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9 09, 2014

Moments to treasure

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Good morning sweeties around the globe 😉 THANK YOU so much for your wonderful response and support concerning my latest patterns 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! These are some moments of my previous week I’d love to share with you 🙂 Enjoyyyyyyy 1 *Waking up to a beautiful mess… 3 2 4 *My latest blanket in progress… A wedding gift… Pattern of the squares HERE 5 *My table runner being used as a car parking…makes my heart melts with LOVE 🙂 (Chart of the table runner’s square HERE ) 6 *Coffee…Coffee … my everyday compagnion …with crochet of course 😉 7 *Lazy Sunday afternoon… Watching Ben and Holly 🙂 and quite enjoying it 😉 8 *My brain… my yellow filofax… without it I would be totally lost … 9 *Picking up yarn for a new wip 🙂 I looooooove to do that…. 10 11 *The new wip is a baby blanket. (Pattern of the square can be found HERE) I have actually 3 pregnant cousins. The first baby boy is due in December. The second a boy too is due in February and the third (boy or girl?) due in April. So I have 3 baby blankets to crochet and that makes me veeeeery happy 🙂 This blanket will be for baby 1 (december) and will fly to the US 😉 These were my weekly moments…moments of joy… moments of rest… moments of excitement… moments of pure bliss … Wishing you a wonderful week! Sucrette

6 06, 2013

The graphic square

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Oh hello lovelies!

It is such a beautiful day today and I’m in love… deeply madly crazy in love with my latest finished project… Are you ready to fall too? I’m sure you are 😉


Let’s have some close up pics …




I love love love this simple graphic square…I think it is simple but beautiful… and I love it even more because it is the fruit of my imagination… my own drawing… 🙂


and I love the whole result…the table runner in all its glory…all these bright and beautiful colors mixed together in a lovely patchwork…


I feel happy whenever I enter the sitting room 🙂


Now for the part you are all waiting for: The how to…

I crocheted this table runner with a thin cotton yarn called “Camilla 6/4” and a 2mm crochet hook. I made it by joining as I go the squares together in a randomly use of colors…

I drew for you my friend the graphic chart of this square… It is right here:

graphic square

As you noticed, the joining part was made as-I-go with round 5 (in black in the chart) and it is done where I put the arrows…(Instead of the middle chain a slip joining stitch)

Each square was done in a different color and I made a very simple edging (1sc, 4ch, 1sc) all around the whole table runner…

I am in love with it (did I already told you that?? I don’t think so :D) and I think that this graphic square will be beautiful if used to make coasters, cushions or a summer blanket why not?

So, my lovely friend, I’ll have to leave you now with a last pic…


and wish you a wonderful day!


P.S: I draw all my graphic charts including this one using Corel Draw (a graphic design software) as many of you keep asking me 🙂

and one last thing: Some of you asks me if I can explain some of the charts with written words and I am so sorry about that but I just can’t do it sometimes… I am unable to do it 🙁 It is too difficult for me as I myself cannot follow an english written pattern 🙁 not yet! but one day… 😉

Kisses to all!

30 05, 2013

Enjoying my me-time :)

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Helloooooo there! How are you?

I’ve been playing with my hook and some cotton yarn in order to make something for my sitting room table… a patchwork table runner…not too big… something simple… a very graphic square I draw and which I am very pleased with right now…

Wanna see?



It is very simple and graphic and I kind of like that 😉 It remind me of my graphic design years in college 🙂



I am doing a lot of these squares right now and I’m gonna join them as-I-go…It will be very colorful but with a simple design… I’ll prepare a graphic pattern for it also…if you’re interested in making one too… this square can be used to make coasters, cushions and even summer blankets …why not 😉

On the other side, I’m spending a lot of my me-time in my craft room with my brushes and painting 🙂 Oh how I love that!!!!


I’ve spoiled myself with a set of new brushes and I am right now finishing a very old big painting I started before getting pregnant with baby Joe…yes, before 🙂 and that was long ago 😉

Here is a little peek …


It is too colorful …but I kind of like that 😉

I hope that you are making things that makes you happy today…

I am sending you kisses, hugs, sunshine and happy thoughts

Have a good day!