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22 10, 2013

Another week…

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Good mornng everyone!

Another week had gone by so quickly and I feel like I am such a bad blogger 🙁 Don’t know what’s happening to me… why am I always so busy…why am I always so tired… that I sleep sometimes around 9:00 pm…

A lot happened in my colorful world this past week…a lot I did not blog about…


A bunting has been added to the playroom… (please look at the bunting and ignore the mess 🙂 )


A birthday has been celebrated…This little girl of mine turned 6 🙂



Some lovely cotton-crocheted-by-my-mother-shelves have been added to my kitchen…


Oh mum you are THE BEST 🙂 THANK YOUUUUUUUU for these beauties 🙂


This is the kind of crochet I can not simply do… I am not so patient you see 🙂


Crocheting with this thin cotton thread is simply magic and my mother is that kind of fairy 🙂


Some spotty colorful bins have been added to the kitchen too…


The first 100g of soft blue has been crocheted on the “I heart you” shawl…


55 squares have been almost added to the happy blankie squares (yes almost…the 4th row is still missing for 20 of them 🙂 )

You see a lot happened…

I feel like I am a loving but exhausted mum…

a happy hooker …

but such a bad blogger…

Hope that things will get better on this front soon 😉

Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!




29 07, 2013

The four stages of a square’s life!

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Good morning sweeties I’ve been making some real progress on the happy blankie lately and I thought about sharing with you (again…remember here?) the four stages of a square’s life…

I always choose first the colors…then I work the first round with every color I have…


Then I add a second round with every color too…


then a third round…


then a fourth…


This is my favorite “technique” to work a blanket… It helps you work with all the colors you want without wasting time to choose colors and guessing which color you have to pick now… It makes you use all your colors …


Now I finished all the squares of my happy blankie…


Aren’t they gorgeous? 99 squares 🙂 (the final blanket will be 11 x 9 squares) yaaaay!!!!!!!!


Now I am really really excited about the joining part 😀 My favorite! But I think I will not make it now because it is too hot… So the squares of the happy blankie will have to wait in the basket until september maybe 😉

Now I’ll be working on my amineko  and the pink stool (more about this wip later 🙂 )


I can not leave you today without showing you my latest gift… something that made me really really happy last week… a set of colorful clover hooks straight from the U.S 🙂

They are gorgeous and a pure pure pleasure to crochet with 🙂


I am in love with their bright colors and their softness…I am really really hooked 😉

If you wish to order a set for you (they are really amazing!), it is right here from amazon. Go take a look 😉

Wishing you a colorful monday and a very happy week!


23 10, 2012

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Good morning lovely people!

Hope all is good for you 🙂 Like you’ve already noticed I’m not blogging as much as I used to and I’m crocheting at a very slow rythm too…but I’m sure you can understand why…

The baby blue little vest  is done and I thought I should pop in to say hi and show you some pics too…

Now, I’m working on my love birds bedspread….do you remember it? It’s been a while since I’ve crochet these lovely grannies and I missed them…

Actually, all the squares are done and I’m finishing the last blue round for each one…Still have these :


Youpiiiiiiiiiiiiii! and then I should join them all…don’t know if little Joe will let me make this huge work 😉

Here are some pics of my little bundle of joy….

I’m totally crazy in love…

and one last thing to show you today before I go…

 my new handpainted owl 🙂

Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Have to go now… I always feel  like I’m stealing minutes so I can pop in to tell you hello 🙂 but I know that this won’t be this way forever… so my sweeties, forgive my little blogging time and

Have a super day!

BIG BIG BIG kisses from the bottom of my heart!


24 05, 2012

Souvenirs de vacances…

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Good morning sweet people!

I really really missed you! Today, a simple post to show you what I purchased during my trip. Please don’t laugh…I have a problem, a serious one, you know, I always buy childish things … I just love childish colorful things and I can’t help myself resisting to the temptation… Every time I say to myself: do the normal thing everybody does, do the normal shopping in normal stores, go see clothing brandy shops and buy normal clothing for yourself instead of buying these nonsenses but this is me… and I can not make “the normal kind of” shopping…

Wanna see what it’s all about? ok!

From Barcelona, I bought this cute little poster. (The original painting was made by a very talented spanish painter but I couldn’t afford buying the original one) and also magnets to add to my collection on the fridge…

I love collecting magnets from every country I visit and I have now several…

I love my magnets … every one of them have a memory and I have a small story behind  it 🙂

From Barcelona, I bought also this cute little handpainted owl…

The one next to it (in stone) was a gift from my grandparents and it is very special to me and holds a special place in my heart.

From Italy, as you may already guessed, I bought a wooden “pinocchio” 🙂

to add to my wooden dolls collection 😉

From the frensh “provence”: this cute couple of farmers for my kitchen…

I just love their cute little faces. The tea pot you see in the pic above was a purchase from last year trip to Istanbul.

And finally, from the port of Civitavechia in Italy, this cute little handmade door-key bear…

You see? It is nothing too huge and too important…It is not cool stuff and brandy clothing… It is just small treasures that makes my heart sing with joy… I just cherish objects and they hold special places in my heart specially when there is a small story or memory behind them…

Simple things are the best….don’t you agree?

Have to leave you now and wish you a special day wherever you are on this planet…

Big hugs!


P.S: In my next post,  I’ll be holding a small giveaway to celebrate my 1000 followers. That happened a couple of months ago but I totally missed it 🙂 Thank you so much for always being here and visiting and leaving such sweet words…You are the best! That’s why….Stay tuned for next time 😉

5 12, 2011

Rainbow ripple: A new WIP on the go…

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Good morning my friend!

How are you feeling today? I hope that a big smile is illuminating your face in this grey morning 🙂

Another Monday, another week, another day to love, another day to be thankful for all the joys granted ! Trying to live everyday as if it is my last… (trying, just trying, sometimes it doesn’t work 😉 )

I enjoyed so much my ripples of happiness that once it was done I felt like something was missing in my crochet life… so, I started another ripple … yes another one 🙂

Although I am still crocheting Myyy vintage blanket (I’m joining the squares of the last 4 rows now) I needed a ripple as second wip…to alternate between the joys every project gives and to not get bored too…

So, I had to…start another ripple…

Let’s show you first the yarn…mmmh…yarn is one of the best things man has ever invented 😀 hahaha  Don’t you agree? 😀

I want this time to use the colors of the rainbow as they are…

… pure and bold and in sequence as in a rainbow…

…because nothing is better in a grey and cold day (or night) of winter than to snuggle under a rainbow warm blanket 🙂

The yarn is (once more) Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic and very soft yarn… (still waiting for their online shop so you can order your nako yarn too wherever you are around this globe 😉 )

I’m following this pattern

choosing the colors as they come in the rainbow…

and alternating the number of rows of every color as in Lucy’s ripple

I’m loving it so far… loving it loving it toooooo much… I even crocheted the pink-red-orange part and it is “light” mmmh a lovely warm kind of “light” but I did not take pics yet (I’ll show you next time)

and did you spot my new basket??? It is the most perfect basket for crochet I’ve ever had so far… It is big enough to hold all the yarn colors I use (sometimes more than 20!) and it can even holds two WIP together 🙂 I’m in love with it!

Have to go now… I’ve got a very busy day today!

Sending you BIG parcels of love through this post… Catch them 😉

Have a lovely day!