Patchwork crocheted bedspread

/Patchwork crocheted bedspread
23 08, 2012

A little bit of this…a little bit of that

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Good morning sweeties,

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and your experiences concerning crochet v/s knitting on my previous post… Most of you prefers crochet and I think that will be the case for me too…

Now I’m still learning and enjoying the music of my needles…I discovered the joy of crocheting with bamboo needles and I’ve made some real progress in the “jacquard” thanks to some really good videos on youtube. Thank you for telling me about the videos… that helps a lot a lot 🙂

So, here is what I’ve been up to in knitting…

I started a “jacquard” cushion 🙂 hehe

Not very neat but I feel that I’m making progress in learning and that’s what counts eh? 😉

I’m really proud of myself 🙂 hehe

Now, I’m waiting for my mummy to teach me how to follow instructions to make a small vest for my baby…

I’ve made some progress too on the baby’s patchwork bedspread …

I really really love it 🙂

I decided to add 1 row on each side (right and left) so it will drop more nicely from each side… and I still have also 4 rows to add to the top (I don’t know if you’re understanding what I mean 🙂 ) That will be 68 squares left 🙂

but I’m enjoying crocheting it to the max 😀

My due date is around september 15 …so I still have around 3 weeks to go…I give birth by Cesarian so I began feeling a little stressed about the day … even though I can’t wait to see my little baby and hold him in my arms 🙂

I wish you a beautiful day wherever you are!

Thank you for visiting!

Hugs to all


16 08, 2012

Paintings and more

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Good morning,

A BIG BIG thank you from my mum to all of you for your wonderful comments concerning her projects 🙂

Today, I want to show you two small finished paintings…

They are small, quick to make but I enjoyed painting them a lot…

I hope you liked them 🙂

I managed to make some progress on the baby bedspread too even though I’m spending most of my time watching the news… and praying…

The political situation is awful here and we are so afraid of another civil war 🙁

Please do join me in my prayers for my little country ….

Kisses to all!


8 08, 2012

Day after day…

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Day after day, the bedspread I’m crocheting is slowly growing…

two more rows every week…

I am really really enjoying this blanket…

Choosing the colors, crocheting the squares and joining them as-I-go…a pleasure to make 🙂

Day after day my bump is slowly growing too 🙂

31 weeks of pregnancy 🙂

Will I give birth before or after finishing the bedspread???? 🙂

Thank you so much for being here…

Thank you for asking, for caring, for writing kind words…

You’ll never know how much you mean to me 🙂

Have a fabulous day!


2 08, 2012

Baby’s bedspread progress

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Good morning!

More progress on the baby’s bedspread to show you today…

This bedspread will be for the single adult bed I’ll have in the nursery’s room…This bed will be for myself the first months when I’ll have to wake up every two three hours to feed him…and after it will be for him when he’ll be old enough to sleep in it 🙂

I am now in my 31 weeks of pregnancy and I’m giving birth by C-section around september 15… if everything goes well until then…

I feel like I’m a big big cow now…and with the hot weather here I can barely move … being pregnant in summer is not enjoyable at all 🙂 I must confess…

That’s all my friend…Hope you liked how the bedspread is turning out…

See you very very soon!

Thank you for visiting and for all the nice wishes you left on my wedding anniversary post 🙂 You are the best !

Sending you a lot of kisses!


26 07, 2012

Getting busy…

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Good morning friends around the globe!

Hope you’re doing great today…

I’ve been playing with my favorite stash of yarn and could not resist beginning a new project…

My favorite part in any hooky project is when I choose the colors and take them from their box to my favorite basket…and then dream a little bit on what I’ll be making… and how the project will turn out once finished … 🙂

Crochet day dreaming is the best 🙂

This yarn is my favorite… Even though it is a little thin (crochet with a 3mm hook) it has the most wonderful colors…

It is called Mirage…a 100% acrylic yarn…

and I’ve decided to make a bedspread for the baby’s room…Yes, I know that my own bedspread is not finished yet and I’m still making Love bird squares but I will be working on both of them together 🙂

And for this project I’ve been inspired by the lovely work of Derya…she’s been working on her own patchwork blanket and posting great pics about it day after day…and I was like : woooow I want to make one 🙂

Derya has a beautiful blog where she post everyday lovely pics of her crochet projects…Even though it is in turkish and I don’t understand a word I am always happy to visit her and get inspired by her talented projects and her wonderful choice of colors …

So… I began mine…

and I’m making 4 squares/ day … Oh you cannot imagine how much pleasure this simple project is giving me 🙂 Crocheting traditional granny squares of 6 rounds each and joining them together as-I-go … colorful plain granny squares 🙂 I love youuuuuuuuuuu soooo muchhh 🙂

and I feel that it will turn out wonderful as a single bedspread…what do you think?

Now I have two bedspreads on the making…One single and one double 🙂 yahooooooooooooo!

and I’ve began a new small painting also…in my new craft room 🙂

Rediscovering the pleasure of painting after a long period of time…is simply wonderful!

I’m off now to finish it!

Thank you so much for visiting…

Wishing you small pleasures to brighten up your day 🙂

Big kisses