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4 02, 2013

Fall in love…

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Gooooood morniiiiiiing 🙂

Let me begin this happy week by presenting you “fall” in love in all its glory. Yes, it is done and I am very satisified with how it turned out…


I simply fall in love with “fall” in love 🙂


I began this blanket at the beginning of this year…You can read its first post here. This blanket was made as a gift for my lovely cousin Nathalie known as Nato 🙂 And this is, I think, my fastest blanket…one little month and it was done 🙂


The blanket is a very good size couch blanket and it is crocheted with a 4mm crochet hook and the wonderful Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn…


You can find the pattern of the squares here…They are simple classic squares joined as-I-go using the wonderful pattern of Lucy that you can read all about here…


As for the edging, I made a very simple one: 2 rounds of “arcade” (1sc, 3ch, 1sc) all around the blanket and a last round made of 2sc, 3ch, 2sc in every “arcade”…so I don’t know if it is called “picot” or no…it is just 2sc, 3ch, 2sc in each “arcade” and I really don’t know how I did to make them look so pointy 😉


I really really enjoyed crocheting this blanket…


And those warm colors are so my kind of color’s “pallette”


Nato and Bachir…I hope that you’ll enjoy this blanket, that it will keeps you warm and cosy during the cold days of winter… and that it will be a part of your loving home during the coming years of your life together 🙂


One last pic with “instagram” before leaving you today…


Hoping that you fall in love too 😉

Have to go now…Joe’s bath is calling me… 😀

Have a sunshiny and beautiful week,

Love to all!


P.S: Thank you all for joining me on Facebook…It is a real pleasure having you there 🙂

29 01, 2013


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Just two pics that I took with instagram of my “fall” in love progress…


I love instagram 🙂


Thank you so much for visiting today and thank you for all the lovely comments and suggestions concerning the rocking chair 🙂 The idea is already in my brain…did not “make it” yet…Hope to show you something very soon 😉

“fall” in love is progressing…I’m actually joining the last row of squares 🙂

Have to leave you now…
Wishing you a bright day!

21 01, 2013

Snapshots of love (1)

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* Colors on my table…


* Colors on my nails: I don’t remember when was the last time I put some colors on my nails…maybe in 2006 ???? 🙂


* Our old phone: It is one of the objects I truly cherish in the house. It belonged to my beloved uncle who passed away two years ago…Every time I look at it I think about him and how good and kind and loving he was…


* The kind of books that make me happy…


* My sweet girls: The house is soooo very quiet when they are at school and I miss them a lot…They are the sunshine of my days…


* Baby Joe: He is already 4 months old and he smiles a lot a lot and that makes my heart sing with joy 🙂


* My actual work in progress: “Fall” in love : a blanket I am enjoying to the max 😉


* My formal living: It looked so cosy and warm this morning…


* My living with a lot of baskets full of yarn: My husband is always asking me why there is in this house, everywhere, sooo many baskets full of yarn… Should I answer or no?? 🙂

Have a warm week!

Sending you kisses and hugs…


P.s: I decided to make from time to time this kind of post with just snapshots and a little text under each one …Hope you’ll enjoy them!

14 01, 2013


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How was your weekend?

Mine was good …at home…


I’ve made some progress with “fall” in love…8 rows already…

I always make a square with each color…without finishing the last joining round…and then I lay them all on the floor to choose the place of each color…


…writing the colors on a piece of paper…(very bad memory 🙂 )


I love how this blanket is turning out…

and while I was in my own paradise…the girls were coloring TOGETHER…yes together … this don’t happen everyday 😉 and it always ends with a fight 🙂


and baby Joe was gently napping …


I’m in love with his shoes 😀



Wishing you a happy week full of happy moments!