9 02, 2012

Love Birds: A small sample :)

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Good morniiiiing!

This is for you a small sample to show you how I’m gonna join the squares of Love Birds. I’m so in love with this blue-turquoise-teal color that I did not help myself using it as a joining color 🙂

 I made a granny round in turquoise for every square then I joined the squares together with a line of sc (U.S) (dc U.K ) (m.s France) with the dark turquoise.

 and I love the result 🙂 love love love!

What do you think??  Is it good or will it be better with a white classic joining? or some other color you’ll suggest? I really would love to have your opinion…Remember: It is a very big blanket for our double sized bed and the walls are light blue in our room…

Voila voilou 🙂 Hope you liked it!

A big big thank you today for three lovely ladies for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 (Yes, I received it 5 times this week and I am really spoiled 🙂 ) Thank you Barbina, Laura and Helen! They have lovely blogs you must visit 🙂 Barbina, Laura, Helen, Jill and Gramma Rita A HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ! I wrote some facts about myself when I first received this award back in september 2010…to read them, click here !

It is always such a pleasure receiving an award…It really brings sunshine to my mornings 🙂

Before leaving you today I want to show you my desk from where I sit every day to read you and write to you 🙂

and this is my pink laptop …

without it in my life I would be totally lost 🙂 My precious companion 🙂

Have to go now… Thank you so much for visiting…

Have a wonderful thursday!


7 02, 2012

I am back!

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Yes, I am back! Oh how I missed you my friends and how I missed blogging, visiting blogs, leaving comments, writing new posts… I can say that I am back from a kind of hell! Everybody got sick in this family and when somebody was feeling better, somebody else was getting worse etc…we’ve been ill and then better and then ill again all of us :(… A special kind of very bad virus… I’ve been a nurse and a sick mummy at the same time and that was one of my worse weeks …Today, we are all feeling a little better, the girls are still at home resting…they are still very weak but today is a better day…

During this crazy week I’ve crochet a lot… yes, I crocheted between wiping runny noses, taking fevers and giving medicine to everybody…I crocheted when I was feeling a little better between a headache and another…The crochet was the only thing that was keeping me away from getting completely crazy and out of my mind…I’ll show you today some progress I’ve made to Love Birds…

I’ve crocheted 32 squares so far and I’m loving them…I’m loving each and every one of them…

and I’ve chosen two colors for the joining…wanna see?

I love this light turquoise…It is one of my favorite colors and it is beautiful in our room where the walls are light blue…mmmh…(Love Birds is a bed spread for our room)

I have a small idea on how I’m gonna joinall the squares with these two colors 😉 …Will make a small sample for you my sweeties to show you next time and I’m counting on you to tell me what do you think…

Have to go now…a lot of work is waiting for me…but before leaving I want to give a big BIG  THANK YOU to two lovely ladies for giving me the versatile blogger award! Thank you so much Jill and Gramma Rita ! I am very honored to receive such a wonderful gift 🙂 You both really made my day!

Sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses…

See you very soon (I’m crossing now my fingers)



8 12, 2011

My latest painting…

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Hello hello sweet people!

I want to begin this post with a big big THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for visiting…

THANK YOU for supporting…

THANK YOU for following…

and THANK YOU for leaving such happy words 🙂 I’m very lucky to have you all 🙂

I wish I had time to visit each and every blog of yours to say THANK YOU…

And a big THANK YOU for Kathryn today from Crochet Concupiscence… She gave me the “Awesome Crochet Blog Award 2011: Best Crochet Colorwork”


I’m very honored Kathryn and soooo happy to receive this 🙂 Thank you!

Today, some pics to show you my latest painting…

Yes, flowers, once again, but a little different from the first two… and smaller also 😉

and I’ve even framed it and hanged it with the others on the red wall of the living… they look pretty good together don’t you think?

(The one up-left with an orange background is a painting I did some time ago)

Have to leave you now…

Wish you a very happy day !




9 09, 2011

Vintage cushion!

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Good morniiiiiiiiing!

Do you remember my wip vintage blanket that I started not long time ago? Well, it turned into a vintage cushion for my formal living 🙂

It is made with a very thin acrylic yarn and I felt quite impossible to crochet a blanket with this kind of yarn (lazy lazy 🙂 ) … So I transformed it…

Here is the result…

A big vintage cushion 🙂 (60x60cm)


Love it even more  in my living next to the round granny one…

LOVE it sooo much that I decided to make another cushion just to go with these two…

I’ll show you something next time 😉 Stay tuned!

Before I go I want to thank Grace Ann for the Versatile blogger award! This is very sweet from you Grace Ann! Thank you sooo much!

and thank you all for visiting 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


7 09, 2011

Love@first sight: Tadaaaaa

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Hello lovely people around the globe!

I’m so happy to be with you today and to show you finally my love@first sight blanket 🙂

Do you remember its first post? I was completely in love then … and after I’ve got a little bit distracted…making other projects…and I left it behind…and then when I was hit by the-finish-all-my-wips fever I decided it was time to tadaaaaa it 🙂

There it is….

I could not resist offering it to a dear friend of mine who do not crochet and who fall madly in love like myself….Even if it is sometimes very hard to give away a piece that you enjoyed so much crocheting I always think: I can make another for myself… one day… 🙂

It is now in a beautiful home very very much loved…

Yarn: Nako Vizon (100% acrylic)

Crochet hook: 4mm

Pattern: Here

Hope you’ve fallen in love too 😉

Before I go today I want to give a special thank you to Louise and Wink for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! It is always a pleasure receiving this kind of gift … Louise and Wink have lovely blogs you must visit! Thanks to both of you! It is the third time I receive this special award… You can read more about it here!

and Thank to all of you for all the sweet comments you left on my Summer Time ripple post 🙂 I love reading your words and I apologize for not being always able to reply to each and every one ….

Have a lovely day!