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9 05, 2011

A birthday and a cushion…

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How are you today?

Aren’t these tulips gorgeous? I received them on my birthday on saturday 🙂 and the tulips are my favourite flowers 🙂

On saturday I turned out 33 and it is strange how I felt… I did not feel too old or something, I just felt happy and thankful for being alive surrounded by my family and the people I love the most…

On Saturday morning I felt like calling my parents to tell them thank you…thank you for bringing me to life…thank you after 33 years 😀 hehe

I’m feeling too emotional these days, every little thing brings tears to my eyes…even the most idiot song …Stange no???

Enough emotional talking…let’s come back to reality and talk crochet…shall we? 🙂

I bought not so long time ago some paintings for my living…

and decided to make a cushion to go with them… a cushion crocheted using this pattern

and this was the result…

Tell me ? what do you think? Do you love?

and now I am making another crochet cover with the same colors as the cushion for this round small table you see on the right bottom of the pic above… 😉 Will show it to you very soon …

That’s all my friend!

I’m sending you some sunshine and bird singing through this post and wish you a wonderful happy monday!


4 05, 2011


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Good morning my friend,

It’s been sooo lonnnnnnng since my last post…I’ve been busy with the girls at home and I really missed blogging…

Hope all is going great with you…

So, here I am back again with two new wip 🙂 two cushions I am making right now… (yes, time for cushions again 😉 )

The first one is a “circle of joy” orange cushion…

it has to do with a new painting I bought recently and I’ll let you know all about it next time…

You can find the pattern I am using for this cushion here.

My 2nd wip is a normal granny one…crocheted with the ricco creative cotton…

I just love the brightness of this yarn 🙂

Time to leave you now…

Have a beautiful day and see you soon 😉


10 01, 2011

Crazy Coasters

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Hello sweeties,

How was your we?

Mine was pretty good…I’ve been trying something new in crochet…and I really enjoyed playing Sunday with my hook and some cotton yarn, using the pattern of “circle of joy” but changing its 4th round….and this is what I came up to:

cute colorful coasters:)

I enjoyed working the 2nd round with two different colors crocheting  two thread together…I just tried and it worked and it made me sooo happy ! And now I want to try again and again crocheting together two different kind of yarns with different colors of course 🙂

While the girls were playing around with their new Christmas toys I was playing with my yarns and hook, like a crazy woman fully concentrated on my coasters…

And when I finished the first one I was like wanting to make another one and after that one more etc 🙂 Mad crocheter 🙂

You really should try this …It is amazing…I’ll show you with some pics and of course a graphic pattern;)

The first 3 rounds are the same as circle of joy. In the 4th round (in orange), you should have finally 11 small petals…

Let’s go… First, choose two different colors A and B (It is better if they are contrasting together)

Make the first round in color A crocheting 11 tr. and after that crochet the 22 tr of round2 with A and B together:

Try not to cut any end before finishing round 3 leaving the two colors together on the coaster (Is that a good English sentence? I am not so sure :))

and then round3: Make 44 tr using color B and finally crochet round 4 like in the graphic pic using color A again…

And you’ll have a Crazy Coaster: Fast, easy, simple and so cute …

You should really really really try crocheting two different thread together… It is a wonderful experience!

Be crazy and make a crazy coaster and of course let me know … It will make me crazy-happy 🙂

Have a crazy day!


8 01, 2011

Circle of joy

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Good morning to you,

This is for you, as promised, the pattern of “circle of joy”

I draw it as a graphic pattern and took some pics to make it clearer…

You’ll have a perfect circle when you crochet the first 3 rounds as this:

1st round: 11 tr (brides in frensh)

2nd round: 22 tr

3d round: 44 tr

and after that you crochet the 4th round as in the graphic pic (drawn with the purple color)

It is very easy, simple and so addictive you’ll see when you’ll try 😉

and you can use it to make so many beautiful projects: coasters, cushion, blanket and much more…

So, my friend, I will be more than happy to see something you crocheted using “circle of joy” and I will show you, myself,   what I did with my black-border-circles-of-joy next time 🙂

circle of joy

A beautiful week end to you all!

See you next week,


7 01, 2011

Circle of joy

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Good morning my friend,

I’ve been busy during these past two days working on a new pattern…I don’t know if there is or not something similar on the net but this is my very own version 🙂

It is a plain circle (with no holes :)) in a kind-of-granny-square-border:

I don’t know why I am loving the black color with other bright colors these days…I am adding black to my january2011 projects and liking it sooo much…It brighten more the other colors giving them more shining…don’t you think?

I made two squares with a cream border so you can see more clearly the 4th round of the square:

I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with my black border squares…Will they turn into a blanket, a cushion? Will I make some coasters with cotton yarn? 🙂 The only thing I know is that I love this square…

…and I am gonna post its pattern for you tomorrow 🙂

Have a joyful day!