14 12, 2016

Blankets love…

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2 blankets finished lately. One knitted and the other crocheted. I love  them both soooo much. But I enjoyed working on the knitted one more ? I am a novice knitter but I felt in love  with these squares and I decided I have to learn how to make them. After some researches I found Cheryl Brunettes videos on youtube about the mitred squares (that is how they are called) and how to connect them and learned the technique which is veryyyy simple by the way and veryyyy addictive too. Now I am making my second memory blanket (mitred squares) 
Shhhhhh don’t tell anybody. But I am loving knitting more than crochet these days…



20 09, 2016

An update ❤

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Hello there,

A small uptade today about the projects I’m working on at the moment…

The baby blanket… mostly done…

24 more squares to join and an edging…

And the memory blanket I am knitting…

So much love for this blanket… so much love for knitting… I am totally addicted…love with every stitch…
If you wish to learn how to knit these miltered squares and to join them as you go I advice you to watch Cheryl Brunette’s videos on youtube. They are excellent ?

Kisses to all


30 08, 2016

Crochet, tunisian crochet and knitting ?

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I don’t know what is happening with me these days. I keep starting different projects, learning new techniques and very much enjoying it ? I have now more than 10 wips ? but it is not a big deal… I will finish them… I know I will…

Last week I learned tunisian crochet and began a cushion…

Then I started two different baby blankets (I have many pregnant cousins around ?)

The first one is made with different colored squares joined with cream…

The second one is a mixture of V stitch and granny…

And reminds me of a field of tulips ?

And then I came upon a lovely pic of a knitted blanket on Instagram and couldn’t resist learning that particular square that looked very complicated to me and my poor knitting skills…

But it was quiet easy after watching some youtube videos ?

It is called a memory blanket. And the squares, miltered squares.

Now I am completely addicted… I wake up each morning earlier than everybody in the house just to knit and knit and knit… I loooove it ❤
Wishing you a lovely day my friends,



10 12, 2015

In my colorful world

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The title of that post could be the bedspread tadaaaa but I will not make a proper tadaaa post now. I will leave it for later.

The first bedspread is done. And it is beautiful. Really beautiful.


But it needs one more round to add to the edging. A round not in grey.


But I will not do it now. I need to finish the second bedspread (yes they are 2) and then make a proper edging for both and a proper tadaaa post for both too. Because they will live in the same room on twin beds ♥


I love the simplicity of this plain design. I love how the corners make shapes when joined together. I simply love it ♥

You can find a pattern for both the square and the joining method here.


Now I started the second one. Same design. Same colors. Same yarn (Stylecraft special dk and stylecraft life dk) and same love ♥

And I started a ripple blanket too ♥ I have a really really big stash of aran yarn and had some days ago a ripple envy ♥


A very big colorful ripple (one color by row) to keep me busy this coming winter. Want to join me? I will be hooking this blanket along with the second bedspread.


I will be using all the colors of my stash even the ones that I don’t really love. Not very sure about the result but a little voice in my head keeps saying yes to me.


And I must confess that even though I hold my breathe every time I add a new color, I am loving it more and more ♥

The pattern I am using is my loving ripples of happiness and you can find it here. So come on! join me! Let’s destash! Let’s create something beautiful from our leftovers. A rainbow of beautiful ripples ♥ Let’s hook together during the cold months this soothing colorful blanket 🙂 I will be really really happy if you join me!


And I am still knitting my second trendy chale. It made me very happy to see that some of you joined me in this knitting project. I love my first trendy chale* and wear it every day. Can’t wait to finish this second one too.

*All about my trendy chale in this post 😉

Have to leave you now…

Wishing you a really really lovely day ♥

Stay safe ♥