13 12, 2016

The simple shawl

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Yesterday I finished crocheting the simple shawl…

I chose a very simple pattern for this shawl to show off this gorgeous yarn. The yarn is Scheepjes noorse sokkenwol color number 968. It is beautiful, soft, snuggly, warm, everything you wish to have in a yarn. And I crocheted it with a 4mm hook ?

I drew the graphic of this pattern for you if you wish to make your own.

This shawl is a Christmas present for a dear friend of mine. But shhhhhhh it’s a secret project ?

I am in love with my simple  shawl.  Are you too?

I am coming back tomorrow to show you a couple of blankets I’ve finished lately.
Wishing you a lovely evening!


29 01, 2016

An update

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Wooooow it seems like an eternity since I last posted!!! Hello sweet friends!! Sorry for being that bad blogger…. I am daily posting pics on Instagram and Facebook. I found it so much easier to post there instead of uploading pics and writing here. So if you are either on Instagram or Facebook please follow me there. I will be very happy if you do 😉

January is mostly done and it was a busy and productive month ♥

I’ve made a granny square scarf for me ♥


A south bay shawlette in the wonderful scheepjes merino soft yarn ♥


A granny squares cushion ♥



A corner to corner (c2c)cushion ♥


I loved working on this pattern. It is really lovely and quick to grow…



And I am currently working on my ripple blanket ♥


Using different yarns from my stash: Sylecraft special aran, scheepjes stonewashed XL, Nako vizon…


I love mixing different brands of yarn ♥


And I started two days ago a new project ♥ A granny squares blanket mixing different brands of yarn too (Same stash as my ripple blanket  shown above)



I am very very excited to work on this new blanket. Granny squares are my favorite ♥

That is all for January 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


24 11, 2015

A shawl ♥

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Morning lovelies!

I finished my blue shawl last week. It was a lovely shawl, easy pattern to follow and a wonderful yarn to crochet with…







Some infos about this shawl

♥ Yarn: Debbie bliss baby cachmerino blue (About 9 x 50g with the fringes )

♥ Hook: 3.5 mm

♥ Pattern: The pattern is by You can find it if you google: mypicot 10007 shawl. I followed the exact chart but did not crochet the fringes on the sides. Instead I crocheted 5ch 😉


The first bedspread I am crocheting for my girls room is mostly done too. I still have 18 squares to add and an edging of course 🙂 I am totally completely in love with it ♥


and I am already planning the second one 🙂 Grannies… yes… my eternal love ♥

*The yarn I am using for both bedspread is Stylecraft special DK and Stylecraft life DK*


And I am also knitting. I want to finish my “trendy chale” before the cold. I love the color sooo much. It is the burnt orange of the Debbie bliss cashmerino aran and the needles 8mm 🙂 The “trendy chale” is a triangular very simple shawl and you increase just one stitch in each row. I love the simplicity of the design and the warm and snuggly look of the final shawl ♥


And I am still into knitted beanies. I am loving the chunky look of them knitted with chunky yarn. Here I am using the drops andes yarn ♥

That’s all my friends! All about my actual creative projects ♥

Stay safe, take care of yourself and see you very soon 😉

Much love,



15 10, 2015

Autumn love ♥

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October is here. Autumn is here. I love autumn. I love the colors, the “normal routine” in our life, the back to school and the mummy free time I have back in October 🙂 It is a lovely month not too cold not too hot in my part of the world. The light is beautiful. The perfect weather for crocheting and knitting too. I am working on 5 different wips and I am loving it 🙂 Yes, maybe it is too much but I love it. I don’t ever get bored of a project.

In crochet, I am actually joining the last squares of this beautiful blanket ♥


I wanted it to be a bedspread for one of the girls bed but I changed my mind when I tried it on the bed…

I changed my ming and decided to give it as a wedding gift…

and start a new bedspread for the girls…


a classic kind of colorful squares joined as I go with a last round of 1sc 3ch 1sc all around the square and in the 4 corners…


I love the simplicity of this design and find it better for a bedspread. What do you think?


I love how colorful it is and how simple too ♥

And how about knitting? Knitting is now my new addiction and I am totally hooked… I loooooove it…


and I can’t stop making colorful beanies for everybody 🙂


I started also a “trendy chale” inspired by my IG French ladies. It is a triangular very simple shawl very cosy and warm. And the soothing effect of knitting this simple stitch and increasing one stitch in every row is wonderful. My favorite project for the evenings…


It is growing very fast and the color is a deep orange very automnal. It is really beautiful but I can’t seem to catch it correctly in these pics. The yarn is lima drops and I love it♥

I still have my light blue shawl that I did not show you in this post . I will show it to you next time. It is very slowly growing. I really wish I had 48 hours a day 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful thursday!

Sending you love and hugs



6 10, 2015

What I am actually KNITTING ♥

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I learned to knit many years ago. And I remember that I did not really love it. Seing so many beautiful knitting projects especially on my IG feed I felt the urge to pick up my needles again 🙂 I’ve made a small search and read some reviews before I ordered some circular needles from amazon and that was it 🙂


I am now totally hooked 🙂


Totally addicted… I love it. ♥ I love the music it makes ♥ I love the beautiful sweet results ♥


 I love how the colors melt in the knitting ♥


Now I want to make some colorful beanies for my children, and for my 3 nieces too ♥ I want colors on my needles everyday ♥


Crochet is my first love and I am being unfaithful ♥ but that is ok because I can knit and crochet together.



And I can have many crochet wips along with many knitting wips too 🙂 hahaha and I simply love it ♥

Life is beautiful, enjoy the small pleasures ♥



* The blue shawl I am crocheting  is by If you wish to have the pattern just google: mypicot 10007 shawl and you’ll find it. I am making it without the fringes, instead I am crocheting 5ch.