Patchwork crocheted bedspread

/Patchwork crocheted bedspread
15 10, 2015

Autumn love ♥

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October is here. Autumn is here. I love autumn. I love the colors, the “normal routine” in our life, the back to school and the mummy free time I have back in October 🙂 It is a lovely month not too cold not too hot in my part of the world. The light is beautiful. The perfect weather for crocheting and knitting too. I am working on 5 different wips and I am loving it 🙂 Yes, maybe it is too much but I love it. I don’t ever get bored of a project.

In crochet, I am actually joining the last squares of this beautiful blanket ♥


I wanted it to be a bedspread for one of the girls bed but I changed my mind when I tried it on the bed…

I changed my ming and decided to give it as a wedding gift…

and start a new bedspread for the girls…


a classic kind of colorful squares joined as I go with a last round of 1sc 3ch 1sc all around the square and in the 4 corners…


I love the simplicity of this design and find it better for a bedspread. What do you think?


I love how colorful it is and how simple too ♥

And how about knitting? Knitting is now my new addiction and I am totally hooked… I loooooove it…


and I can’t stop making colorful beanies for everybody 🙂


I started also a “trendy chale” inspired by my IG French ladies. It is a triangular very simple shawl very cosy and warm. And the soothing effect of knitting this simple stitch and increasing one stitch in every row is wonderful. My favorite project for the evenings…


It is growing very fast and the color is a deep orange very automnal. It is really beautiful but I can’t seem to catch it correctly in these pics. The yarn is lima drops and I love it♥

I still have my light blue shawl that I did not show you in this post . I will show it to you next time. It is very slowly growing. I really wish I had 48 hours a day 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful thursday!

Sending you love and hugs



19 11, 2012


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Good morning my friend!

How are you? How’s everything in your part of the world?

Today, I want to show you my finished cowl, the beginning of a new ripple blanket for baby Joe and many other things…

First, there is something that made me super happy this week end:

One of my patterns has been featured in AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns…yaaay 🙂 It is in a free e-book that includes 7 different ripple patterns. Please feel free to download a copy of this lovely e-book from this link:

Thank you allfreecrochetafghanpatterns 🙂

So I started a new blanket for baby Joe using this particular ripple pattern…Here is what I’ve been up to so far…

I’m loving so much the colors 🙂

I wanted to make, using the same colors, a moss stitch blanket for Joe…I started it but felt that it will never finish on time and that the winter will pass before he can use it… so I stopped…The moss stitch is wonderful but the progress you make with that stitch specially when you have a time-consuming-little-baby is very very slow…that’s why I chose to make a ripple instead…

Here is my finished cowl using the moss stitch:

Excuse the pics taken with my PJ 🙂 but that’s what I’m wearing most of the days 🙂 hahaha

The cold days are slowly coming in our country and the crocheted bedspreads are back again on our beds…

In Joe’s room:

In the girls’s room:

And in our’s too:

Our room is still waiting for its new beadspread “love birds” which is still not finished 🙁

and finally finally the love of my life…

Baby Joseph who’s now 2 months old

and who’s making his first smiles

Have a happy week 🙂

Big big kisses from the bottom of my heart!


2 10, 2012

Baby’s patchwork bedspread

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How are you today? Must show you the patchwork bedspread which I finished on September15 before little Joseph was born! Must must show you 😉 Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa


This bedspread is crocheted with a 100% acrylic yarn called Mirage and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

It is made with traditional 6 rounds granny squares joined together as-I-go with Lucy’s wonderful method 🙂

and for the edging I made 1 round of granny’s and my ole-ole border that I love so much 🙂

The bedspread is made with 154 squares (14×11) with a variety of colors (all leftovers from my stash) 🙂

and I’m in love with it 🙂

Today the girls are back to school …

Not so happy to leave their little bro at home with me 🙂 hehehe

Wishing you a wonderful day!

I hope you liked the patchwork bedspread 🙂

Thank you sooooomuch for visiting!

Big big kisses from Christina, Sarah, Baby Joe and me!


14 09, 2012

Edging and packing!

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Good morning!

Hope all is good for you my friend…

Today, I’m edging the baby’s bedspread…Yes, it will be done before baby’s birth 🙂

Can’t wait to show it to you… It is lovely…

and I’m packing too …ready for my sep17’s C-section 😉

I’m taking with me your good thoughts and wishes 🙂

Thank you so much for everything!

See you soon 🙂


31 08, 2012

A small update

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Good morning my sweet friends

I’m missing blogging these days…

I’m missing blogging, knitting and crocheting 🙁

I have the carpal tunnel syndrome … I am having tingling and numbness in my hands … and this is making me crazy…preventing me from working with my hands… which I’m not used too…at all…

and I still have two weeks to go before my C-section due date … Grrrrr… how to pass the time when you can not do anything with your hands??? tell me…

This is a quick update with all my wips…I have to show you…even though I’m working like 1% of my usual hobby time and my fingers are hurting me like crazy…

First, my mother taught me how to follow knitting instructions from a book to make a little sweater for my baby…

It is not so difficult and I began… after many trials this is what I’ve been up to…

I’m very proud of myself 🙂 hehe and I feel like a bright new door opened for me… even though I’ll have to wait for this bad carpal tunnel syndrome to go away…

I’ve made little progress in the jacquard cushion too… adding small hearts 🙂

and more progress in the patchwork crocheted baby’s bedspread 😉

This will have to wait too…

but I’ll wait…what can I do? It is after all for a good cause 🙂

Have to go now… excuse me if I’ll be less present here in the coming days…

I’ll miss you for sure…

Big big kisses to you through this post…

See you soon 😉