6 05, 2015

Byebye April

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Good morning lovelies,

April is gone, and May is here. I love May. It is my birthday month (tomorrow May 7 I’ll be 37) but I love it for other reasons. It is for me the month of hope, the month of sun, good weather, birds, flowers 🙂 It is my favorite month. You can not be too sad in May 🙂


I feel always that I am neglecting this blog of mine. I go for long periods of time and I miss blogging… but life is really really busy … and the days are passing too quickly…


I’ve been having some technical issues with my blog lately and I know that many of you dears friends who are subscribed in the email notifications are not receiving any 🙁 and I am sooo sorry about that… Hope that you’ll receive this post today 🙂


I’ve been crocheting a lot, using a lot of colors (that is what I love to do), mixing colors, relaxing with my hook and yarn, enjoying Instagram and Facebook (I am an Instagram addict 😉 ),


baking, cooking and discovering the joy of staying in my kitchen 🙂 I am discovering a new passion and really enjoying cooking and baking books and trying new recipes and soooooo loooooooving it 🙂

I am like a baby discovering the world around him for the first time. Where was I during all these years? Why did I use to hate everything kitchen related? WOOOW I am constantly saying WOOOOW and my family is really happy with that new passion of mine 🙂


Now that is Spring is here the whole house has been dressed with a spring touch 🙂



Fresh colors everywhere and it feels really good 🙂 How I love Spring!


Whishing you a lovely day whatever you’ll be doing 🙂

I won’t be long… I promise 😉

♥ Sending you all my love ♥




29 03, 2014

Snapshots of love

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Hello there!

You will see in this post pics I’ve already posted on instagram or facebook.  So if you follow me there you’ve already seen all these pics… I was thinking this morning about the influence of the social media on our lives and my life in particular… I’ve been neglecting my blog because of them…it is so easy to take a pic with your phone and post it right away on instagram or facebook…soooo easy…and so quick… and I was wondering if it is a good or bad “thing” to be able to share so quickly a snapshot of a particular moment in your life… Maybe it is good after all 🙂

So my friends, these are some snapshots of love I took from my instagram and my facebook account 😉 enjoy….


* Vintage love


* Yarn therapy after a very very bad and blue day


* My children… my love… my life


* My morning coffee and some moments of calm before the children wake up


* Yarn love.  I feel calm and happy just looking at my basket 🙂


* Siblings love.


* This little boy of mine is already 18 months old… It feels like yesterday when he was a tiny little crying baby… I’m so in love with him 🙂


* Snuggled under a blankie and feeling blue…


* My princesses. Even though they fight a lot they can not live far from each other 🙂


* Some beautiful flowers on Mother’s day (It is on March 21 in my country)


* A new addiction called filofax and washitape 🙂


* The 5 of us wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂



1 02, 2013

Joe: 4.5 months old :)

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Just a few pics today of my bundle of joy: baby Joe who’s already 4.5 months old 🙂





I took these pics with “instagram” … You can find me there here!

And I ‘m also on facebook here ! I would be very happy if you like my page and join me there too! Waiting for youuuuu 🙂

Have to finish now the edging … A tadaaaa post is coming soon … Stay tuned 😉
And have a beautiful week end!


29 01, 2013


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Just two pics that I took with instagram of my “fall” in love progress…


I love instagram 🙂


Thank you so much for visiting today and thank you for all the lovely comments and suggestions concerning the rocking chair 🙂 The idea is already in my brain…did not “make it” yet…Hope to show you something very soon 😉

“fall” in love is progressing…I’m actually joining the last row of squares 🙂

Have to leave you now…
Wishing you a bright day!