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27 12, 2012

Love birds :)

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Goooooood morniiiiing  🙂

A beautiful day today !

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas time surrounded by your loved ones 🙂

Almost a year now that I’ve started this big hooky project: (If you’re interested…you can read the very first post of it HERE !): Love birds: A crocheted granny bedspread for our room…and today…well today…it is done 🙂 finished 🙂 and I am totally in love…And I can’t wait to show you….

Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Yarn: Nako Vizon (a 100% acrylic yarn)

Hook: 4mm

Pattern of the squares: Here

Joining: I joined the squares together with a row of sc with the dark turquoise color.

Edging pattern: Here


I am totally crazy in love with it I must confess 🙂 and I can’t wait for each night to come so I can wrap myself with it before falling asleep 🙂

And I am very proud of myself too cause, you know, it is a very big project: 110 squares in total. Each one made with 8 rounds 😀

Hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

Have a wonderful end of week and end of year too!

See you in 2013 😉


19 11, 2012


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Good morning my friend!

How are you? How’s everything in your part of the world?

Today, I want to show you my finished cowl, the beginning of a new ripple blanket for baby Joe and many other things…

First, there is something that made me super happy this week end:

One of my patterns has been featured in AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns…yaaay 🙂 It is in a free e-book that includes 7 different ripple patterns. Please feel free to download a copy of this lovely e-book from this link:

Thank you allfreecrochetafghanpatterns 🙂

So I started a new blanket for baby Joe using this particular ripple pattern…Here is what I’ve been up to so far…

I’m loving so much the colors 🙂

I wanted to make, using the same colors, a moss stitch blanket for Joe…I started it but felt that it will never finish on time and that the winter will pass before he can use it… so I stopped…The moss stitch is wonderful but the progress you make with that stitch specially when you have a time-consuming-little-baby is very very slow…that’s why I chose to make a ripple instead…

Here is my finished cowl using the moss stitch:

Excuse the pics taken with my PJ 🙂 but that’s what I’m wearing most of the days 🙂 hahaha

The cold days are slowly coming in our country and the crocheted bedspreads are back again on our beds…

In Joe’s room:

In the girls’s room:

And in our’s too:

Our room is still waiting for its new beadspread “love birds” which is still not finished 🙁

and finally finally the love of my life…

Baby Joseph who’s now 2 months old

and who’s making his first smiles

Have a happy week 🙂

Big big kisses from the bottom of my heart!


8 11, 2012


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Hello sweeties,

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, ideas and suggestions on my previous post…I’m so lucky to have you my friends 🙂

I’ve began giving baby Joe something called “biogaia”. Do you know about it?  It is probiotics drops…just 5 drops in the evening…and it is MIRACULOUS I must confess 🙂 He’s feeling so much better…a little colics from time to time but nothing important …wow I’m feeling a lot better too 😉

Just a few pics to share with you today…

I’ve began the long work of joining all the love birds squares together…I began this bedspread on January 2012 … long time eh? You can read the very first post of this wip right here

Right now I’m joining…when I can, of course…I make a line…

It is a long process but I’m trying as much as I can (and as much as baby Joe will let me) to finish it before the beginning of winter cold days (wich is around december 15 here)

and here are some pics of my children…my love…all my life…

My two princesses…

and baby Joe who’s 50 days old is making his very first smiles and I’m melting with love 🙂

Have to go now…

I’ve began a new crochet wip…I’ll show you something next time 😉

Wishing you all a very happy day!

and thank you again for being here whenever I need you 🙂


23 10, 2012

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Good morning lovely people!

Hope all is good for you 🙂 Like you’ve already noticed I’m not blogging as much as I used to and I’m crocheting at a very slow rythm too…but I’m sure you can understand why…

The baby blue little vest  is done and I thought I should pop in to say hi and show you some pics too…

Now, I’m working on my love birds bedspread….do you remember it? It’s been a while since I’ve crochet these lovely grannies and I missed them…

Actually, all the squares are done and I’m finishing the last blue round for each one…Still have these :


Youpiiiiiiiiiiiiii! and then I should join them all…don’t know if little Joe will let me make this huge work 😉

Here are some pics of my little bundle of joy….

I’m totally crazy in love…

and one last thing to show you today before I go…

 my new handpainted owl 🙂

Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Have to go now… I always feel  like I’m stealing minutes so I can pop in to tell you hello 🙂 but I know that this won’t be this way forever… so my sweeties, forgive my little blogging time and

Have a super day!

BIG BIG BIG kisses from the bottom of my heart!


4 07, 2012

Adding more squares…

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Good morning my sweet friend,

Yes, I’ve decided to add more and more squares to “Love Birds” and make it a double bed spread for our room 🙂

Your comments really lifted me up and gave me the courage to make a bigger selfish blanket 🙂

Thank you for your support and your kind words … They always make me feel better and so blessed!

Wishing you a beautiful sunshiny day


P.S: To Dorothy Hermes: Yes, I make 1 chain in each corner… I’m following this pattern to make my squares 😉

To Marie Kiki: J’utilise une laine appelee Nako Vizon qui est 100% acrylique et que je trouve ici a Beyrouth avec un crochet de 4mm!

To all the talented ladies around the world who are crocheting big blankets and bedspreads: I’m sending you a Big HUG and all the courage you need to finish such big projects 🙂 I’m always thinking of you while I’m crocheting 🙂 Kisses!