16 06, 2012

Hello there!

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It’s been an awful week for me …I was sick sick sick and feeling not good at all….three days with high temperature and an awful headache… I am now on antibiotics … and today I am a little better 🙂

These days I was like sleeping all day long, not capable of going out from bed, turning on the computer was a very hard thing to do and holding a hook too 🙂 I was feeling desperate … and felt like crying all day long 🙂

Now, the sun is shining again for me and I am feeling better…

These pics are from a project I’m making along with the baby granny blanket but I totally forgot to blog about it… It is a new cover for a leather stool I have… will show you more soon…

I really really missed blogging and hope to be more present with you next week. The girls are now on summer vacation and I have to begin preparing baby’s nursery etc…Hope to share all this with you my friends 🙂

The baby set pattern is almost ready…will post it on monday (crossing my fingers)

I wish you a beautiful weekend and send you all my love!


P.S: I want to give a big thank you to Barbina for giving me the Sunshine Award! It brought sunshine to my day and made me so happy so I forgot for a while my awful headache 🙂 THANK YOU Barbina!

8 06, 2012

A peek into my room

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Good morning my friend!

How’s everything today? Is the sun shining on your part of the world? I hope it is…even if it is only in your heart 🙂

I’m still working on the baby set pattern…It is a little time consuming for me as I’m making it with full details so it will be for you a piece of cake to make 😉 Sorry….for making you wait a little 🙂

Today,  a little peek into my room…

to show you the poster brought from Barcelona that I framed …

Is it looking nice below the “hearts”one and above the bed, don’t you think?

I simply love it. My biggest daughter Christina told me it is ugly because the girl has BIG BIG eyes 😀 It made me laugh! I love children words… so pure and innocent 🙂

and this is our “summer” bed spread. In summer I take out the crocheted one and put this one 🙂 It is a handmade Turkish bedspread I brought with me from our honeymoon 8 years ago 🙂

still looking good and still making my heart sings with joy as it reminds me such wonderful and cherished memories 🙂

Before I go today I want to thank Faith Fentress as she nominated my blog for the 2012 Contry Living Blue ribbon Blogger award . Thank you so much Faith!

Please if you have a moment, I will be very happy if you nominate Le monde de Sucrette for this award…You can do it here:


I wish you an excellent weekend full of good things!


10 04, 2012

Colorful daisies

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Good morning and Happy Easter to you all!

I hope you’ve had a great Easter with a lot of sweets and chocolates. I’m still digesting all the not-so-healthy-food I’ve eaten during this week end…uuuuuf … too much is too much 🙂

Today, I want to show you my latest painting: Colorful daisies:

It is an acrylic on canvas with fresh and bright colors…

I hope you like it!

The girls are still at home for Easter vacations until next tuesday…I’m doing fine and the baby too 🙂 I don’t know yet if it will be a boy or a girl…will let you know for sure 😉 I’ve began something for him (or her), will show you next time 🙂

Before leaving today, I want to thank Barbara from “Made in K-town” for the Liebster blog award she gave me HERE! Thank you so much Barbara, I’m very happy to receive this award from you 🙂

and I’ve been also featured in the “Best of the Web” in Crafty Corners at the end of THIS POST ! Thank you David!

Have a super week!

Big big kisses to all!


15 02, 2012


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Should I open THE BOX or shouldn’t I?

This BOX is full of left behind crochet wips…

I’m thinking about opening it and pick one of the-left-behind-wip-projects to work on… what do you think?

 Should I open THE BOX?

and you? Do you have a similar BOX at home? Do you sometimes open it and think about picking one project and give it a go?

Have a happy day!


P.S: Thank you Rossella Roselli for the Versatile Blogger award 🙂 You made my day!

13 02, 2012

Traditional granny square

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Good morning sweet friends,

How was your weekend? Hope that it was a little less cold in your part of the world…Here it was sunshine with a good 18 celcius d. so yesterday the girls played outside and had so much fun after weeks of gray and rainy days stucked indoors 🙂 Sunshine again…yes spring is not so far anymore …

I’ve made more squares for my Love Birds blanket…I’m getting a little bored from this square 🙁 …so I must work on something else in parallell if I want to be able to finish it …yes 121 squares is something huge and I can not work it without crocheting another wip at the same time… for the distraction 😉

Some of you asked me how I begin a new row when I don’t want to change the color and cut the thread… Well I’ve made a small graphic for you to understand this small trick…it is so easy …

Here is the graphic of the traditional granny square I’m making for Love Birds (the first 4 rounds):

and here are the symbols used:

As you can see in the graphic, you have to close each round with a sc (U.S)  instead of crocheting one ch and a slip stitch. With this sc, you’ll be able to stay in the corner ( hope you’re understanding what I mean 🙂 ) and begin a new round with 3ch instead of the first dc (U.S) !

For each Love birds square, I crocheted the first 3 rounds with one color and then the next four rounds in another color…

and round8 with the lovely turquoise color (I’m so in love with this color, thank you so much for all your kind comments concerning my joining colors…now, thanks to you, the turquoise is surely a winner 🙂 ) and then I’ll join my squares with a line of sc (U.S) with the darker turquoise ! (You can see a small sample of the result in this previous post)

So, my sweeties, this is it! I have now to find a new wip so I can work on more than one project…yes, I am not a monogamous woman (is that an english word or translator is giving me wrong translations?????) I can never stick on one project at a time …

Have to leave you now… and go see my box-of-left-behind-wips 😉

Have a wonderful week!


P.S: Thank you so much Olga, Heidi, Carol and Cynthia  for the versatile Blogger award! That is really sweet from you 🙂 THANK YOU !