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10 10, 2013

55 more…

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Just a quick post today to say hello…

I’ve began joining the squares of my happy blankie then I just realized I needed 55 more 🙂 Yeah! 55! It is a very small blanket like it is now so I have to make it bigger and add 5 rows of 11 squares each 🙂


I love love love this blanket so much and I really want it to be perfect in size…So…

I am off now to crochet 55 more squares 🙂

Have a beautiful day!


P.S: I apologize for my lack of posts these days… I am making-cleaning-organising all the closets of my home and it is taking me ages to finish!!! Hope to be back for good here next week 😉


18 09, 2013

It is all about crochet …

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Good morning sweet people around the globe!

It is always so nice to have you here…Thank you all for your wishes on Baby Joe’s birthday 🙂 Your nice words made my day 🙂

Today’s post is all about crochet… and I am not feeling super sure about myself anymore…I will explain…


These days I am like a child experimenting with his new toys… I feel like I just learned how to crochet and I lost my self confidence …


I will not say that these will become bedspreads… I will not even say that they will be blankets…neither cushions… I will just enjoy crocheting…just enjoy the stitches I am doing and the making of whatever they will turn into…


I am afraid to make plans…even crochet plans…that’s how I am these days…

I left behind the crazy ripple I was doing…did not like how it is turning out as a bedspread…I tried it on the bed and did not like what I saw…did not feel it…

This is the first time something like that is happening to me: 22 hours of crochet for nothing…I am so dissapointed… Maybe I’ll finish it one day as  a blanket… and maybe not…


Now I am making these grannies and classic squares that … I hope … will turn into something…


Using my leftover stash…I’ll try to enjoy crocheting…just crocheting…without thinking about the result….


Did you experience something like that before? Did you one day lost your self confidence about your trustful craft? Did you left behind a project you were crazy about and spent on it long hours of crocheting-knitting?

Please share your experience… I would love to hear about it…

A lovely wednesday to all!

Kisses and love





29 07, 2013

The four stages of a square’s life!

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Good morning sweeties I’ve been making some real progress on the happy blankie lately and I thought about sharing with you (again…remember here?) the four stages of a square’s life…

I always choose first the colors…then I work the first round with every color I have…


Then I add a second round with every color too…


then a third round…


then a fourth…


This is my favorite “technique” to work a blanket… It helps you work with all the colors you want without wasting time to choose colors and guessing which color you have to pick now… It makes you use all your colors …


Now I finished all the squares of my happy blankie…


Aren’t they gorgeous? 99 squares 🙂 (the final blanket will be 11 x 9 squares) yaaaay!!!!!!!!


Now I am really really excited about the joining part 😀 My favorite! But I think I will not make it now because it is too hot… So the squares of the happy blankie will have to wait in the basket until september maybe 😉

Now I’ll be working on my amineko  and the pink stool (more about this wip later 🙂 )


I can not leave you today without showing you my latest gift… something that made me really really happy last week… a set of colorful clover hooks straight from the U.S 🙂

They are gorgeous and a pure pure pleasure to crochet with 🙂


I am in love with their bright colors and their softness…I am really really hooked 😉

If you wish to order a set for you (they are really amazing!), it is right here from amazon. Go take a look 😉

Wishing you a colorful monday and a very happy week!


22 05, 2013

The happy blankie: More progress :)

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Laying all the squares I’ve already crochet on my kitchen table gave me joy this morning …

48 squares so far… I’ve had to show you…

48 happy squares I soooo enjoyed crocheting 🙂 I am deeply in love with this blanket and with every step of its making 🙂

I’m trying now to sketch a new graphic pattern for a square I’ll use to crochet a table runner for my sitting room… A lot of concentration needed ;)… More about this very soon 😉

And you? What are your small pleasures of the day? Are you enjoying what you’re making ?

Wishing you lovely moments whatever you’re doing today !



10 05, 2013

The happy blankie: the beginning

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Hello happy people!

How are you? Is it spring already in your part of the world or not yet? Is it still grey and rainy?

In my country spring is already here: sunshine, blue sky, perfect weather 🙂

I started this week a new project: yes, another blanket like you guessed from the title of this post…

It was like a huge need to start it…like I could not resist…and I could not wait finishing other wips before… I had to pick colours and start it…does it happens to you? this huge excitement for starting a project and you could not think of something else rather than holding the hook? ohhh my…

I decided to use all my scraps of yarn…all my leftover little bits and bigger bits of yarn…


and there is a lot of colours in my stash…some are tiny balls that make only one round and some are bigger…


Oh how I love colorful yarn like that!

I must confess something: My favorite colour these days is yellow-mustard a colour I used to hate when younger…now it is my favorite and I am using it a lot in this project…People change 😉


So, I had to start a project that I can easily crochet during hot days…

and making separate squares is not something heavy you have to carry on your lap..

so it had to be squares…squares that I will join later…maybe in autumn… I will not think about the joining method nor the colour now even though yellow-mustard joining is on my mind 🙂 hahaha

Wanna see the squares?


Oh! oh! oh! These are happy squares aren’t they?

I am really really enjoying crocheting each square and taking a lot of pleasure in choosing 4 colours for each one 🙂


This is the kind of projects that makes my heart beats faster 🙂 boum boum boum 🙂


It will be a happy blanket I am sure 🙂

Sending happy thoughts your way…

and wishing you a very happy weekend!


P.S: For the squares I am using this classic pattern but with a small change: I am making 2tr, 2ch, 2tr in each corner instead of 2tr, 1ch, 2tr like on the graph 😉

Each square is made with 4 rounds, each round crocheted with a different colour 😉