31 10, 2014

A shawl…

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Good morning my sweet friends,

I am a really bad bad blogger these days and I am sorry… really really sorry… I will try to post once a week… I promise…

Today, is a very special post to show you my latest finished project, my shawl 🙂

The pics are not good 🙁 It is grey and rainy today and some of them are taken by my 9 years old daughter…

But the shawl in real life is beautiful 🙂 I love it and I am wearing it every day and right now 😉 Hope you’ll like it too 😉












Some infos about this shawl:

* It is a really really big shawl. Sooooo soft and snuggly you’ll never want to leave it 🙂

* The pattern used is the SOUTH BAY SHAWLETTE by Lion Brand. It is a free pattern that you can find on ravelry (or easily if you google the name).

* The yarn used is Debbie bliss cashmerino aran a wonderful wonderful yarn to work with… a real joy to crochet but expensive 🙁

I used 8 balls of the amber color and 2 balls of the baby pink color to make the 6 rows of the edging. I really love the contrast between the yellow-mustard-gold and the very-light-pink 🙂 I think that the pink gave to the shawl a feminine touch don’t you agree?

* The hook is a 4.5mm one (7)

* This shawl is really really “me” and I know that it will be cherished and loved for many many years 🙂

Wishing you a joyful and sunshiny weekend



14 10, 2014

Juggling among wips

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Goooooood morning!

How areeeeee you my friend?

It’s been a while since my last post and I really missed being here… Life has been chaotic and I’ve been running like mad from morning till evening… I crocheted… crocheted a lot… that is a thing I do every day….I always find some minutes for a few stitches done between this and that… but no longer time for blogging… I post every day pics on Instagram and facebook… It is very easy and fast to do it…. but to blog is another thing… I have to sit… upload… write…etc 🙂 and count one hour or two for a single post 😉

So today is a catch up post … as I am juggling among different crochet projects… I thought about making an update to show you my current wips ….



* This is my granny bedspread started months ago. I am actually joining some of its squares (150 done so far) and adding 120 more to have it in a descent size  for our double bed 🙂

Don’t know if I’ll finish it on time for this winter… Hope so 😉

Pattern: The classic granny square

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: Nako Vizon 100% acrylic



* The second wip I am currently working on is a rainbow ripple for a cousin’s baby boy due in February 🙂

I am loving too much these rainbow colors and loving working with this soft Nako baby yarn 🙂

Pattern: Ripples of happiness

Hook: 3.5mm

Yarn: Nako baby




* This third wip is actually taking all my free time this week. I am soooo in love with this pattern, this yarn, this color that I have difficulties letting it down for my home duties… 🙂

Pattern: South bay shawlette by Lion brand. It is a free pattern that you can find on Ravelry here. This is my second shawl made with this pattern. I looooove it 🙂

Yarn: Debbie bliss cashmerino aran. Color: Amber

Hook: 4.5mm


So, my friends, I hope that you enjoyed my current wips as much as I am enjoying crocheting them.

OOOOH these are 3 wips and actually I have 4.  I just remembered my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 left behind 🙁 Will catch up on this wip too and show it to you maybe next time 🙂 It is beautiful…


The weather is turning a little bit colder in my part of the world. It is fall and I love fall. I love taking out the blankets. I love snuggling under them on the evenings. I love my cosy and warm home when it is raining outside…

Have to leave you now …

Going to make a coffee and crochet one or two rows on my shawl before preparing lunch 😉

Take good care of yourself and see you soon

Lots of LOVE


22 10, 2013

Another week…

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Good mornng everyone!

