In my craft room

/In my craft room
27 08, 2013

An update ;-)

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Good morning!

Yes, I’m still alive… I think that’s how I should start each post from now on …

No…This is such a stupid joke …eh?

We have to laugh about it so we will not cry…That’s how the situation is in my little country Lebanon these days…


You can not imagine how much each and every comment you wrote on my last post touched me deaply… Some of your words made me cry… And they all made me realize how much this whole blog-friendship is important to me and to my mental health… I am really THANKFUL for your words, your kindness, your prayers and your love… I wish I could hug you all 🙂

Today, I am showing you little bits of my creative life…These little wips that are allowing me to remain “normal” and to not become insane every time one of my family member leave home…

So, my lovelies, this is the latest acrylic painting I am working on right now…


This is my village 🙂 It is called: Beit Chabeb

The painting is not over yet…I still have to add small details (I just love this last “stage” of a painting… just like edging a crocheted blanket 😉 ) but I thought about showing it to you like a wip…

And …


This is the crazy ripple so far….

32 rows …that means 16 hours of crochet…wowwww 🙂

Do you love the colors?


I adore them 🙂 I love how they melt together…


That’s all I have for today my friends!

Have to leave you now…and I hope to be back to you very very soon…

Until then take good care of yourself…

and THANK YOU once again for just being here… Your presence is all that matters 🙂

Hug and love



18 06, 2013


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Hello lovelies!

The girls are at home for the summer holidays so I managed last week some me-time in my craft room to finish some paintings for my sister’s home before the-children-time which will last for 3 hole months …. wooohooooo 🙂


I started this painting before even getting pregnant with baby Joe and stopped it…now it is done and I kind of like it even though it is too colorful…



and I painted two flowery ones..I know that my sister loves them… Hope that she will love these 😉




Now I have to tell goodbye to this beloved place … hoping to be back to it very very soon …

Have a cheerful week



30 05, 2013

Enjoying my me-time :)

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Helloooooo there! How are you?

I’ve been playing with my hook and some cotton yarn in order to make something for my sitting room table… a patchwork table runner…not too big… something simple… a very graphic square I draw and which I am very pleased with right now…

Wanna see?



It is very simple and graphic and I kind of like that 😉 It remind me of my graphic design years in college 🙂



I am doing a lot of these squares right now and I’m gonna join them as-I-go…It will be very colorful but with a simple design… I’ll prepare a graphic pattern for it also…if you’re interested in making one too… this square can be used to make coasters, cushions and even summer blankets …why not 😉

On the other side, I’m spending a lot of my me-time in my craft room with my brushes and painting 🙂 Oh how I love that!!!!


I’ve spoiled myself with a set of new brushes and I am right now finishing a very old big painting I started before getting pregnant with baby Joe…yes, before 🙂 and that was long ago 😉

Here is a little peek …


It is too colorful …but I kind of like that 😉

I hope that you are making things that makes you happy today…

I am sending you kisses, hugs, sunshine and happy thoughts

Have a good day!


15 05, 2013


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Hello everybody !

Joe is going to daycare for a couple of hours per day, the girls are at school and I am back to life 🙂

That’s how I’m feeling…sorry if this sounds rude to some of you but I really really really missed being alone just me with myself for an hour or two… and spending some me-time without thinking: should I be able to finish this round of crochet before he wakes up from his nap?

I think that when you’re away from your children for a couple of hours that makes you a better mom when you’re with them again…and that makes you appreciate every moment spent with them even more…don’t you think?

So, lovelies, I am back to life, back to my craft room (that is on the first floor of my house), back to my sewing machine, back to my paintings too…Oh how I missed spending some time down there…

In the first months after Joe was born I felted an urgent need to go down…just for an hour…but that was impossible…now it is…


Just sitting behind the sewing machine was a real pleasure…


I’ve made nothing important…I’ve sewed some hearts for my sister’s home (she asked me if I could make some for her home back in december 🙂 )


Opening the closet and smelling the colorful fabric was blissful too 🙂


How about looking from the window and appreciating the beauty of our springy blue sky…


and admiring the lovely little flowers that the girls planted at school and brought back home with them…

Oh how I miss these 3 little people of mine when they are away…

Life is a treasure my friend… enjoy every second…

and have a beautiful day!

Kisses, hugs and LOVE to all!


26 07, 2012

Getting busy…

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Good morning friends around the globe!

Hope you’re doing great today…

I’ve been playing with my favorite stash of yarn and could not resist beginning a new project…

My favorite part in any hooky project is when I choose the colors and take them from their box to my favorite basket…and then dream a little bit on what I’ll be making… and how the project will turn out once finished … 🙂

Crochet day dreaming is the best 🙂

This yarn is my favorite… Even though it is a little thin (crochet with a 3mm hook) it has the most wonderful colors…

It is called Mirage…a 100% acrylic yarn…

and I’ve decided to make a bedspread for the baby’s room…Yes, I know that my own bedspread is not finished yet and I’m still making Love bird squares but I will be working on both of them together 🙂

And for this project I’ve been inspired by the lovely work of Derya…she’s been working on her own patchwork blanket and posting great pics about it day after day…and I was like : woooow I want to make one 🙂

Derya has a beautiful blog where she post everyday lovely pics of her crochet projects…Even though it is in turkish and I don’t understand a word I am always happy to visit her and get inspired by her talented projects and her wonderful choice of colors …

So… I began mine…

and I’m making 4 squares/ day … Oh you cannot imagine how much pleasure this simple project is giving me 🙂 Crocheting traditional granny squares of 6 rounds each and joining them together as-I-go … colorful plain granny squares 🙂 I love youuuuuuuuuuu soooo muchhh 🙂

and I feel that it will turn out wonderful as a single bedspread…what do you think?

Now I have two bedspreads on the making…One single and one double 🙂 yahooooooooooooo!

and I’ve began a new small painting also…in my new craft room 🙂

Rediscovering the pleasure of painting after a long period of time…is simply wonderful!

I’m off now to finish it!

Thank you so much for visiting…

Wishing you small pleasures to brighten up your day 🙂

Big kisses