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7 01, 2013

Classic square

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Good morning!

How are you today?

This is, as promised, the graphic chart of the square of my actual wip blanket: “fall” in love.

classic granny

As you can see, the square is very simple and easy to make…You add on every round: 2dc, 1ch, 2dc in each corner…And with the last round (round4) you join the squares together (see the arrows).


I am enjoying too much this blanket…and loving how each square is joined to the others as-I-go…(You can learn more about this great method in the wonderful blog of Lucy here.)

I’ve made 4 rows till now:


What do you think? Do you love the autumn colors as much as I do?

Have to go now and take out all the Christmas decorations 🙁

Time flies…

Wishing you a wonderful week!



3 01, 2013

“Fall” in love

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Hello my friend!
First post in 2013…
I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday season and that 2013 will be a wonderful year for all of you!
We’ve had some great time together with baby Joe this Christmas and the girls are still at home…they will be back to school on the 7th …
We are still in “digestion” mode after all the food we ate during these 2 weeks…uuuuf…a diet is a must now…just water for two or 3 days hehe…to wash out all the not-healthy-at-all-food… 😀

To have a good start of 2013 I began a blanket 🙂 Yes, I am a blanket lover and I love making blankets…This blanket will be for a cousin of mine who’s got married in summer and who moved to a new warm and very cosy home…but she don’t crochet and a home without a crocheted blanket in the living room is not a home don’t you agree ? 😉

I have enough blankets for my home and crocheted bedspreads for every room so one of the resolutions for 2013 I’ve made, is to make blankets for the others, friends and cousins who do not crochet…I have to have a REASON to crochet more blankets … 😉

The blanket I started for N. is with the autumn colors…that’s why I called it “fall” in love…it will be a fall colors blanket…

These are the colors I chose…


I love these colors: Red, orange, purple, greens etc…they are so warm and they let me think about cosy winter nights in front of a fire 🙂


And this is the start of “fall” in love :


The pattern is the very classic square and the squares are joined together with a last round made with chains and s.c…


Next time I’ll post for you the very easy graphic to follow if you’re interested…
And I have to show you too the progress I’ve made to my granny shawl…delicious 🙂

2012 was a blessed year for us with the addition of baby Joseph to our family and it was a very good year for me in crochet talking as I’ve made two big projects two bedspreads (one for baby Joe’s room and one for ours) and many other projects too…thanks to your presence and encouraging comments to every post I write 🙂 You’ll never know how much I appreciate every word that you leave here my friend and I’m very sorry that I’m not able these days to leave a personal response to each and every one of you…
Hoping that 2013 will be a good year for you and for me…
Many many kisses and hugs…