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4 08, 2016

The summer bedspread ❤

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I’ve been away too long from this blog and I am sorry… Life is sometimes busy and Facebook and Instagram easier and faster than making a proper post here ?

Anyway here I am again… trying to write to you from my phone… and crossing my fingers that it will work ?

I’ve began in April a summer bedspread for our bed and did not post here any pic of the making process… Today I will show it to you…done ?

Are you ready???

This bedspread is crocheted with a 3.5mm hook using two kind of yarn. The king cole cotton soft and the scheepjes merino soft. The cream is Ecru from king cole cotton soft.

Hope you liked it ?

I am in love and very proud and happy of my big project ❤ 

I’ll see you soon to show you a baby blanket I’ve also done lately and another wip ?

Take care my friends


15 04, 2013

The baby girl blanket

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Good morning sweeties,

The baby girl blanket is done …I finished it last week but could not have enough time to write a post… So here it is today….tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I enjoyed every second working on this blanket and I’m so in love with it…


The yarn is very very soft…a pure pleasure to touch…It is called: Nako Lux Ninnos a mixture of 50%polyamid 50%acrylic….worked with a 3.5 mm crochet hook…



As for the squares: The first 4 rounds are made following this pattern here

The 5th round is made with tr (U.K) all around the square and 2tr – 2ch – 2tr in each corner…


And I joined the squares using Lucy’s great method 🙂



And for the edging part, I crocheted one granny round in light purple and a second one in white with picot (3ch-1sc in the first ch)


I love “picot” I think they add a very beautiful touch to the finished project 🙂 don’t you agree?



I love love this blanket (I know I already said that 😀 ) and I hope that the baby girl who’s due in july will love it too 🙂


Have to leave you now…


I’ll be crocheting next a baby boy blanket …. I’ve already chosen the colours and if you’re following me on facebook you’ve already saw them…

Will share all about this coming project soon…

Will have to show you too my granny shawl which looking really really gorgeous 😉

Wishing you a marvellous week …

Lots of kisses and




9 04, 2013

Springy time

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Good morning!

How are you? I wanna begin this post with a big thank you for all your kind messages concerning my health 🙂 I am really lucky to have you all and it makes me feel really blessed and happy 🙂 THANK YOU!

We’ve had some spring weather over the weekend so we enjoyed some great time in the garden…


The children love being out…



Even baby Joe enjoyed being out in the garden for the first time 🙂


And I’ve been spoiled with a beautiful orchid I must show you…


It is the first time I see a yellow-orange-red orchid and it is really really gorgeous …



Even in the crochet front I feel like it is spring too 🙂


As I am enjoying joining the squares of the baby blanket and I am loving it so so so much!

I am feeling a little better now…On Thursday, I’ll be removing the stitches of the surgery 🙂 Spring is back in my heart too 🙂

Hoping that spring is in your home and your heart

I wish you a springy week!


28 03, 2013

More progress on wips

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Just a quick post today to say hello and to show you some progress I’ve made to my wips…


All the squares are done…the baby blanket is nearly finished…I just have to join the squares and make an edging 🙂




I’ve made also some progress on the two shawls I’m working on … I’m in love with the two…crazy in love!

And I must show you too two baskets I bought lately to hide all my wips …


Can you guess that I’m crazy in love with these two too? 😀


Now I have to leave you my friend…

I’ll be away from blogland next week as I have a little surgery to make on wednesday and I’ll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days… How I hate hospitals 🙁

Please pray for me my faithful friends… I need your prayers…

Hoping to be back as soon as possible

Wishing you a very happy Easter!



19 03, 2013

4 and 6

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Gooooood morning!

How’s everything? You are surely wondering what are these two numbers about…


4 is the number of wips ( work in progress) I’m crocheting right now… Yes 4… Is it too much? Can a girl have 4 wips? I can’t resist beginning new projects that is why I have so many wips…

Do you want to have a peek? Ok…

Wip number 1:


A new granny shawl… but this time I’ll keep it for myself cause I really really need a big shawl for spring and fall…

I’m loving these colors… The yarn is Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 5mm crochet hook …


And the pattern, like for the first granny shawl, is here 😉

Wip number 2:


The baby blanket I’m making for my cousin. All the circles are done and I am slowly making the white border now 🙂 Very happy with these squares 🙂

Wip number 3:


The cowl with the moss stitch… Even though I’m not sure I can still wear it this year as it’s already almost spring here… I love crocheting it… stitch after stitch… I just love this stitch…did I said that before?


and finally Wip number 4:


Another triangle shawl but this time with just one colour following a free pattern on Ravelry called South Bay Shawlette


I fall in love with that shawl and could not resist beginning one … and I can tell you something …it is totally ADDICTIVE … and once you get used to the pattern it is very very easy to follow 🙂

These were my 4 wips…now for number 6… did you guess what it’s about?


It is my little Joseph who turned 6 months old this week 🙂


I’m crazy in love with this little guy … He’s my sunshine 🙂




Leaving you with this cute pic of my angel’s little feets …

and wishing you a beautiful day!

Love to all!


P.S: I am adding the “how to hide the yarn ends” post after the free patterns on the right side bar of the blog.

And on top of the right side bar you can follow me now with just one click on facebook, pinterest and instagram … will love to see you there 😉