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20 09, 2014

The baby blanket tadaaaaaa

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Yes, it is done 🙂 The first baby blanket is finished and it was a quick project. Very fast 🙂 But I love the result 🙂

Wanna see? Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!








Now it is going all the way from Beirut to Colorado . The baby is due in December so I am on time 🙂

I used this pattern to make the square and joined the squares as I go like in the chart 😉

For the edging I made 1sc-1hdc-1dc-1hdc-1sc in every 1sc-3ch-1sc of the previous round all around the blanket.

The yarn is a 100% acrylic and is called: Mirage

The hook is a 3.5mm one 😉

That’s all my lovelies. Hope you loved the baby blanket as much as I do 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!



9 09, 2014

Moments to treasure

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Good morning sweeties around the globe 😉 THANK YOU so much for your wonderful response and support concerning my latest patterns 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! These are some moments of my previous week I’d love to share with you 🙂 Enjoyyyyyyy 1 *Waking up to a beautiful mess… 3 2 4 *My latest blanket in progress… A wedding gift… Pattern of the squares HERE 5 *My table runner being used as a car parking…makes my heart melts with LOVE 🙂 (Chart of the table runner’s square HERE ) 6 *Coffee…Coffee … my everyday compagnion …with crochet of course 😉 7 *Lazy Sunday afternoon… Watching Ben and Holly 🙂 and quite enjoying it 😉 8 *My brain… my yellow filofax… without it I would be totally lost … 9 *Picking up yarn for a new wip 🙂 I looooooove to do that…. 10 11 *The new wip is a baby blanket. (Pattern of the square can be found HERE) I have actually 3 pregnant cousins. The first baby boy is due in December. The second a boy too is due in February and the third (boy or girl?) due in April. So I have 3 baby blankets to crochet and that makes me veeeeery happy 🙂 This blanket will be for baby 1 (december) and will fly to the US 😉 These were my weekly moments…moments of joy… moments of rest… moments of excitement… moments of pure bliss … Wishing you a wonderful week! Sucrette

13 11, 2013

Happy happy happy :)

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Good morning!

I am happy happy happy to show you today the happy blankie in all its glory 🙂


It is finally finished and I love how it is right at home here 🙂


Lots of reds, oranges and yellows to match the warm colors of my home …


I love it….looooove it and can’t wait for the cold days to snuggle under it. I think that we are all here waiting for that 😉


I crocheted this blanket with a 4mm crochet hook and used my faithful Nako Vizon 100% acrylic yarn. ( The Nako Vizon is very similar to the stylecraft special DK between.)


The pattern of each square is very classic and can be found here.


As for the joining: I joined the squares with a line of sc. I held each two squares together (back on back) and worked the sc in the back loop of the two facing stitches.


For the edging, when the blanket is very colorful like this one I prefer to have a simple edging: 3sc, 1sc-3ch-1sc, 3sc, 1sc-3ch-1sc, etc etc Or if you want it is: 3sc, 1 picot, 3sc, 1 picot 😉

I love picots and I find them very beautiful on a blanket edge 🙂


I am so in love with my happy blankie. It is made with 155 squares (11×14) and I think that it will be cherished for many years to come …


Have to go now… A lot of wips are waiting for me…


A lot of work in my place too… A lot of everyday family chores but this blog is always in my heart and you too…


So, my sweeties, I hope to be back to you very soon…


Until then, take good care of yourself, stay warm (under a blanket or two 😉 ) and have always sunshine in your heart…

Love and kisses


P.S: I still have some troubles with this blog…If a window pop up while you’re reading please click on the “to back button” and ignore it. Sorry for this… I wish I could fix it for real… I’m still trying… and there are also many strange links all over the place… please ignore them too 🙂 Thank you!!!!!!


22 10, 2013

Another week…

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Good mornng everyone!

Another week had gone by so quickly and I feel like I am such a bad blogger 🙁 Don’t know what’s happening to me… why am I always so busy…why am I always so tired… that I sleep sometimes around 9:00 pm…

A lot happened in my colorful world this past week…a lot I did not blog about…


A bunting has been added to the playroom… (please look at the bunting and ignore the mess 🙂 )


A birthday has been celebrated…This little girl of mine turned 6 🙂



Some lovely cotton-crocheted-by-my-mother-shelves have been added to my kitchen…


Oh mum you are THE BEST 🙂 THANK YOUUUUUUUU for these beauties 🙂


This is the kind of crochet I can not simply do… I am not so patient you see 🙂


Crocheting with this thin cotton thread is simply magic and my mother is that kind of fairy 🙂


Some spotty colorful bins have been added to the kitchen too…


The first 100g of soft blue has been crocheted on the “I heart you” shawl…


55 squares have been almost added to the happy blankie squares (yes almost…the 4th row is still missing for 20 of them 🙂 )

You see a lot happened…

I feel like I am a loving but exhausted mum…

a happy hooker …

but such a bad blogger…

Hope that things will get better on this front soon 😉

Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!