2 10, 2013

Hello there!

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Good morning sweeties,

I’ve been away from this blog due to some family time, school preparations and home organisation….pfff… Next week I’ll be taking some rest finally… and I’ll be more present here (I hope so…)

I missed you guys and missed blogland and missed writing on this blog…Life can sometimes be like a race against time (google translate thank you 🙂 )


I thought I’ll pop by today just to show you little bits of my creative life… There is so much going on there but so little time for blogging… I finished the cushion you saw above… I sew these hearts by hand and I like how it turned out…


I am still working on these granny squares (that I still don’t know what they’ll become hahahaha )


I am loving this project so much! Oh how I love granny squares 🙂


It is I think the best thing I love to crochet… granny squares 🙂


And I love how the colors melt together… A perfect project for quite evenings when the children are in bed FINALLY … It is the best hour… I feel like all the tiredness of the day just goes away when I hold my hook… around 8 o’clock…


and I started something new too… (can’t help myself) (If you follow me on facebook or instagram you already saw this pic below)…

It is a shawl in the most perfect and soft blue color… (This pic does not show the color as it is “live” I’ll try next time to have a more accurate pic 😉 )


I asked hubby when showing him this : What are you seeing? He answered: Nothing. 🙂 But I was really happy that when I posted the pic on instagram and facebook you ladies saw hearts like myself…Yes, I saw hearts and fell in love with this…

It is a very old paper (a photocopie in black and white) I found in my mother’s house and I just could not help myself trying out the diagram… and it worked… and I am loving how it is turning out… So, if you’re interested, I’ll try to take a pic of the diagram and post it for you…

That’s all sweet ladies around the globe… It was a pleasure being with you today… I’m sending you all my love and lots of kisses!

Thank you for visiting, for commenting and for asking about the situation in my country… You can never imagine how much I appreciate your kind messages 🙂



9 09, 2013

Love the music of my singer …

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Hello lovelies!

Last week I’ve got so much fun in my craft room… It was a sewing kind of week and I enjoyed it 🙂

I spent most of my free time (a couple of hours per day) there…


sorting colorful fabrics… adding little buttons…sketching and sewing … Oh it made me so happy 🙂

And the result? Well you have to see it yourself…




3 cute little houses cushions 🙂 I love love love them…

They are for my children’s rooms…

On Christina’s bed…


On Sarah’s…

7-on-S's-bedAnd on Joe’s…


Here they are all 3 on my actual wip 🙂 Aren’t they gorgeous?


Sewing makes me happy 🙂

Sending you all my love through this post!





15 05, 2013


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Hello everybody !

Joe is going to daycare for a couple of hours per day, the girls are at school and I am back to life 🙂

That’s how I’m feeling…sorry if this sounds rude to some of you but I really really really missed being alone just me with myself for an hour or two… and spending some me-time without thinking: should I be able to finish this round of crochet before he wakes up from his nap?

I think that when you’re away from your children for a couple of hours that makes you a better mom when you’re with them again…and that makes you appreciate every moment spent with them even more…don’t you think?

So, lovelies, I am back to life, back to my craft room (that is on the first floor of my house), back to my sewing machine, back to my paintings too…Oh how I missed spending some time down there…

In the first months after Joe was born I felted an urgent need to go down…just for an hour…but that was impossible…now it is…


Just sitting behind the sewing machine was a real pleasure…


I’ve made nothing important…I’ve sewed some hearts for my sister’s home (she asked me if I could make some for her home back in december 🙂 )


Opening the closet and smelling the colorful fabric was blissful too 🙂


How about looking from the window and appreciating the beauty of our springy blue sky…


and admiring the lovely little flowers that the girls planted at school and brought back home with them…

Oh how I miss these 3 little people of mine when they are away…

Life is a treasure my friend… enjoy every second…

and have a beautiful day!

Kisses, hugs and LOVE to all!


9 05, 2012

Cushions, cushions and more cushions!

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Goooooooooood morniiiiiiiiiing lovely people!

It’s a BOY!!! Yes, I’m expecting a boy and I’m really really happy about it 🙂 Some of you my friends suggested to keep the surprise for the birth but I can not …I’m too curious 🙂 I can not wait the whole 9 months to know if it will be a boy or a girl 🙂 I have to prepare crochet things too 😉

So, after my two girls (6 and 4 years old) I am very happy that number 3 is a boy 🙂 and I had tears in my eyes when I saw him moving inside me and hearing his heart beats …(I am sooo emotive when I’m pregnant … it is sometimes embarrasing in front of strangers 😀 )

Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings and your lovely messages 🙂 I am sooo lucky to have you all 🙂

Today, I will show you two new cushions I made lately 🙂 Yes, two 🙂 It’s cushionnnnn tiiiiiiiiiiiime 🙂

The first one is a patchwork crocheted one …I showed it to you as a wip…here it is: done 😉

I love it! It is sooo cute…don’t you think?

and then I made a second one inspired by the talented Lucy in her lovely post HERE. A fabric patchwork one ….Oh I am sooo proud of myself 🙂 This is the first time I ever made a patchwork and I love it too … see?

It is not perfect…It is made of small pieces of left over fabric and if you look closer you’ll discover that it is not perfect at all 🙂 but it is a first attempt and, no matter what you’ll say, I am proud of it 😀 hehe

I’ve even added some decorations 🙂

But don’t ask me about the zipper…hahaha…I will not show it to you … It is well hidden and not so nice to look at 🙂

But I promise, that next time, It will be better 🙂

but I love them together…two patchwork cushions…one crochet and one fabric…I thought about making one mixed (crocheted and fabric squares) but I don’t know what will it look like … have to try it…

I’m very happy that I don’t have anymore any beige cushions (the ones that comes with the sofas)… All are transformed 😉

And  this is my latest purchase (the fabric one with the button in the middle)

Oh how I love cushions! I can’t help myself bying and making new ones…It is addictive 🙂

Have to go now… I’ll be far from you my sweeties in the coming week…I’m taking a break with Hubby to recharge our batteries 😉

The girls are staying in their grandparents house and we’ll be on a cruise (Barcelona (Spain)- Roma (Italy) – Florence (Italy) and Cannes France) and then back to Barcelona between May11 and May 18 😀

I am sooooo thrilled about this trip ! I’ll miss you all! But will come back very soon with lots of pics!



18 01, 2012

Small houses…

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Good morning sweeties,

I’m very happy to be with you today and show you something I’ve made lately 🙂

It’s been two days I’m trying to upload pictures for this post and there was some problem with the server and I was going like crazy…so many things to share with you…but the technology won’t let me do it 🙁 But now the problem is finally fixed (thanks to hubby 🙂 ) and I am back 🙂

To take a little break from crochet and recharge my hooky battery which was low, I spent some time in my craft room: sewing…

Sewing, embellishing, and feeling so good about it! It is so great from time to time to take a little break from one craft in order to appreciate it even more 🙂 and I soooo did 🙂

So, let me show you today the little cuties I sew lately:

Small colorful houses inspired by the lovely work of Kajsa Wikman. Kajsa is a very talented scandinavian artist and I am so  in love with her “naive” and colorful style. You can visit her wondeful blog here. 

That’s all for today! There is some new hooky stuff I can’t wait to show you next time!

Stay warm and see you very soon 🙂


P.S: Thank you for your wonderful response about Sucrette’s square 🙂 You can still find it in the right sidebar of this blog !