18 03, 2015

A baby boy blanket and a new blog’s layout

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Good morning sweeties,

The baby boy blanket is done and this was my fastest project ever … two weeks 🙂 yaaaayyy


I am very happy with the result…


Simple, classic squares surrounded by a round of granny grey … very simple but I love it 🙂


For the edging I chose to make a simple one too … one round of turquoise followed by one round of grey with picots 🙂


The yarn is a 100% acrylic DK one called Mirage and the hook a 3.5mm one.

Do you like it?


And did you noticed the new layout of Le monde de Sucrette? I hope you like it too. I’ve been working really hard on this one . Oh how I hate technology … luckily for me my man is a pro in computers stuff 😀 phewwww

P.S: You can now find all the patterns in the header 🙂 I’m loving right now neater layouts 🙂

P.S 2: Please if you find something “not normal” in the blog, if you can not write a comment or buy a pattern or anything please do e-mail me sucrette@lemondedesucrette.com and I’ll fix it asap. I really appreciate it 🙂

Thank you all for visiting and commenting. Your presence makes me really really happy

Love to all


P.S 3: With this new theme and layout I can make small hearts in my posts and everywhere else and that makes me veryyyyyyyy happy 🙂

3 03, 2015

A baby girl blanket

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Good morning sweeties,

February was a very good productive month for me. I’ve finished two of my wips blankets. My crochet mood blanket (the centered pic in the pic above) and the baby girl V stitch blanket 🙂


Today’s post is all about this last one 🙂 A simple stripy V stitch blanket that turned out very pretty 🙂


I loved working on it. The happy colors made my heart sings with joy and I loved the soothing calming music of the pattern 🙂

You can find the chart of this stitch right here 🙂


I used Nako baby yarn which is a mixture of polyamid and acrylic and it is a very very soft and a pure pleasure yarn to work with. I crocheted it with a 3.5mm hook.


For the edging I’ve used the same Vstitch all around the blanket but I’ve made picots instead of the 2ch … (for the picot: I crochet 4chain and 1sc in the firt chain) I love picots… they really make the sweetest edgings 🙂 This blanket will be for the sweet princess due in April…


And now I started another Baby blanket for a sweet boy due in March… Yes I am late, I know, but I will do it 🙂


Have to leave you now my friend! Wishing you a lovely week 🙂

Love to all!


13 08, 2014

V stitch blanket tadaaaaa

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Hello hello hello!

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to share with you today my latest project in all its glory 🙂 Are your eyes ready for a colorful feast ?














12 pics of happiness shared with you my friends 🙂

I hope you liked my V stitch blankie 🙂

Now for the technical info part:

Yarn: Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn

Hook: 4.5mm

Beginning chain: 146

V stitch chart: HERE

Edging: Pompoms: Inspired from the lovely blog of Vanessa: HERE 

I made the pompoms and just tied them with the last row of my v stitch.

To make the pompoms: I used the Clover Making pompoms. size: small. These are super great and easy. You’ll make a pompom in less than a minute 🙂 You can buy them online from HERE.

My piece of advice: Must try the Vstitch. It is an easy, relaxing, soothing, beautiful, textured and addictive stitch.

I’ll leave you now with a last pic of me under my blankie before making the edge. It was on Sunday morning. Excuse the sleepy hair and face 😉


Sending you vibes of happiness!

Take care



28 05, 2014

Colors make me happy

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Good morning dear friends,

How are you? Hope that everything is OK and that you are surrounded by rainbows and colors everyday 🙂

Lat week was a colorful one in my small part of the world…


I’ve added more colorful washi tape and my collection is slowly growing 😉


I’ve played with my clover pompom making and enjoyed a lot these little colorful balls of yarn. Let me tell you something this clover thingy is totally addictive… so easy to make pompom that you feel like you want to add pompom everywhere around your house 🙂


I’ve made a garland to hide a little bit my hubby’s stereo (which I don’t like but he does 😉 )…


In this pic you can see it more clearly 🙂 Now, with the pompoms I don’t have a problem looking at it anymore 😀 hahaha…Crossing my fingers that hubby doesn’t read my posts 😀


Some new colorful flowers bought from the local market made me very happy too 🙂 I love fresh flowers…


I’m still not done with my granny blanket… joining a square every time I have a spare moment…


Still have 7 squares to add and then the edging…


Talking about edgings this book is great… I’m trying some of its borders but I have a feeling, a deep inside feeling,  that finally I will make a very simple one … We’ll see 🙂

Have to go now my friend,

Some homely chores are waiting for me …

Wishing you love, sunshine and colors 🙂



4 02, 2013

Fall in love…

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Gooooood morniiiiiiing 🙂

Let me begin this happy week by presenting you “fall” in love in all its glory. Yes, it is done and I am very satisified with how it turned out…


I simply fall in love with “fall” in love 🙂


I began this blanket at the beginning of this year…You can read its first post here. This blanket was made as a gift for my lovely cousin Nathalie known as Nato 🙂 And this is, I think, my fastest blanket…one little month and it was done 🙂


The blanket is a very good size couch blanket and it is crocheted with a 4mm crochet hook and the wonderful Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn…


You can find the pattern of the squares here…They are simple classic squares joined as-I-go using the wonderful pattern of Lucy that you can read all about here…


As for the edging, I made a very simple one: 2 rounds of “arcade” (1sc, 3ch, 1sc) all around the blanket and a last round made of 2sc, 3ch, 2sc in every “arcade”…so I don’t know if it is called “picot” or no…it is just 2sc, 3ch, 2sc in each “arcade” and I really don’t know how I did to make them look so pointy 😉


I really really enjoyed crocheting this blanket…


And those warm colors are so my kind of color’s “pallette”


Nato and Bachir…I hope that you’ll enjoy this blanket, that it will keeps you warm and cosy during the cold days of winter… and that it will be a part of your loving home during the coming years of your life together 🙂


One last pic with “instagram” before leaving you today…


Hoping that you fall in love too 😉

Have to go now…Joe’s bath is calling me… 😀

Have a sunshiny and beautiful week,

Love to all!


P.S: Thank you all for joining me on Facebook…It is a real pleasure having you there 🙂