11 02, 2014

My poncho

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It is done! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It was done last week but could’t share it because the children ( all 3 ) were sick at home. Today the girls feel better and are back to school. Baby Joe is still at home but he is feeling much better too 🙂 So, today, life is good again and I thought about sharing with you my poncho 🙂

You know that I don’t like to see myself in pics so this is me without the head 🙂


I think I will not wear it outside the house… It will be a kind of “wearable blanket” that keeps me warm while I move around 🙂

Hubby is jealous 😉


It was crocheted with a 100% acrylic yarn called Nako Vizon. It is very similar to the Stylecraft DK but a little little bit thicker. The hook used is a 4.5 mm one.


A white background would be better for this pic I know…

The squares of this poncho were joined as-I-g0. I did the front and the back separately and sew them together at the end. You can find the chart of the squares on the right sidebar of my blog under the name : circle in a square. (I don’t know why I can not make a proper link here 🙂 Sometimes I just don’t understand this computer 🙂


Some close up pics 🙂


with curious little hands 🙂


I used the moss stitch to make the edging. (1sc-1ch-1sc etc etc ) and added some picots for the last round 😉


Did I say that I am in love with my poncho? No not yet…


I am right now wearing it while writing this post 🙂 and I want to make two more for the girls 🙂 Maybe with a thinner yarn and without the black background of course … We’ll see 😉

Until then stay warm (under a blanket or a poncho)

and have a beautiful sunshiny and colorful day!



4 02, 2014

Bye bye January

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Hello there!

January is gone … Here is a quick update to share with you…


My crochet mood blanket 2014 – January

It’s been a good month. Some dark squares here and there mostly caused by the ugly situation in my country. But it was a not-so-bad month for me .

I love how this blanket is turning… I love how I can see clearly the whole month in a rectangle of crocheted small squares 🙂



I love my moody project 🙂


Home wise, a new couch has been bought for the sitting room. Our sitting room is a big one. Now we can lay down all of us five, feets up and curly under warm crocheted blankets 🙂

Yes, this couch is huge… really HUGE… It is a BIG Ushaped couch …


No, you can not see how huge it is… On the next pic you’ll see it clearly 😉


But believe me my house is not always as tidy as on this pic… This is a very rare pic  I’ll have to look at from time to time 😉


And finally this is my poncho coming to an end 🙂 It is 99% done and I am now crocheting the last row of its edging .  A tadaaa post is coming very soon 🙂

I love my poncho and I keep trying it on and dansing in front of the mirror like a stupid teenager 🙂 Love can make you stupid I know 🙂


That’s all for now 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting!

See you very soon my friend!

Take care


P.S: Thank you so much for your support concerning my heart cushion pattern. It really means to me a lot  🙂

You can find it from now on with the other patterns on the right sidebar of the blog!

27 01, 2014

crochet love

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Good morning sweeties,

I’ve been crocheting a lot…a really lot these days…It seems like the hook is burning in my hands and yarn is flying everywhere around me 🙂 A lot of creative ideas are melting in my head and I feel every night that I am running out of time to make all I want to make and I wish that the days were longer (a 48h day is good for me 😉 )

I am working on more than 4 wips at the same time…Yes, each day I am picking 3 different hook sizes and working with them… crochet crochet crochet every second of my free time 🙂

Here are some…yes some of my wips of the moment…


* My poncho: The front is done…All the circles of the back are done too…Still have to join them and sew the front and the back together and decide on an edging 🙂 So, a tadaaa post very soon 😉




* The crochet mood blanket… January 25… 25 squares done so far…I am adoring this project 🙂 and how the squares of my moody days are coming along together beautifully…



* A new granny cushion with the wonderful mirage yarn 🙂 I love the colors of the mirage range but it is a thinner yarn worked with a 3.25 mm hook so small projects are done with it (You see I am not so patient to work a blanket with this yarn 🙂 )


* A new secret project with a chunky yarn will be revealed to you very soon I hope 😉

Blogging about my wips is a way for me to stay focused on them and remember to finish some before beginning others. That don’t always work … but I am trying my best 😉

Wishing you a wonderful creative week!

Kisses from the bottom of my heart


21 01, 2014

Colors make me happy

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*A new corner for homeworks, drawings and crafts 🙂




*A lot of colouring in the new corner 🙂



*New colorful cushions 🙂


*My colorful happy spot


*Colorful and cosy blankets to snuggle under


*Colors on the mantel too 😉


*64 colorful circles to add to my poncho in progress 🙂

Yes, colors make me happy! It helps me forget and not think about the uglyness and black reality out there…

Stay happy my friend! Surround yourself with colors 🙂

Sending your way a rainbow of love and kisses


17 01, 2014

A hooky update

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Good morning sweeties

How are you?

A quick update today… hooky wise 🙂


My crochet mood blanket 2014… 15 days already (I took these pics yesterday morning)… You can not imagine how much I am enjoying this project…

Sometimes I feel like I am so busy here at home that I don’t have much time for crochet…but I pick my hook on the evening and make my square…and this gives me a lot of pleasure …

I pick a color that reflects my mood of the day even though the color itself don’t reflect “this particular mood” … Am I talking chineese to you? Well… I am sure you understand me 🙂


And I am loving too much this blanket… I am loving how I am slowly crocheting it (it is my very first slow project)… I am loving the fact that I don’t crochet more than one square per day even though sometimes I make efforts to do so…


I am loving the first 15 days and their colors… I am loving how when I look at them I remember how I was feeling each day… I don’t know if at the end of the year I’ll still remember but that is ok because it will be a blanket close to my heart…

And I am loving that many of you joined me and are hooking one square per day too…You know something I think about you while crocheting…yes, you, in the other corner of this planet 🙂


And I am also loving my poncho in progress…  How the black makes the colors pop up 🙂


and I am loving my aqua malden filofax and how everything is organised and planned inside its pages… I call it “my brain” and it makes my children laugh 😀

So a last picture of my brain before leaving you today…


Isn’t it gorgeous? 😉

Well… sweeties…

Enjoy the little every day pleasures…

Have a wonderful hooky time…

Stay warm (if it is cold in your part of the world)

and remember that life is beautiful 🙂