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13 08, 2014

V stitch blanket tadaaaaa

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Hello hello hello!

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to share with you today my latest project in all its glory 🙂 Are your eyes ready for a colorful feast ?














12 pics of happiness shared with you my friends 🙂

I hope you liked my V stitch blankie 🙂

Now for the technical info part:

Yarn: Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn

Hook: 4.5mm

Beginning chain: 146

V stitch chart: HERE

Edging: Pompoms: Inspired from the lovely blog of Vanessa: HERE 

I made the pompoms and just tied them with the last row of my v stitch.

To make the pompoms: I used the Clover Making pompoms. size: small. These are super great and easy. You’ll make a pompom in less than a minute 🙂 You can buy them online from HERE.

My piece of advice: Must try the Vstitch. It is an easy, relaxing, soothing, beautiful, textured and addictive stitch.

I’ll leave you now with a last pic of me under my blankie before making the edge. It was on Sunday morning. Excuse the sleepy hair and face 😉


Sending you vibes of happiness!

Take care



9 04, 2013

Springy time

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Good morning!

How are you? I wanna begin this post with a big thank you for all your kind messages concerning my health 🙂 I am really lucky to have you all and it makes me feel really blessed and happy 🙂 THANK YOU!

We’ve had some spring weather over the weekend so we enjoyed some great time in the garden…


The children love being out…



Even baby Joe enjoyed being out in the garden for the first time 🙂


And I’ve been spoiled with a beautiful orchid I must show you…


It is the first time I see a yellow-orange-red orchid and it is really really gorgeous …



Even in the crochet front I feel like it is spring too 🙂


As I am enjoying joining the squares of the baby blanket and I am loving it so so so much!

I am feeling a little better now…On Thursday, I’ll be removing the stitches of the surgery 🙂 Spring is back in my heart too 🙂

Hoping that spring is in your home and your heart

I wish you a springy week!


30 05, 2012

Just a quiet afternoon…

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Ohhhhhh WOW WOW WOW! I am really really astonished by all your wonderful comments! Wow! I was more than happy reading each and everyone of them 🙂 They made my heart sing with joy and I wished I could send the prize to each and everyone 🙂 OH WOOOW: 338 comments so far 🙂 I am so lucky to have you 🙂 Thank you! Thank you my friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The pics of this post were taken on sunday afternoon:

It was a perfect afternoon…the girls were with their father playing in the garden…and I was alone on the terrace…

enjoying sitting surrounded by flowers … quietly…

and crocheting a little…

concentrating a lot…

Trying to create something “wearable”…

for the little one inside my tummy …

And as I was really enjoying my little hour of quiet in this busy and noisy sunday…the sun went down…

and it was one of the most perfect sunset I’ve ever seen…

so I said a little thankful prayer as I was so blessed  to be alive and “in peace” with myself enjoying sinple pleasures…

 in this strange world…

Have a blessed day wherever you are 🙂


P.S: The giveaway is still running and it will be over on Monday4. You can still participate by leaving a comment HERE! Come on! Don’t be shy! I love hearing from you 😉