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8 07, 2011

GIANT Granny challenge (6)

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Hello hello!

Welcome to all our latest members !

Welcome to:

52- Gail Wheatley

53- Tids

54- Terri

55- Leigh Ann

We are very happy to have you between us!

And the good news today is that thanks to Adriana Dias, I did manage to create a group on Ravelry !! Yes yes yes! Now my lovelies you can add your projects on Ravelry too, here:

Thank you sooo much Adriana for showing me how to make a group 🙂

So, we have now two different places to share our pics: here and here !

And believe me there is plenty of lovely grannies to look at on flickr ! Some are just beginnings and some are really worked fast (Antara Celetna 🙂 ) but all are beautiful and every piece is one of a kind 🙂

You have magical hands ladies !

Thank you for being here with me and thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Love you all 🙂


6 07, 2011

Giant granny challenge (5)

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Good morning 🙂 Good morning 🙂 Good morning 🙂

I was soo happy today when I discovered that the lovely Grace Ann did a button for our project! The button is really nice 🙂 I love it! Here it is…

What do you think? Beautiful eh?

THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Grace Ann 🙂 You did a wonderful job !

Now, my friend, if you already joined or you still want to join you can add this lovely button to your blog as a link to our flickr group or to le-monde-de-Sucrette’s-giant-granny-challenge-rules-post ! It is up to you 😉

We are already…….tatatataaaaaaaaa…..tatatataaaaaaaaa…

51 participants !!!! Youpiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

The latest participants are:

45- Pauline Lynch (Dear Pauline, baby grannies are welcome too 🙂 You can post your pics here )

46- Anastacia

47- Susana

48- Sian

49- Grace Ann (Thank you again for the button 🙂 )

50- Catherine Lopez

and 51- Wendy !

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! It is a pleasure having you between us in this great adventure 🙂

and youhoooooooooooooo who still want to join??? we  are still waiting for youuuuuuu! Come ooon it will be FUN!

It is a strange feeling to think about so many others doing the same stitches while you are crocheting your granny 🙂 Don’t you think?

Have to go now!

Have plenty of work here in the house today:(

Have a wonderful one and see you very soon 😉



4 07, 2011

GIANT Granny Challenge (4)

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Good morning my friend!

How’s everything today?

I want to begin this post by welcoming all the new participants on the GIANT granny challenge 🙂 WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME !

We are now 44 participants 🙂 wooooooooooow

The new participants are:

37- Pollyharrington (Polly, I tried to make a group on Raverly but I could not make it 🙁 did not know how 🙁 I’ll be very happy if you can make it …If you can not please tell me so I’ll ask somebody else ! Thank you!)

38- Marion

39- Claire (maybe)

40- Valeria

41- Nilde

42- Karen (You don’t have to push any button! You’re IN 😉 )

43- Dorith

44- Michelle

Please tell me if I forget somebody…

To Debi Y: The idea of a button is great!! I tried making one on photoshop but it turned out to be a disaster…I am really not good in making buttons 🙁 I’ll be more than happy if you could (or somebody else ) make one !! Thank you!

And now, some pics on my own giant granny progress…

23 rounds 🙂

Round 23 took me 30 minutes to make 🙂 It is not quicker any more…but it is soo relaxing…stitch after stitch…mmmh…enjoying it soooooooo much !

There is lots of lovely beginnings on flickr 🙂 I am really enjoying looking at them 🙂 Go take a look there and don’t forget to put your pics 😉 It is a real pleasure for the eyes 🙂

and if you did not join yet our GIANT party, you can still do it 🙂 Still waiting for you 😉

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for being here 🙂

Happy crocheting to you all!


P.S: Next time I’ll show you some progress on my stripy blanket …yes I am working on this too 😉

1 07, 2011

GIANT Granny Challenge (3)

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A quick follow up for the giant granny challenge 😉


1- Crochet and crochet and crochet a very big and colorful granny square… as big as you can 🙂

2- Share your pics on flickr so we can all crochet together as we were in the same room 🙂 I’ve just created a group on flickr where we can all share our pics even the ones that do not have a blog or website . This is the link to the group:

If you have something else in mind (another address or place to share our pics please do not hesitate to tell…

3- No deadlines! No certain nbr of rounds required! You are free to use the yarn that you like, the colors that you love and make it as big as you want 🙂

If you have already began one you can continue…It is after all just a fun experience and our goal is to share something we are all creating with the same classic pattern used ages ago by our grandmothers…a simple granny square 🙂

4- No stress, just fun! Remember that we are making this just to have some fun and create our own version and have many different blankets to be inspired by …

We have until now 37 participants…

You can find the list of the first 21 participants on my previous post …

22- Charlotte (Maybe) (I wish you a smooth delivery 🙂 )

23- Tabitha 1961 ron

24- nliedel

25- Rochelle

26- Tracy Marie Reed

27- Bri Butler

28- Abbie (No blog or web address)

29- Anne Marie

30- Lynne

31- Karen

32- Alejandra

33- Claudia

34- Totally Cooked (No blog or web address) (yes, of course you can 😉 )

35- Antara (No blog or web address)

36- Eileen

Please tell me if I forgot someone or if I made a wrong link 😉

36 until now 🙂 wooooow I am so happy 🙂 The more the merrier 🙂

If you still want to participate, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

Do not forget to put your pics here on flickr ladies ! I am so thrilled to begin looking at them 🙂



P.S: To Ohangelina: I make 1 chain between the trebles everywhere…and round after round I keep making just one … Hope this helped 😉

30 06, 2011

Giant granny challenge (2)

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Good evening ladies,

This is a small recapitulation about who’s joining until now 🙂 I am sooo thrilled 🙂

1- Jacquie (maybe)

2- Pauline (maybe)

3- Jane (maybe) (no web address or blog)

4- Rene

5- Lizzie (no web address or blog)

6- Ohangelina

7- Sonieta

8- Charlotte (You can use whatever yarn you want…mix different kinds or not…it is up to you and to your stash…I am using myself some acrylic leftovers)

9- Susi Karin Onca

10- Danielle (Non Danielle, il n’y a pas de date limite et chacune travaille a son propre rythme…L’idee du projet c’est de partager, une facon de s’encourager mutuellement 😀 )

11- Celeste

12- Hazel (granny rectangle is OK 🙂 )

13- Monique (maybe)

14- Diane (maybe) (no web address or blog)

15- Claire (maybe) (no web address or blog)

16- Debi Y.

17- La Crochetnauta

18- Gimee

19- Sara

20- Sarah (maybe) (no web address or blog)

21 (counting myself in) until now 🙂 OOOOh it will be great to have 21 different giant granny blankets 🙂

and you, behind your screen, who did not join yet, what are you waiting fooooooooooooor?????

We are still waiting for youuuuuuuuuu 🙂 YALLAAAAAAAA

So, my friend, I’m thinking of creating a group on flickr or ravelry where we can all share our pics (even the one between us who do not have a blog) What do you think? or should we make something else? I’m waiting for your suggestions 🙂

Have to go now… Dinner…and putting girls into bed….

Have a great evening!


P.S: To Susana Gargicevich: I received your e-mail but I could not reply to you or even open ur pics…I have some problems with my inbox (GRRRRRR!) Can you please send back the pics but make them smaller (less than 1M)? I would love to see them 🙂