheting for Christmas 🙂 yaaayyy

That is a lot of projects in my head:) yes I know 🙂

Have a beautiful week 🙂

and see you tomorrow for the pattern of the 3D Flower blanket!

BIG BIG kisses to you all!