7 12, 2010

The edging of my granny monster blanket

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Good morning my friend,

I want to begin this post today by thanking each and every one of you who are visiting “le monde de Sucrette” and leaving lovely and kind comments….It is thanks to you that I was able to finish this huge project and it is because you cheer me up that I can accomplish such great projects…A BIG THANK TO YOU ALL!

This is for you the pattern of my MONSTER border: It is made with 6 rounds:

First, I made 4 rounds of “normal-granny”: round1: white – round2:teal – round3:red – round4: lavender and then round5and6 with the white color…

In this pic, I draw round4(in green), 5(in red) and6(in purple):

Hope I made it clear 🙂

This is a very simple border but I love it !

Hope you’ll try it with your next blanket 😉

Have a wonderful day wherever you are,


6 12, 2010

Granny MONSTER: D O N E !

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Hello sweet friend,

YES YES YES! My MONSTER IS DONE, FINISHED!! Hurray! I made the final border this week end! and I cant wait to show you the pictures! 20 pictures in total! so I have to warn you: Careful your eyes from all these mixed colors 🙂


Let’s go…

Some more pictures on our double sized bed…

This is my biggest-finished-by-myself-project : 260x220cm!!

…and I am so proud of it that I want to show it to the whole world 🙂 hehe

…and now that it’s done I feel like I’m empty…

Do you love all these colors? Mmmmh, I go and go again and come back always to our room to have a look…

just to be sure it is still here 🙂

Here it is on the floor…

…being tested by the girls… :):)

…and more pics on the floor…

I am totally in love 🙂

I took more than 60 pics but could not put them all here 🙂

This blanket is made with 42 squares in total. Each square made with 14 rounds. I used more than 26 yarn (I knew this because I weighed it) and more than 30 different color…

The yarn used is a 100% acrylic yarn: Stylecraft special DK bought online from here…

Some pics of the border…

and I’ll post tomorrow the pattern for you…

This is it my friend: The MONSTER in all its glory!

Hope you liked it!

Have a wonderful monday!

Here it is raining and the sky is gray 🙁 so I can not send you some sunshine…

Hope that my post will bring some colors to your day!



29 11, 2010

Granny MONSTER: Almost done!!

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“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp”

Hello ladies,

Yesterday I read this beautiful quote and found it so true, dont you think?

So, how’s everything? It’s been ages since I last post…I’ve been busy a lot this previous week and missed you…

I am now making the final touches on my MONSTER…crocheting the border…yaaaaay…it is turning out great!

It is so heavy and really really big and I love putting it all on my knees while crocheting 🙂 This is my biggest project and I am so proud of myself…

I started this blanket on the 4th of october with a little fear that I’ll not be able to finish it…but now, I am so close to see it done that I can not help myself every minute of the day to go take a look and make 2 or 3 stitches of the border…

So, I hope, this week I’ll show it to you 100% done with lots lots lots of pics!

I don’t know yet how i am gonna take it with my camera but I’ll find a way for sure to show it to you from every corner:)

So, before leaving you, I am gonna send you sunshine and warm weather  through my blog… hoping to receive some beautiful white snow from yours…  (we have a 30 Celsius outside today and I really miss the autumn weather)

Have a beautiful monday!

Sunshiny kisses,





29 10, 2010

Granny MONSTER: Part5

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Nice to see you today!

Here is my latest progress on my granny MONSTER…

I’ve done 4 rows ( 7 squares each row) so far!! 28 squares in total…

…still have 3 rows to do!! Youpi! I’ve done more than the half 🙂 (I am very happy)

Here it is on our bed…


Here are the 7 last squares I’ve done this week:

and now I’m working on the 5th row…My mother said that 6 rows is perfect for the bed…I think 7 is better 😉

We’ll see…

Today, it is raining here and autumn has just begun (first day of rain)…I really missed the smell of the ground when it rains…mmmh it is so nice 🙂

Hope you’ll have  a warm week end…



25 10, 2010

Look what I’ve found…

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Good morning dear you behind your screen,

Look what I’ve just bought from a very cute shop this we:


It is a “tableau en 3D” in french and I can not find the right word in English : 3D wall-frame maybe?

and I fall literally in love with it! Love at first sight :D:D OOOOh my god, I have to have it!! and NOW! even if it was too expensive for my budget…but I could not resist …

It is dangerous, this kind of attraction to objects… 🙂 but isn’t it beautiful? This yellow wooden window (it reminded me my childhood, I don’t know why…) with its “Fer Forgé” balconyjust gorgeous…

and these cute potholders with flowers….sooo lovely…

and all these cute details that makes it looks real (there is even a curtain with a fireplace inside)…mmmmh

I adore it! and I so want to hang it on the entrance wall but it is heavy, soo heavy because of the real stones used for the wall :S…and I need a man for that kind of job 😉 I’ll try to convince mine to do it tonight…;)

and finally my lovelies, few crochet pics to show you my MONSTER wip ….

I am now making the 7 squares of the 4th row…

which I’m gonna show you this week …I promise 😉

and now I have to leave you and wish you a wonderful week full of joy, peace and LOVE!