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4 07, 2012

Adding more squares…

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Good morning my sweet friend,

Yes, I’ve decided to add more and more squares to “Love Birds” and make it a double bed spread for our room 🙂

Your comments really lifted me up and gave me the courage to make a bigger selfish blanket 🙂

Thank you for your support and your kind words … They always make me feel better and so blessed!

Wishing you a beautiful sunshiny day


P.S: To Dorothy Hermes: Yes, I make 1 chain in each corner… I’m following this pattern to make my squares 😉

To Marie Kiki: J’utilise une laine appelee Nako Vizon qui est 100% acrylique et que je trouve ici a Beyrouth avec un crochet de 4mm!

To all the talented ladies around the world who are crocheting big blankets and bedspreads: I’m sending you a Big HUG and all the courage you need to finish such big projects 🙂 I’m always thinking of you while I’m crocheting 🙂 Kisses!

10 01, 2011

Crazy Coasters

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Hello sweeties,

How was your we?

Mine was pretty good…I’ve been trying something new in crochet…and I really enjoyed playing Sunday with my hook and some cotton yarn, using the pattern of “circle of joy” but changing its 4th round….and this is what I came up to:

cute colorful coasters:)

I enjoyed working the 2nd round with two different colors crocheting  two thread together…I just tried and it worked and it made me sooo happy ! And now I want to try again and again crocheting together two different kind of yarns with different colors of course 🙂

While the girls were playing around with their new Christmas toys I was playing with my yarns and hook, like a crazy woman fully concentrated on my coasters…

And when I finished the first one I was like wanting to make another one and after that one more etc 🙂 Mad crocheter 🙂

You really should try this …It is amazing…I’ll show you with some pics and of course a graphic pattern;)

The first 3 rounds are the same as circle of joy. In the 4th round (in orange), you should have finally 11 small petals…

Let’s go… First, choose two different colors A and B (It is better if they are contrasting together)

Make the first round in color A crocheting 11 tr. and after that crochet the 22 tr of round2 with A and B together:

Try not to cut any end before finishing round 3 leaving the two colors together on the coaster (Is that a good English sentence? I am not so sure :))

and then round3: Make 44 tr using color B and finally crochet round 4 like in the graphic pic using color A again…

And you’ll have a Crazy Coaster: Fast, easy, simple and so cute …

You should really really really try crocheting two different thread together… It is a wonderful experience!

Be crazy and make a crazy coaster and of course let me know … It will make me crazy-happy 🙂

Have a crazy day!


11 11, 2010

My creative space (8)

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This week I’ve been doing this for a special order:

We call them “sous plats” in french but I can not find the right word in English…It is something you put under a hot dish (please tell me what it is in English I am very curious to learn :))

I love them 🙂 Do you?

The back side is made with wicker (is it a right word?, I took it from the translator:S:S)

And, and, and…I bought some new yarn from a local shop….(naughty girl!!)

I just want to show you and you will understand why…

mmmmmmmmmmh, do you see the colors?

I am a crazy yarnoholic (is it a word??) :D:D I can not resist when I see new yarn with such beautiful, wonderful colors…I have sinned again…shame on me:)

It is a 100% acrylic yarn, a little bit thicker than the stylecraft special dk (4.5mm crochet hook) but very soft, machine washable and with such yummy colors I bet no one can resist 🙂

and now the problem is: where will I put all this????? mmmmh, I guess under the bed :):) and from time to time, in the night, I’ll go down and check again and again if they are still there…

Have a beautiful colorful day!


13 09, 2010

Flower Coasters

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This is for a very nice lady who asked for the pattern of the coasters 🙂
Dear Barbara, here they are:

First: Flower coaster

It is made with 5 rounds , every round with a different color:

and the star coaster:

I take this pattern from a very nice crochet book:  Beyond the square crochet motifs

It is a very lovely book with very simple and nice motifs.

Here is the pattern:

I hope that it is easy to understand…

Happy crocheting to you all!


25 08, 2010

Some of my previous projects

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Hello dear readers,

I am actually making the border of the country flowers blanket and it is looking gorgeous 🙂 I hope I can finish it this week to show it to you 🙂

The blanket is so so so beautiful. But the weather is so hot that I have some difficulties holding it on my knees while crocheting 🙂 that is why it is taking so much time :):)

Today I’ll show you some of my previous projects…Here we go:


This is Joy:

and this is Fiesta:

and this is Bb d’amour: a baby blanket

and Youpi another baby blanket:

and this one is Oriental nights:

Some crocheted stuffed creatures:

A poncho :

Another one:

Some coasters:

Some other coasters:


and for the toilet paper:

and much much more crochet projects, you’ll find in my website.

Have a beautiful sunshiny day!