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14 09, 2011

Mosaic cushion

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Hello !

I’ve been busy yesterday finishing the Mosaic cushion and writing down the graphic of its pattern.

As so many of you asked for it, I did manage some time to draw it for you ! (I could not resist 🙂 )

It is so simple, you will see, you can guess it by just looking at the pics 🙂

But before the graphic, lets have a look to the cushion 🙂 (I adore it)

This pattern is perfect for a baby blanket or another Giant granny 🙂 hehe

and the graphic made with Corel Draw:

A last pic before saying goodbye…

Thank you all again for being here 🙂

Have a lovely day!


P.S: To Julia: I crochet every day sometimes for only 10 minutes sometimes for a couple of hours! It depends 😉

12 09, 2011

New wip

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Good morning!

Hope you’re having a fresh Monday start! Autumn is here and the fresh September breeze coming from my window in the morning is delightful 🙂

I’m sooo enjoying my morning today and I’m feeling very happy without any particular reason…I think I love September…September and May are my favorite months…I just love the temperate climate of these two months…not feeling hot and not feeling cold either…

Crochet side, I’ve begin a new cushion to go with my vintage one… A mosaic cushion…

I’m enjoying soo much the making of this cushion that I’m already thinking about a future blanket made with this pattern…

Maybe…one day… 🙂

Do you feel sometimes that you have so much projects in your head that you wish you’ve had 4 hands or days of 48 hours? that’s always happening to me 🙂

although  I crochet very fast… so fast sometimes that I feels that my hook exceeds the speed of my brain 😀 haha

That’s all for today my friend!

Enjoy the coming week and Enjoy September!

See you 😉