24 03, 2015


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Good morning my friends,


Days are passing by so quickly and I am still here in my small part of the world…


♥ Crocheting 🙂 crocheting and crocheting …


♥ Enjoying working again on old forgotten projects…


♥ Loving colorful happy yarn in a big new lovely basket 😉


♥ Enjoying watching my children play and grow up… even though they are growing up too quickly…


♥ Adding colorful bits to my kitchen and cleaning, sorting out and organizing kitchen shelves and cupboards…


♥ Crocheting happy granny stripes


♥ and happy soothing ripples



Love to all


18 06, 2013


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Hello lovelies!

The girls are at home for the summer holidays so I managed last week some me-time in my craft room to finish some paintings for my sister’s home before the-children-time which will last for 3 hole months …. wooohooooo 🙂


I started this painting before even getting pregnant with baby Joe and stopped it…now it is done and I kind of like it even though it is too colorful…



and I painted two flowery ones..I know that my sister loves them… Hope that she will love these 😉




Now I have to tell goodbye to this beloved place … hoping to be back to it very very soon …

Have a cheerful week



21 11, 2011

A happy update!

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Hello !

How are you today? How was your weekend?

I want to begin this post by thanking you for all your sweet messages concerning the Christmas socks 🙂 woooow you are so sweet and I am really really happy that you liked the little socks and that some of you are crocheting some or did even crochet already some 🙂 This makes my soul sing with joy ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

And I want to say welcome to all the new followers 🙂 Welcome to Le monde de Sucrette… My blog is yours 🙂 (Here in Lebanon when we want to say welcome to somebody we say in Arabic: My home is yours)

Today, even though it is very dark I managed to take some pics to show you some progress I’ve made to my ripple and show you my latest painting too…

With what shall I begin?

Let’s begin with my painting : It is called : Flowers in a pitcher

Yes, yes more flowers (I think it is the only subject I can paint 🙂 )

It is smaller than Flower power and the flowers are a little different … but the spirit is the same (haha)

Here you can see both paintings…yes I painted in light blue the background of flower power and it transformed it totally I can say 🙂 I’ve made flowers in a pitcher’s background in light pink… My husband suggested a black background but I did not dare …

My paintings are not something really wow but I love them…too much 😀 and the therapeutic and calming effect painting gives me is unbelievable … you should try it 😉

Hope I am not bothering you with these…I’ve already began a third one (a much smaller one ) and I can’t wait to show it to you 😉

and now back to crochet 🙂

Here too, mixing colors is sooo therapeutic 🙂 Don’t you want to jump into that pic?

Don’t you feel the softness of Ripple of happiness just by looking at this pic?

Mmmm this blanket is giving me such pleasure to crochet that I don’t want to finish it at all (It is the first time I am not in a hurry to finish a crochet project )

It is so warm and cosy that it is a huge pleasure to snuggle under while crocheting stitch after stitch in the cold November evenings…

I’ll leave you with this last pic (my favorite pics are close up ones) and wish you a beautiful day filled with sunshine in your heart (the weather is not helping that much in my part of the world… don’t know in yours 🙂 )



8 10, 2011

A new pitcher and an old doily…

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Hello my friend!

Hope you’re spending a joyful week end…

Today, I want to show you my new pitcher… Isn’t it lovely?  I adore it 🙂 It is hand painted and so colorful and fresh…I could not resist … 🙂

and do you see this colorful doily? Isn’t it beautiful? I crocheted it 7 years ago when I was newly wed 🙂 I was sooo patient before having kids 🙂 hehe

I used to crochet with very thin thread and a very tiny crochet hook… but that was long time ago…before discovering the joy of crocheting with thick colorful yarn 🙂

I think I can not make anymore this kind of project : sooo many small squares crocheted with a tiny tiny kind of thread… can you?

Can you mix between to different kind of crochet wips? one with chunky yarn and another with very very thin kind of thread? and enjoy them both?

I, myself, could not…I can easily mix between many wips but with the same kind of yarn…and I think that crocheting with very thin thread is somehow boring and too long … Can not make you wait too long between two tadaaaaaaaa 😉 hehe

So, if you’re working on colorful tiny crochet project or you already did something similar in the past I would really really appreciate to see your pics…

Have to go now…

Thank you so much for visiting today and a BIG thank you for being here and leaving such sweet messages …

Have a wonderful week end!