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4 03, 2013

Monday again!

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Good morning ladies!

How are you? Time really flies …here we are already in march…and it is monday again 🙂 I love the smell of spring of march 🙂

I’ve began two new wips I want to share with you today 🙂

A baby blanket for a cousin of mine who’s expecting a little princess in July 🙂




Here is a close up of the squares I’m making…


I love this blanket… I added to its original square a round of dc …to add more white…


I am loving how it is turning out and I’ve already done all the circles (the first two rounds of them 😉 )

The second wip is a cowl for myself…a very big cowl that I can fold two times around my neck….



I am working it using the moss stitch (1sc, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch) etc

I simply loooove that stitch 🙂


I am crocheting it with the “MIRAGE” a 100% acrylic yarn but instead of the 3mm hook suggested on the yarn I am using a 5mm hook to have a light effect…


Finally lovely ladies a pic of my bundle of joy who’s enjoying his new toy…



and who became now a big baby sleeping in the bigger bed which was for his sisters 🙂



Yes, time really flies 🙂

Have a wonderful week

and see you very soon!


P.S: I’ve posted today the two parcels for the winners of the giveaway…They will be flying from Lebanon to the U.S Texas to Carolyn’s home and to Germany to Jutta’s home …Crossing my fingers that they will arrive safely 🙂

21 06, 2012

Lovely days…

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Good morning sweeties,

I am really really missing you these days 🙂 I feel like I’m a little away from blogland even though I’m still crocheting …

I am better today…totally cured and in a very good shape… sunshine again in my life 😉

Thank you so much for your lovely response about the baby set pattern…I am always very happy that you like that much the patterns I’m making 🙂 It is a huge pleasure for me knowing that you’re crocheting the same little projects that I do 🙂

There is so much happening here in my little house…The girls are at home and there is a lot of construction work happening…

My craft room will become very soon the new baby’s room… and downstairs, we have a huge inside parking for the cars, which will be divided into two rooms (one for my craft studio, the second for my hubby’s work) and a parking for our cars(not a huge one anymore). So we are now making walls, dividing the space, painting…etc and I am dreaming….dreaming about my future place, just for me, just for my painting, my crochet and my sewing work 🙂 and it fills me with such a huge joy….knowing that in a few weeks I will have a room for my new baby and downstairs a room just for my stuff, a room that I can decorate like I want and where I can do all the dreamy things I love to do…I am lucky I know 🙂

I will show you all the pics of “before” and “after” if you love to have a peek 😉 now there is just a big grey space…not so interesting to look at…

Talking about crochet…

I am finishing now the crocheted cover I’m making for my stool…

It is turning out great…can’t wait to show you…

and I’m working also on my baby granny blanket ….

crocheting small two-rounds colorful grannies …

to add them to the blanket… Oh how I love grannies…I am a granny lover…can’t get enough of them 🙂

That’s what’s going on in my life these days…I am in a very happy mood…staying home… spending time with my girls…making projects for my little house… dreaming and getting kicked a lot from the little bundle of joy that is growing inside me 🙂

I hope you’re feeling good too my friend…that the sun is shining for you wherever you are…

Have a beautiful day


P.S: You can still find the baby set’s pattern on the right sidebar of the blog 🙂

16 06, 2012

Hello there!

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It’s been an awful week for me …I was sick sick sick and feeling not good at all….three days with high temperature and an awful headache… I am now on antibiotics … and today I am a little better 🙂

These days I was like sleeping all day long, not capable of going out from bed, turning on the computer was a very hard thing to do and holding a hook too 🙂 I was feeling desperate … and felt like crying all day long 🙂

Now, the sun is shining again for me and I am feeling better…

These pics are from a project I’m making along with the baby granny blanket but I totally forgot to blog about it… It is a new cover for a leather stool I have… will show you more soon…

I really really missed blogging and hope to be more present with you next week. The girls are now on summer vacation and I have to begin preparing baby’s nursery etc…Hope to share all this with you my friends 🙂

The baby set pattern is almost ready…will post it on monday (crossing my fingers)

I wish you a beautiful weekend and send you all my love!


P.S: I want to give a big thank you to Barbina for giving me the Sunshine Award! It brought sunshine to my day and made me so happy so I forgot for a while my awful headache 🙂 THANK YOU Barbina!

22 03, 2012

The baby blanket: Tadaaaaaaaaaa

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Good morning sweeties,

My baby blanket is done 🙂 and I sooooo love it ! Wanna see?

Yarn used: Nako baby 50%polyamid-50%acrylic

Hook: 3mm

Dim: 70 x 90 cm

Pattern of the squares : HERE

The squares were joined together using the join-as-you-go method of Lucy that you can find: HERE

You can find the pattern of the edging: HERE

I hope you liked 🙂

Have a beautiful week end!

and see you very very soon 😉



12 03, 2012

A monday morning…

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Good morning my sweeties,
How are you feeling today? How was your weekend?
Here, the weather was perfectly springy this weekend and the children played outside … it was a perfect weekend with sunshine and even birds singing…
This morning, the gray weather came back again and after the girls go to school I took some pics of the garden… a garden a little sad without sunshine and the children’s laughter …


I live near my parent’s house and we have the garden between the two houses…

So, from our terrace, the girls can call Geddo and Setto 🙂 (It is how we call the grandparents here in Lebanon)

I’ve made some progress with my baby blanket this weekend…

I’ve already crocheted all the circles and I still have to join two rows of squares and make a cute edging…

So, my sweeties, a tadaaaa post is coming soon 😉

Also, next time, I’ll open for you this lovely book (in the pic above) so you can take a peek to its beautiful pics…Believe me, it is a DELICIOUS book 🙂

So, stay tuned 😉

and have a marvellous monday!


P.S: About the Nako yarn, I know that many of you would love to try out this yarn and order some online, I’m trying as hard as I can to make that happen, I’ll tell you more about it if it works…(crossing my fingers)!!