Another week had gone by so quickly and I feel like I am such a bad blogger 🙁 Don’t know what’s happening to me… why am I always so busy…why am I always so tired… that I sleep sometimes around 9:00 pm…

A lot happened in my colorful world this past week…a lot I did not blog about…


A bunting has been added to the playroom… (please look at the bunting and ignore the mess 🙂 )


A birthday has been celebrated…This little girl of mine turned 6 🙂



Some lovely cotton-crocheted-by-my-mother-shelves have been added to my kitchen…


Oh mum you are THE BEST 🙂 THANK YOUUUUUUUU for these beauties 🙂


This is the kind of crochet I can not simply do… I am not so patient you see 🙂


Crocheting with this thin cotton thread is simply magic and my mother is that kind of fairy 🙂


Some spotty colorful bins have been added to the kitchen too…


The first 100g of soft blue has been crocheted on the “I heart you” shawl…


55 squares have been almost added to the happy blankie squares (yes almost…the 4th row is still missing for 20 of them 🙂 )

You see a lot happened…

I feel like I am a loving but exhausted mum…

a happy hooker …

but such a bad blogger…

Hope that things will get better on this front soon 😉

Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!




4 10, 2013

I heart you :)

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Thank you so much for your great response about the new shawl I’m crocheting at the moment!

It is a pure pleasure to make and I feel like it’s gonna be gorgeous!I-heart-you

This is as promised its diagram…

Sorry if I’m posting just a diagram for this as I don’t know how to explain patterns with words and I know that many of you keep asking me about written patterns…I really should learn how to do this stuff 😉 One day…


The diagram is made of

– double tr (U.K terms) or tr (U.S terms) ou double brides (French terms)

– dc (U.K) or sc (U.S) ou maille serrees (French)

– chain stitch ou maille en l’air (French)

and you begin it from the bottom of the shawl.

I hope that the diagram is clear for you my friend…

For this shawl, I’m using a super soft yarn called Nako baby. It is a 50%acrylic 50%polyamid yarn and I’m crocheting it with a 3.75mm crochet hook.


Have to go now…

If you’ll be making this beautiful shawl, please do tell me cause it makes me very very happy to know that you are crocheting along with me 🙂

Kisses from the bottom of my heart!


P.S: I have some sort of spammy stuff on the blog with links everywhere and open windows that leeds you to nowhere…when this happens please try to click on the “to back” button so you can view the post. I’m trying to fix all these problems with hubby asap and asking for your patience… so sorry about that!


2 10, 2013

Hello there!

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Good morning sweeties,

I’ve been away from this blog due to some family time, school preparations and home organisation….pfff… Next week I’ll be taking some rest finally… and I’ll be more present here (I hope so…)

I missed you guys and missed blogland and missed writing on this blog…Life can sometimes be like a race against time (google translate thank you 🙂 )


I thought I’ll pop by today just to show you little bits of my creative life… There is so much going on there but so little time for blogging… I finished the cushion you saw above… I sew these hearts by hand and I like how it turned out…


I am still working on these granny squares (that I still don’t know what they’ll become hahahaha )


I am loving this project so much! Oh how I love granny squares 🙂


It is I think the best thing I love to crochet… granny squares 🙂


And I love how the colors melt together… A perfect project for quite evenings when the children are in bed FINALLY … It is the best hour… I feel like all the tiredness of the day just goes away when I hold my hook… around 8 o’clock…


and I started something new too… (can’t help myself) (If you follow me on facebook or instagram you already saw this pic below)…

It is a shawl in the most perfect and soft blue color… (This pic does not show the color as it is “live” I’ll try next time to have a more accurate pic 😉 )


I asked hubby when showing him this : What are you seeing? He answered: Nothing. 🙂 But I was really happy that when I posted the pic on instagram and facebook you ladies saw hearts like myself…Yes, I saw hearts and fell in love with this…

It is a very old paper (a photocopie in black and white) I found in my mother’s house and I just could not help myself trying out the diagram… and it worked… and I am loving how it is turning out… So, if you’re interested, I’ll try to take a pic of the diagram and post it for you…

That’s all sweet ladies around the globe… It was a pleasure being with you today… I’m sending you all my love and lots of kisses!

Thank you for visiting, for commenting and for asking about the situation in my country… You can never imagine how much I appreciate your kind messages 🙂