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3 06, 2011

An award and some progress…

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Good morning !

I received a while ago an award from a very sweet lady…

Thank you so much Kerry!

Kerry have a wonderful blog…you can visit it here!

So, for the award I have to tell some things about myself…


1-I really really love colors…colors everywhere and specially in homes but it seems like most of the homes I visit are “beige” or “white” and this really annoys me!!

2- My favorite color is: red or purple or orange or yellow or even turquoise …in fact I have plenty of favorite colors 😉 and every week I seem to have a new favorite color 🙂

3- I love big families…for me the perfect picture of happiness is a big family with 4 or 5 kids dining around a big table laughing and eating with a fire in a cosy fireplace …

4- I’m afraid to death of death 🙂 In fact this is a real obsession for me…I keep thinking about the day I’ll be dead or somebody I cherish will be gone and I cry and I cry … I don’t know how to face this fact and I keep reading books about it…but no result 🙁

5- I love simple pleasures of life: sometimes, just sitting in the garden watching the girls playing makes my heart happy happy happy 🙂

6- I hate to shop clothes…for myself…yes yes yes…I wish I can stay in my jeans and a very large t-shirt for the rest of my life and nobody tells me I have to be “pretty” for the others GRRRRRRR!

7- I live in a country (Lebanon) where everything is fake…specially the women…plastic surgery is the latest fashion…All the women have the same fake nose, the same fake cheeks and the same stretched skin around the eyes…in fact they all looks the same…its dramatic !

8- I hate going to hairdressers…fixing the color and cutting my hair is my nightmare! and this is what I’m making today!!!

9- I love eating a lot, specially sweets and chocolate…and I am constantly beginning diets…just beginning … 😀

10- Sometimes I wish to live alone in an island with my children, my husband and my family and of course my crochet and the internet  and you 😉 …

that’s it my lovelies!

Now I have to pass this on (and this is the hardest part as there is a thousand of lovely blogs I visit and all the blogs are wonderful! really!)

So, voila, I pass this award to:

1- Saritha from

2- Debi from

3- Severine from

4- Jane from

5- Karen from

6- Mamzelle Flo from

7- Karen from

8- Linda from

and Esther from

Go have a visit! It is really worth it!

and finally before I go, I have to show you two pics:

It still needs some ironing and framing…but I’m happy with it 🙂


My “daisies-in-a-square-baby-blanket” wip…

All the squares are done…Still have the joining round and the border…So a “tadaaa” post is coming very soon 😉

Enjoy your week end!



30 05, 2011

Daisie in a square

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Good morning !

This is the graphic pattern of the baby blanket I’m working on right now…

Round1: color1

Round 2: white

Round 3, 4 and 5: color2

Round6 (This is the round I’m using to join as I go): white

I made a real progress on this blanket and it is turning out beautiful 🙂 and I made also some very cute sewing this we…I’ll show you something next time 😉

Sorry again for not being able to explain crochet with words…Hope the graphic pattern will help 😉

Thank you all for your visit and

Have a lovely day!


27 05, 2011

New yarn, new wip…

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Hello there!

This is as promised the new yarn my mom brought for me last Saturday… (thank you mom!)

Weird eh? not my kind of colors 🙂 too soft…too pastels…too light 🙂 but but but you can not imagine my surprise when I touched them…Ohlala  it is the softest and smoothest yarn I ever touched in my hole life …. mmmh so tender like a baby’s skin …

It is called Nako Baby… 60% bamboo 40% polyamid (wondering what it is 🙂 )

8 colors including the white one…

mmmh…so? did I tried to crochet with it? or didn’t I? 🙂

This kind of yarn is perfect for baby stuff… and I have plenty of pregnant mothers around me including my own sister…so I decided to start a baby blanket….for a cute little baby 🙂

Ok the colors are too pastels but you can not imagine how beautiful it is to work with …OOOOH totally hooked 🙂 and I did not let it down until 1:00 a.m that night 🙂 trying different patterns until I chose this one …

and I made a lot of progress this week …

I called the square : “daisies baby blanket square” and of course I am gonna post the graphic pattern for you next time 😉

This pattern will turn out wonderful with bright and bold colors too, I am sure…

I am joining the squares with the white color as I go…

I can tell you one thing: I will not work on any other wip before I totally finish this blanket…Because, I just can not come back to my normal acrylic stash after I worked with this wonderful yarn of softness! (I sometimes have strange English sentences 🙂 hehe )

Time to go now! See you next time with the graphic pattern 😉

I hope you liked my new yarn, my new wip and my new square !

Have a wonderful sunshiny week end!


24 05, 2011

Vintage blanket progress

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Good morning!

Today’s post is about my vintage blanket progress… Just some pics to show you what I’ve crocheted so far… Here we go:

12 joined squares, 12 unfinished squares…

… and 48 first-round 🙂

That will make when done a total of 9 rows! Youpiii!

But the BIG BIG news is a new kind of yarn my mother bought for me on Saturday…hmmmm…deliciosa…I could not resist trying it and I fall madly deeply…and I started something new too…and I can not take it from my hands 😀

So, my lovelies, in my next post: New yarn, new kind of colors never used before, new wip and a new cute graphic pattern too 😉

Stay tuned!


P.S: Thank you again and again for all these lovely messages you are leaving here 🙂 They warm up my days !