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28 06, 2012

The baby granny blanket…slow progress…

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Good morning sweet people,

Some pics to share with you today about my slow progress on the making of my baby blanket…

I’m on my 26th week of pregnancy now and I feel like I’m a big cow but slow like a turtle 🙂

It is very very hot now here …we’re in the summer days… and I can not stand holding the yarn for a long time…

That’s why I’m so slowly progressing on a blanket which should be finished by now…

I’m loving it and I’m loving the colors sooo much…

This soft doll you’re seeing in this pic is one I’ve made back in 2006 🙂

What do you think about it so far? It is the first time I use so much brown in one project but I like it 😉

Have to go now…

and leave you my friend…

Sending you lots of kisses!


1 06, 2012

Something new on my hook

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Good morning sweeties!

What a beautiful morning to spend with you today sharing my latest crochet news 🙂

I finished some “things” for number3 I want to show you today! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa

A sleevless jacket (or a cardigan? that’s what translator is telling me to write but I’m not sure if it is correct) and some baby boots. It is not my kind of colors, but as a first trial, I like to crochet with a plain color to try out the pattern and when it is ok, I’ll make colorful ones 😉

The cardigan is not so bad for a first attempt I must confess…but there is some changes I have to do for a better second one 😉

I love to make cardigans for babies as I think they are very practical to wear on the babies pyjamas…specially if they are sleeveless… I hate when I’m putting a sweater to my baby and I have to count how many little fingers are still left inside…I’m sure you’re understanding what I mean 🙂 So sleevless vests are the best kind of winter clothing for babies…that’s why I will make some more …

and baby boots 🙂 These also are a first attempt and I must confess that I spend a whole day crocheting and then unravelling and then crocheting again and again with sometimes feeling a little discouraged…etc etc but I kept on going …

 and finally, I confess, that I don’t love them as much as I should…I have now more modifications I shall add to make them cuter 🙂 Willshow you better little baby boots very very soon 😉 I promise!

The yarn I’m using is called Nako Baby. A mixture of 50% acrylic and 50% polyamid worked with a 3mm crochet hook! It is a super super soft yarn, perfect for babies stuff and it is similar as thikness as the sylecraft special DK…

And concerning this cute owl 🙂 OHHH I fall in love with it and could not resist buying it for my baby 🙂

This is the first thing I bought for him and I love it 🙂 It is from a frensh brand (I think) called: Latitude

I enjoyed very very much crocheting these little “thingies” for my baby…and could not help myself beginning a second attempt (crossing my fingers for a better result this time)

with rainbow colors 🙂 better don’t you think?

Have to go now! Don’t forget! The giveaway is still running until monday  on this post, so it you did not left a comment you can still do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words concerning my tummy 😉 My due date is between September1 n October 1…I give birth by Cesarian and For my first two it was early C-sctions (at the very beginning of month9 for my oldest Christina and on the second week of month9 for Sarah my number2) so I’m expecting it to be between sep7 and sep21 for number 3 if everything goes well 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 03, 2012

Miss T. the turtle!

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Hello my dear!

The pattern of Miss T. is finally ready 🙂 It is a fully explained PDF pattern with step by step pictures, graphics with U.S, U.K and French terms and a small written part in U.S terms (for the turtle’s head)

It is very easy to follow thanks to all the step by step pics 😉 and the easy graphics…

I’ve crocheted Miss T. with a 100% acrylic yarn called “Mirage”. It is a yarn thinner than the Nako one. And I used a 3mm crochet hook. Mirage is very similar to the Stylecraft special DK yarn. You can use Stylecraft special DK or something similar if you can’t find “Mirage” in your country!

The pattern is available here to purchase for a very symbolic price (3 USD) for you my lovely readers!

Hope you’ll enjoy crocheting Miss T. 🙂

Have a lovely day!


P.S: Once the payment is done, you’ll receive, within 24 hours, an e-mail with a link to download the PDF File. For any question or any help do not hesitate to contact me at:! Thank you!

2 03, 2012

Please meet Miss T.

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Hello! Good morning sweeties!

Please meet Miss T. 🙂 She was in a hurry to meet you 🙂 She made you wait too long…and she’s terribly sorry 🙂

Yes, I was making her feets in my previous post…you could have never guessed eh?  🙂

Isn’t she cute?

I love this next dark pic…a lot 😀

I am so happy with my little cutie creation 🙂 When I was crocheting her, I was uncertain about the result…and I was hoping something cute will come out from these little pieces I was making….and sewing together…

but now, I am in love 🙂 and the girls too 🙂

and very proud to show it to you today 🙂

I took a million of step by step pics while creating Miss T. … and I’m off now to prepare a pattern 🙂

Here, it is snowing today, everything is white and the girls are at home (no school) pretty excited 🙂 , so we’re staying indoor in front of the mantel’s fire 🙂 a perfect day !

Hope you’re staying warm too!

Have a marvellous week end!


18 01, 2012

Small houses…

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Good morning sweeties,

I’m very happy to be with you today and show you something I’ve made lately 🙂

It’s been two days I’m trying to upload pictures for this post and there was some problem with the server and I was going like crazy…so many things to share with you…but the technology won’t let me do it 🙁 But now the problem is finally fixed (thanks to hubby 🙂 ) and I am back 🙂

To take a little break from crochet and recharge my hooky battery which was low, I spent some time in my craft room: sewing…

Sewing, embellishing, and feeling so good about it! It is so great from time to time to take a little break from one craft in order to appreciate it even more 🙂 and I soooo did 🙂

So, let me show you today the little cuties I sew lately:

Small colorful houses inspired by the lovely work of Kajsa Wikman. Kajsa is a very talented scandinavian artist and I am so  in love with her “naive” and colorful style. You can visit her wondeful blog here. 

That’s all for today! There is some new hooky stuff I can’t wait to show you next time!

Stay warm and see you very soon 🙂


P.S: Thank you for your wonderful response about Sucrette’s square 🙂 You can still find it in the right sidebar of this blog !