20 08, 2014

Mrs Lola the owl

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Please meet Mrs Lola 🙂


I’ve been working on her for a while (last week I woke up with an urgent need to make amigurumis 😀 Does that happens to you? ) So here is she 🙂


Isn’t she cute? I love owls I think they are funny and I have a whole collection in my place 🙂


Mrs Lola’s pattern is ready. I prepared it for you 🙂 It is a written tuto with step by step pics.


You can purchase it for a very symbolic price of 3.5 USD.

Once the payment is done, you’ll receive it within 24 hours. It is a printable PDF file of 6 pages.


Hope that you loved Mrs Lola. She’s now next to me while I’m writing this post 😉 I love her 🙂

Happy day dear friends!



1 02, 2014

“I heart you” cushion

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The pattern is ready! It is an english written pattern with step-by-step pictures and it includes too small charts of the flower and the leaves that I sew on it 🙂


It is an amigurumi kind of pattern and you’ll need some chunky yarn (approximately 100 to 150g) , a hook, stuffing and a stitch maker.

Once you purchase the pattern, I’ll send it to you within 24 hours. Please be patient, sometimes it is night time in my country while it is the morning in yours. I’ll try my best to check on my mails 2 to 3 times per day 🙂

You can buy it from HERE.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Happy crocheting 🙂


30 01, 2014

I heart you!

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Good morning sweeties!

Remember the secret project I told you about in my previous post…



It is this very cute heart shaped cushion 🙂

Even though I don’t like the whole valentine thingy idea I love everything heart shaped and my home is filled with hearts 🙂

So, I thought about adding this sweet cushion to my place 🙂


I crocheted it with a chunky yarn and a 5mm hook and unraveled it twice before I could get the shape I was hoping for…


I love it and keep changing its place around the house 🙂



I took some step by step pictures and I’m preparing right now a full pattern which will be for sale here in the blog for a symbolic price of 3USD.


So, my friend, if you’re interested in crocheting this heart for your valentine or to add a warm touch to your home, prepare some chunky yarn and the right hook for it and wait for me…

I won’t be long… I promise…

I’ll try to post the pattern asap 😉

Love to all!


13 08, 2013

A double tadaaaa

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Hello hello hello!

What shall I show you first today? This post is special as I have to show you two finished projects and they are both lovely 🙂

Ok. First.The pink stool.

I’ve had this wood stool from ages ago but it was in an ugly brown…I painted it pink and decided to make for it a nice crocheted cover…that was in may 2012 if my memory is good … I started it with the Ricco creative cotton… and never blogged about it…

Last week I decided to finish it 😉

Because I was into “stools” and was making the red one for a special order, the pink one had to be done too…

So, here it is: Enjoyyyyyyyyy………………….





Yarn: Rico creative cotton

Hook: 4mm

For the edging I sew this cute pompom trim to the back of the crochet 🙂

I love pompoms 😀

This last pic show the pink color of the wood as it is “live”


And for the second project…

I am sure you already guessed…

It is one more cute cat for my hubby… He chose the colors 😉


and I love it! These cats are really addictive 🙂


That’s all my friends 🙂

Next time I’ll tell you about the crazy project I am in now … It is taking all my time, I’m thinking about it all day long and it is making me crazy 🙂

Sending you happy kisses and lot lot of love through this post!


P.S: If you fancy making a cat you can order the book from the right sidebar of the blog between the lovely books. The book has very simple and clear instructions to make a cute cat on your own! Enjoy it!

2 08, 2013


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Hello sweeties,

It is friday already and we are in August. Time really flies and sometimes I just don’t realize how time is passing by so quickly…

I am crocheting a lot these days and that makes me really happy and takes all the stress away 🙂

I told you in a previous post about that special order of a pink wood stool…


… I’ve began the crochet-granny-squares-cover of it…


and I am very pleased with how it is turning out 😉

And guess what? I finished my very own amineko. Yes, this guy, this mustard guy is totally mine…

(This mustard color is my favorite of the moment. I used to hate, yes hate this color in the past…now I love it 🙂 )


I love his wide eyes open. He seems very curious about everything just like myself 😀 😀


I crocheted it with a thinner yarn than the previous ones. So this one is smaller …


and guess what? Hubby wants one 😀 😀 hahahaha and he already chose the colors 🙂

But he’ll have to wait because I have to finish the stool cover first 😉


Life is good my friend… Enjoy it… Enjoy every second of it…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones

Thank you for visiting!