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3 03, 2015

A baby girl blanket

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Good morning sweeties,

February was a very good productive month for me. I’ve finished two of my wips blankets. My crochet mood blanket (the centered pic in the pic above) and the baby girl V stitch blanket 🙂


Today’s post is all about this last one 🙂 A simple stripy V stitch blanket that turned out very pretty 🙂


I loved working on it. The happy colors made my heart sings with joy and I loved the soothing calming music of the pattern 🙂

You can find the chart of this stitch right here 🙂


I used Nako baby yarn which is a mixture of polyamid and acrylic and it is a very very soft and a pure pleasure yarn to work with. I crocheted it with a 3.5mm hook.


For the edging I’ve used the same Vstitch all around the blanket but I’ve made picots instead of the 2ch … (for the picot: I crochet 4chain and 1sc in the firt chain) I love picots… they really make the sweetest edgings 🙂 This blanket will be for the sweet princess due in April…


And now I started another Baby blanket for a sweet boy due in March… Yes I am late, I know, but I will do it 🙂


Have to leave you now my friend! Wishing you a lovely week 🙂

Love to all!


8 10, 2011

A new pitcher and an old doily…

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Hello my friend!

Hope you’re spending a joyful week end…

Today, I want to show you my new pitcher… Isn’t it lovely?  I adore it 🙂 It is hand painted and so colorful and fresh…I could not resist … 🙂

and do you see this colorful doily? Isn’t it beautiful? I crocheted it 7 years ago when I was newly wed 🙂 I was sooo patient before having kids 🙂 hehe

I used to crochet with very thin thread and a very tiny crochet hook… but that was long time ago…before discovering the joy of crocheting with thick colorful yarn 🙂

I think I can not make anymore this kind of project : sooo many small squares crocheted with a tiny tiny kind of thread… can you?

Can you mix between to different kind of crochet wips? one with chunky yarn and another with very very thin kind of thread? and enjoy them both?

I, myself, could not…I can easily mix between many wips but with the same kind of yarn…and I think that crocheting with very thin thread is somehow boring and too long … Can not make you wait too long between two tadaaaaaaaa 😉 hehe

So, if you’re working on colorful tiny crochet project or you already did something similar in the past I would really really appreciate to see your pics…

Have to go now…

Thank you so much for visiting today and a BIG thank you for being here and leaving such sweet messages …

Have a wonderful week end!