14 06, 2011

Love @ first sight: some progress

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Good morning !

After finishing the baby blanket I decided I have to make some progress on “Love @ first sight” and maybe maybe try to finish it…

This project holds a special place in my heart and I’m still so in love that when I’m crocheting it I feel like my heart beats with joy… I want to make it HUGE…Yes a very very big blanket  … Hope I can stay so in Love to realize this wish 😉

So, my lovelies, some pics to show what I did so far…

and did you notice the small hearts ? (specially in the 2d row) Thank you  Jane who made me see these tiny hearts in a previous comment 🙂

I’m sending you LOVE LOVE LOVE  in this post… did you catch some?

Have a lovely day!

I’m flying to Istanbul by the end of this week for 5 days  … Will be back soon 😉


20 04, 2011

Simple things that are making me feel happy today * …

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* My wip “love at first sight” : 5 rows 🙂

* My “azalee” looking great 🙂

*Sweet and cute small hand-painted boxes brought from our honeymoon and that I thought they were lost in the “move” … It feels so great finding them again (Yes, I still have unpacked boxes but shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut 🙂 )

*Two lovely roosters bought recently for Easter decoration :)

*A bunch of yellow flowers on my table so bright and cheerful 🙂

And you? What are the things that are making you feel happy today? Hope there is a lot 😉

Happy Easter !


13 04, 2011

Love at first sight hexagon

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Good morning sweeties,

It is so great to have you here today…

This is the pattern of “love at first sight” and I must warn you: This is really a love-at-first-sight-kind-of-pattern…You’ll be hooked and totally, deeply taken by it…

It is such a pleasure to crochet and the result is wonderful…specially when you make the last round in black (or it can be in another color) to join as-you-go 🙂

So here is the graphic pattern:

As you noticed I made the last round (the one you join with the hexagons) with half treble … so the black color will not be too much outstanding…

I crocheted first 9 hexagons to try out the pattern…

For this blanket I will work with 26 different colors and the black…Every time I make a blanket I use the same method to crochet and use equally all the colors…If I have 26 colors I make a series of 26 hexagons at a time…26 after 26 after 26…etc

I make first the first round of 26 hexagons: one with every color…

and then I crochet the 2nd round using the 26 colors again…one 2nd round with every color… (putting aside the colors used already)

and then I crochet also the 3d round…one 3d round with every single color…This will lead you to 26 “unique” hexagons 🙂

This method is fast and simple…it saves time and allows you to not have one color used more often than the others…

It will not take out the pleasure of crochet…but it will guarantee you a wonderful result without wasting time to choose the colors and think what color you have to crochet next and what color you did not try yet…It will make you a “blanket machine” 😉 (I love this expression 🙂 hehe ) a blanket machine who enjoys a lot crocheting 🙂

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my posts… They bring every morning sunshine to my day 🙂

Happy crocheting !


11 04, 2011

Love at first sight…

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Hello ladies,

Hope you’re having a wonderful monday morning with a nice cup of coffee!

One week ago I saw this beautiful pic somewhere on the net… a beautiful pic without a link or a source…and I fall….madly deeply in love with it….I saved it on my laptop …Here it is…

Does any of you know the source of this pic?

So, my friend, I fall madly and deeply and crazy in love with the blanket of course…I could not take out my eyes of this beauty…all these colors and this black border…can you resist?

and of course, as you already guessed…I started…I started trying to crochet something similar to this wonderful piece…Mmmmh…it was a pleasure trying to figure out the pattern by just looking at this pic….and I made it after many many trials 🙂

yes yes yes…

I am very happy 🙂

and so in love….

I stopped all my wip and I am not crocheting anything else since …

That’s what we call: Love at first sight…Yes it is crochet-love-at-first-sight…wondering if you can understand this kind of feeling for a project ? when you can not at all concentrate on something else…and you leave all behind for this particular new wip…

I even already draw the graphic pattern for you… my own version on Corel draw with a sucrette’s technique to work fast and use all the colors equitably (Thank you google translate :)) (I’ll post it next time 😉 )

But I need a name for this blanket and I need your suggestions… Do you have any idea what should I name it? Is “love at first sight” a good one? waiting for your advice…

Finally, a close up of the flowers on my table…and some pics of my paintings and my studio before I go…

Talking about my paintings: It is not something “huge” I am very proud of…but it is something I take pleasure making … and that’s what counts finally, no?

I’ll leave you now with a last pic of these adorable small watering cans on my shelves…

Thank you for your visit,

Have a beautiful monday!


12 03, 2011

Corners of my home

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Good morning ladies,

It’s been a while and I really really missed being here with you all… I missed plenty of beautiful projects posted here when I was away but I will very soon check up on everything and I am sure there is gorgeous missed crochet projects to admire and love …

I am actually slowly working on my fairy tale blanket which I’ll show you next time but today I want to share with you some corners of my new home 🙂 which I am slowly decorating with old items and some new… I have plenty of cushions, crocheted projects for the kitchen shelves, hotpads etc to crochet and I am so happy to be busy for at least a whole year (and maybe more 🙂 ) crocheting … just crocheting and dreaming about more crochet to come 🙂 Youpyyyyyyy!

This is, first, the small living room (where the girls play and watch T.V) (and we have another bigger living room with a fireplace which I’ll show you in another post)

I love this red sofa. It is a deep red (my favorite color), but in these pics it is orange I don’t know why …

See how the crocheted items gives the whole room a lovely and warm look…

and next, the sleeping room of the girls…painted in pink…

There is two separate beds but I put the two together as the girls love to sleep close to each other 🙂

The crocheted bed covers are made by my mom and grand mother when I was pregnant with my second baby Sarah…They are colorful grannies with the last two rows of every square in light and then dark pink…I love them ! Thank you again mom and grandma for these priceless blankets I’ll cherish forever…

The framed pics above the beds are all cross stitched pics made by myself when I was pregnant …

See how patient I was? hehe

Not anymore…Now it is impossible for me to concentrate on a cross stitch project even if it is a very small one… Am I getting old? 😀

and finally these are the curtains of my girls bedroom…

A flowered curtains… My dream when I was a little girl 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these little corners of my home …It is such a pleasure to share them with you …

Thank you all for being here with me and for leaving such sweet messages…

Have a lovely week end my friend,



P.S: About the software I use to draw my patterns: It is “Corel draw” a graphic design software.

And for Marjo, who asked for the symbols in Dutch…I am very very sorry but I do not know a single word in Dutch 🙁

Sorry again Marjo… for not being able to help…