30 12, 2016

It is done ❤

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The c2c blanket is done and I am sooo in love with it ☺ 

I loved working on it. It is addictive. And soooo soothing the rhythm of ups and downs ❤

For the pattern I found a chart online when I googled c2c crochet ? There are tons of free tutos online ☺

I used different brands of aran yarn: Stylecraft special aran, Stylecraft life aran and nako vizon… I love mixing brands ❤

And a 4.5mm hook.

Wishing you a lovely end of year and a super 2017!



23 12, 2016

The corner to corner blanket

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I started this blanket really long ago… maybe in 2015? I don’t remember…

When I saw it again in my craft room in one of the boxes I couldn’t resist picking it up again…

And decided to finish it before 2017 ❤

I am adding each day rows and rows of gorgeous deep plain colors and it is making me very happy watching it grows ❤

I am in love with its texture and colors. It is lovely to snuggle under ❤

Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones ❤

Stay warm and have a blessed weekend! And don’t forget that He is the reason of the season ❤


26 03, 2016

Some of the crochet I’ve done during these past weeks…

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I crochet. A lot. Every day. And I am not posting often. So this post is a kind of sum up of projects…

Some I am still crocheting…



A ripple blanket ❤️


A c2c blanket ❤️

Grannies I decided to make bigger and surround them with white for a future king size bedspread ❤️

A patchwork bedspread I am doing for my oldest Christina ❤️

A granny blanket I decided to finish for a friend ❤️

5 wip projects in total I am enjoying crocheting each one a lot ❤️

And this scrappy ripple I finished in February ❤️

Isn’t it beautiful?

Happy Easter my wonderful friends

Love ❤️


29 01, 2016

An update

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Wooooow it seems like an eternity since I last posted!!! Hello sweet friends!! Sorry for being that bad blogger…. I am daily posting pics on Instagram and Facebook. I found it so much easier to post there instead of uploading pics and writing here. So if you are either on Instagram or Facebook please follow me there. I will be very happy if you do 😉

January is mostly done and it was a busy and productive month ♥

I’ve made a granny square scarf for me ♥


A south bay shawlette in the wonderful scheepjes merino soft yarn ♥


A granny squares cushion ♥



A corner to corner (c2c)cushion ♥


I loved working on this pattern. It is really lovely and quick to grow…



And I am currently working on my ripple blanket ♥


Using different yarns from my stash: Sylecraft special aran, scheepjes stonewashed XL, Nako vizon…


I love mixing different brands of yarn ♥


And I started two days ago a new project ♥ A granny squares blanket mixing different brands of yarn too (Same stash as my ripple blanket  shown above)



I am very very excited to work on this new blanket. Granny squares are my favorite ♥

That is all for January 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!