29 01, 2016

An update

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Wooooow it seems like an eternity since I last posted!!! Hello sweet friends!! Sorry for being that bad blogger…. I am daily posting pics on Instagram and Facebook. I found it so much easier to post there instead of uploading pics and writing here. So if you are either on Instagram or Facebook please follow me there. I will be very happy if you do 😉

January is mostly done and it was a busy and productive month ♥

I’ve made a granny square scarf for me ♥


A south bay shawlette in the wonderful scheepjes merino soft yarn ♥


A granny squares cushion ♥



A corner to corner (c2c)cushion ♥


I loved working on this pattern. It is really lovely and quick to grow…



And I am currently working on my ripple blanket ♥


Using different yarns from my stash: Sylecraft special aran, scheepjes stonewashed XL, Nako vizon…


I love mixing different brands of yarn ♥


And I started two days ago a new project ♥ A granny squares blanket mixing different brands of yarn too (Same stash as my ripple blanket  shown above)



I am very very excited to work on this new blanket. Granny squares are my favorite ♥

That is all for January 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


1 10, 2015

The Stylecraft secret project ♥ A granny scarf

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This little blog of mine was very lucky to be picked up between the blogs that are part of the Stylecraft blog tour. Do you remember the competition that Stylecraft held to add a new colour to their range? Well they made a pack of 10x50g of beautiful colours (the 10 finalists of the competition) and decided to send it for free for crochet and knitting bloggers around the world to try out the new colors….

I am very excited and very happy today to show you what I did with these wonderful colors…


A scarf… a granny scarf in these beautiful DK shades… Do you like it?


I did it for my oldest daughter and now my youngest wants one 🙂


I am a granny squares lover and with a pack of 10 x 50g I was not sure I could make a blanket so I made granny squares and turned them into a scarft 🙂 Simple but simple is the best ♥


I left the egg blue aside for the joining (the winner) and made one granny round with each of the 9 other shades. and then round two with each of the 9 left shades and then round 3 etc etc


At the end I’ve had 9 “unique” squares of 6 rounds each 🙂 and I joined them as I go with a last round in the egg blue 🙂

For the square’s pattern, click HERE ♥

and for the joining method, click HERE5

Once joined together, I found that the scarft was a little bit short if turned two times around the neck so I’ve made a 10th square and joined it to the others 🙂


So, my scarft was made finally with 10 squares (of 7 rounds each) joined together with the 7th round in blue.


Then I made 14 little circles. To make a circle I crocheted 12 tr in a circle of 4 chain.


And with the joining color I added these little circles to the scarf. I crocheted 1sc, 5 ch then added the first circle to the chain with a slip stitch then 5 ch, then 1sc (on the scarf)


then 5 ch, then the second circle, then 5ch, 1sc etc etc


and I added 7 little circles to one side of the scarf…


and the other 7 to the other side of the scarf…


and it was done 😉 My daughter loves it and so do I 🙂 Now, I have to make a second one for my youngest girl 🙂


These new colors are simply fantastic. I felt in love with them as soon as I saw them (specially the mustard yellow one so warm and beautiful ♥) and you know what? You can win your own pack! Yes your own pack of these beauties!! Because my friend there is a GIVEAWAY of this pack during each day of the blog tour and a pack to win EACH DAY! ISN’T THIS FABULOUS???

And today on Le monde de Sucrette you can win your own pack if you click HERE

The draw is open for Le monde de Sucrette’s readers today October 1 from 10.00 am (UK time) and will last for the whole day. The winner will be annouced tomorrow! GOOD LUCK!

And don’t forget to visit tomorrow morning the beautiful blog of Julia to see what she did with her pack and have another chance to win your own 🙂

Thank you lovelies for your visit today ♥ and thank you Stylecraft for holding this blog tour and having this wonderful range of yarns that makes us very happy ♥

Wishing you a wonderful day ♥



6 02, 2015

A V stitch scarf

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Good morning sweet people

January was a very good month…


And I feel that the days are running so fast… we are february 6 already 🙂


The second finished project for 2015 is a Vstitch scarf…


A very fast crocheted scarf (less than one week and it was done) that I am wearing a lot these days and that I cherish…


And a very long scarf too 🙂 (I can turn it twice around my neck)


I love the V stitch… a very therapeutic stitch that you can work on while watching TV… And a very fast stitch too… It works fast and is a real pleasure to crochet …

I used the Nako Vizon aran yarn and a 4.5mm hook… I love the colors…


and what I loved the most is that I did not have ends to hide… I used the ends to make a fringe 🙂


and I love how it finally turned out 🙂

*You can have the Vstich chart HERE


Will bake a cake today and will enjoy the last day before the weekend 🙂

Wishing you a lovely Friday!


P.S: I will come back very soon with MY CROCHET MOOD BLANKET 2014 TADAAAAA POST. Because it is finished, it is gorgeous and it really deserves a post of its own 😉

11 12, 2013


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There is something I don’t love about December… It is the stress behind this season… The stress sometimes takes out all the beautiful mood you should be feeling in this holy season… I am a “routine” kind of person… I love my every-day and try to just live the moment… Every year I tell myself I should begin early with the Christmas preparations so I don’t stress and stress all my family…

So, this year, I began early …

The house is already on Christmas mode…




The tree is up…


The gifts are (almost) ready and packed…

There is good chocolate in every corner…


Every single detail is pretty organised in my beloved yellow filofax…


I am even finding some time to crochet…


and add some squares to the granny blanket which is slowly but surely growing 🙂 (Will it become a bedspread?)


I have even picked up an old wip and I’m falling in love with it all over again…


So, my friend, this year, I am trying to relax and just enjoy this holy season without stress…


And I wish you the same 🙂

Relax, take it easy and have a beautiful warm week filled with joy, laugher and Christmas spirit.

BIG BIG Kisses



10 06, 2013


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Good morninnnnnnnng!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and e-mails concerning the table runner… I am very happy that you liked it 🙂

How was your week end? Mine was lovely… lot of crochet…ripples, ripples … joyful ripples…

Do you remember the baby boy blanket I started here? Well, I worked on it… Have to finish it before the mummy gives birth in July 😉

I’ve made some progress…look…


I am not used to work with these colours…that’s why it is taking me ages to finish it …


but I am loving it so far….

And I started something with the lovely yarn of Joumana…Remember here?


This alpaca yarn is terrific… so beautiful…so soft…I had to make something for me to wear it on my skin 🙂 It is selfish I know 😉


So, I started a scarf….it will be a long long ripples-scarf for me … I love these colors…


Did you spot my new phone case? Of course you did 🙂 I love it!


Today’s post was all about ripples …I am working on my happy blankie too …

I am so blessed I have crochet in my life 🙂 Do you feel the same?

Have a lovely week my friend!