1 12, 2011

Christmas on my tree…

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Good morning!

Some pics today to show you our Christmas tree…It is very colorful I must warn you 😉


… and my girls are very proud of it … They helped us a lot with the decoration this year and they say that it is the most wonderful tree of the world 🙂 (I think all children say that) and when somebody comes to visit they run madly to show him (her) the tree 🙂

There is a lot of  handmade items I made through the years… and every item hanged have its own memory and story…

…and there is also 900 colorful lights so in the night time it is like a sparkling paradise 🙂 You can stay all night long just looking at it…I have to take some night pics to show you….

and you? did you decorate your tree or not yet?

I’ve began also a new crochet wip … mmmm… love it so far…. will tell you all about it very soon 😉

Thank you for visiting today…

Take good care of yourself and stay warm 🙂



30 11, 2011

Something truly beautiful to share with you…

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Hello sweet people,

Yesterday I received an amazing e-mail from a wonderful lady : Kerry Waldron (Aka Fiona 😉 ) … and I was like: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW” mouth wide open for a few minutes in front of her pics… I even showed them to my husband 🙂

Wanna see? Wanna take a look to what Fiona did? yalla….

She crocheted one mini stockings advent calendar for her sister…

and another one for her mother…

and she is even crocheting a third one for herself 🙂 She is gonna fill the little socks with chocolate …


You did such a wonderful job Fiona! You must be so proud 🙂 You are such a talented and patient woman 🙂

Isn’t she ?

I’m so happy about all your wonderful “versions” of the little Christmas socks ! It is such a pleasure to look at all these pics on the net and to know that a little everywhere around the world there is little Christmas socks in beautiful and warm homes 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



26 11, 2011

Two more…

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…Little Christmas socks crocheted yesterday upon the request of a special friend…

She wants to stuff them with chocolate before offering them…miammm 🙂

I saw already many beautiful “versions” of these little socks everywhere and I am very happy that you liked them 🙂

I’m off now to make the final touches of  “ripples of happiness” … can’t wait to show it to you… 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


23 11, 2011

Christmas on my mantel…

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Good morning sweeties,

Yesterday was a very busy day for our family. We decorated all the house and we did not left any corner without a touch of Christmas…Yes, I know, that for some of you it is too early…but I love that Christmas spirit stays in our home for two hole months…we decorate on the 22th of November (Our Independence day off here ) and we take out everything end of January…that is some kind of tradition here 🙂 and I love traditions!

Today I’ll show you our mantel…just our mantel (because if I’ll show you everything (the tree, the shelves etc) there is more than 60 pics 😀 and that is too much…

I fall totally in love with these small nativity characters…they are like handmade but in ceramics …

They look like they are knitted and embellished with buttons and stitches 🙂

Yesterday night we were so tired that we slept the four of us very very early Christmas spirit in our heart …

My mother keeps saying that Christmas should be in our heart not in the house, the gifts etc… I try always to remember these words and find a right balance between the real meaning of Christmas and the fake Christmas of these days…

Lighting up the candles and saying a small prayer before going to bed was a bliss …

May Christmas spirit be always in your heart 🙂

Have a beautiful day!