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8 07, 2015

New beginnings

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Hello lovelies,

I feel like summer has begun and with it a lot of fun times ahead 🙂 I love Summer. I love when there is no school. I love when there is no morning runs and afternoon homeworks. I love when the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining 🙂 And the time is flying gently 🙂


This week I started a new project with the beautiful yarn the kind and generous people from Stylecraft sent me.


A ripple blanket made from this pattern. I love this ripple. It is lighter than the original one. I love its simple stitches and the lovely result they give.


I love how it soothes me and calms me and how I can crochet it in front of the T.V.


I am loving the colors too much too 🙂 Aren’t they gorgeous?

The yarn is Stylecraft Life DK.


Well, now I have these four crochet projects I am working on. The 4 of them are blankets. We can never have too many wips, no?

This week also I discovered a new addictive activity and treated myself with a gorgeous book.


A coloring book for adults. I loved this one in particular because I love Folk art. I love their simple naive designs associated with beautiful bold colors. I can’t tell you how much I am hooked. Now you can find me coloring instead of crocheting and that is a shame 🙂

Let me show you some of the gorgeous pages to color…



Aren’t they lovely?


Can’t wait to color them all.


It is completely addictive and I even bought a box of 45 coloring pencils 🙂


I really recommend this book if you love folk art. There are a lot of lovely other themed coloring books you can order from amazon. Just search for ” coloring books for adults ” or ” just add colors ” and you’ll discover a wonderful choice 🙂


I am spending long hours of coloring with my girls (Joe is still too young) and we are all enjoying this new addiction 🙂

Wishing you a colorful day!



30 04, 2014

Living slowlier…

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Hello dear friend,

I feel everytime I write a new post that I repeat myself, talk about the same things, but that is what my life is all about…


I love it… I love having habits… I love waking up each morning and do again and again the same things 🙂


I love repeating the same chores…


Home time (mostly spent picking up things from the floor), cooking time, crochet and coffee time, children time, family time, Hubby time…


Each part of my day brings me joy..


Finding pleasures in the little things that is what life is all about…


The more I grow older, the more I appreciate the little things, the more I enjoy moments of happinesss…


I am living slowlier now … taking the time to look at the blue sky and smell a flower…


Taking the time to add one square … just one square a day to my Crochet Mood blanket 2014…

(Above you can see the first 4 months of 2014)

Try to live slowlier my friend, don’t be always in a hurry, take time to enjoy the moment, life is too short…

I’m gonna make a coffe right now… do you want a cup 😉 ?

Sending you my love through this post…

See you soon,


28 02, 2014

This week…

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Some pics of my week so far. I love to share with you these simple moments of joy of my everyday 🙂


* Enjoying the very first hours of my morning with a cup of coffee, a little crochet and some planning 🙂



* Looking around at my messy house after the children has gone for school and daycare and enjoying being alone… completely alone… just me and myself 🙂




*Progressing on the girls ponchos and dreaming of spring 🙂



* Drawing and coloring with my oldest while she was feeling sick and stayed home. This girl is very talented with choosing and mixing colors and I am proud 🙂



* Enjoying my one square/day of the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014, watching it slowly grow and dreaming about how big it will be once done 🙂 (January and February in the pics above)

Before leaving you today I want to apologize for being such a bad blogger… I know that I barely write a comment or reply to an email or comment and I am really ashamed of myself… But believe me, I always write my posts in a hurry… I am always in a hurry… so excuse my lack of writing back to you 🙁 I promise to make efforts… I always visit, read your posts but don’t comment 🙁 Bad me….

Wishing you a lovely weekend!