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12 12, 2011


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Good morning !

How are you?

I’ve been very busy this week end, trying and trying again, crocheting and then unraveling and then crocheting again…

and this was the final result:

Teddy the bear 🙂

I love this cute bear… I crocheted it with my Nako vizon acrylic yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook…

I enjoyed so much making it that I made a second one…

with Christmassy colors 🙂

and I even crocheted a third one …this time with a fine cotton thread and a much thinner crochet hook (3mm)

and here it was: a tiny tiny cute little bear to hang on the Christmas tree 🙂

Aren’t they cute? My little bears? like a small family sitting together 🙂

I’m thinking about making one with a chunky yarn to have a bigger bear … a companion for a little boy or girl 🙂

and how about a Christmas tree decorated with colorful little bears? mmmmh love the idea 🙂

And because the pattern of this little bear was very time consuming and it took me hours and hours of hard work, I decided to sell it for a very symbolic price for you my dear readers… You can buy it from here at just 2 USD (that is approx: 1.28 British pound or 1.5 euros ) I’ll have it also in my Etsy shop for a little higher price 😉

The pattern will be fully explained in English and in french also…It is a written pattern with step by step pics! The pattern will include some tips on how to have a neat result and a lot of great ideas too…

This bear is very easy to crochet and you’ll make one in about 3 or 4 hours max!

The pattern will be a pdf one I’ll send you once the payment is done 🙂

I’m off now to finalize the pattern so it will be available very soon for you to buy from here 🙂 and I’ll open also later an Etsy shop too 🙂

I’m crossing my fingers…wish me good luck 😉

Have a wonderful week my friend!

Lot and lot of kisses,



2 11, 2011

Meet Mike :) and a peek at my wip painting!

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Mike is my friend! He is always with me…when I crochet, when I paint, when I sew and when I surf the net…

He lives in my craft room and he is very faithful 🙂

He was the first thing I crocheted 7 years ago without following any pattern … I kind of invented him 🙂 and I did not write its pattern anywhere, I did not have at that time a blog and you, my virtual friends, to share with …

He is not very beautiful, I don’t know exactly what he is…a monster? a strange creature? an animal? but I love him very much and I kind of talk to him during my craft time … He knows all my secrets…

He is saying : Hello! to you… He loves you already 🙂


After meeting Mike today, I want you to take a look at my wip painting…

It is not something WOW! but it have a soothing and calming effect on me…

Mixing colors and spreading them on a white canvas gives me a certain peace of mind I can not describe 🙂

It relaxes me as much as crochet and takes out all the stress of a gray day 🙂

This will become (I hope so :D):  flowers in a vase and it is called: flower power !! hehe (I’ll show it to you when it’s done!)

Hope you like!

BIG BIG BIG kisses 🙂





8 08, 2011


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On monday August 15 I’ll be celebrating with you my first blog anniversary !

Le monde de Sucrette will be one year old 🙂

On this special occasion I’m holding a small giveaway 🙂

The package the winner will win contains:

1- 5 balls of 100g of Nako Vizon (the 100% acrylic yarn I use for most of my crochet work) The yarn is excellent 🙂

These are the colors: Dark fushia (my favorite yarn color 😉 ), blue, white, orange and dark plum

2- 6 cute and small 10g of Nako colorful yarn

3- A 4mm red crochet hook with a handle

4- A small crocheted green elephant I made long time ago

5- A bag of 100 cute decorative buttons (I brought from Istanbul)

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment here on this particular post 😉

You have one week to leave your comment (the giveaway will stop on monday August 15) and on Monday 15 or Tuesday 16 I’ll pick up one winner and send to her (or him) the package !

Don’t be shy! Even if it is the first time you leave here a comment I’ll be very happy to hear from you 😉

Thank you all again for being here! It seems like yesterday I just started this blog…Time really flies… and thanks to you I am still here today 🙂



14 07, 2011


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My name is Melody 🙂

I was made yesterday for a little 5 years old girl who was stuck at home with a bad “gastro-enterite” and who needed a little company…

I was sewed with soo much love…

and I have a little crocheted dress too…

I made also some new friends…

and I’m very happy in my new home …

The little girl is feeling much better today and she can now play with me ! Youpiii!

Have a fun day!


31 05, 2011


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Good morning !

This week end I enjoyed sewing small houses …

I saw this so cute pic of the cover of this book I ordered from amazon (but I did not received the book yet) and I could not resist making one of these cute houses…

I enjoyed so much the whole process that I made another one too…

They are so simple to make and I really love this childish style 🙂

And as I am still waiting for the book, I began trying something similar to the cute framed pic too 🙂

Hope it turns out good so I can show it to you 🙂

Have a beautiful day!