23 06, 2014

Last week…

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I feel like I’m neglecting a little bit this blog of mine and I apologize for that….

I feel like I’m running out of time and with the children at home for their summer holidays it is quite impossible to concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes 🙂 I think you understand what I’m talking about 😉

And there is INSTAGRAM. It is so easy and so quick to post a picture with a few words and share it that …well… you end up neglecting your blog and your posts… and it is annoying me I must confess… I love this little blog of mine…I feel like it is my own home, my secret place where I can hide from all the daily “routine” stuff… A kind of escape 🙂

Well… I know I talk too much 😀 I want to show you today some pics of my past week and my actual wips … Most of these pics I’ve posted them already on Instagram (Sorry my IG friends 😉 )


* My Vintage stripy blanket: This blanket is my stress-away wip. It is very soothing to work on and I am in love with how the colors melt together…


* That’s why I’m sharing here its chart. Many of you asked me about this pattern. It is a little bit tricky to begin and end each row…so before beginning your blanket try the pattern on a small scale to make sure it works with you 😉 Very easy once you’ve made your first rows…


I started it with 150ch. Working it with a 4.5mm hook. I think the more chunky the yarn is the more beautiful is the effect 😉 That’s my opinion 😉


* This is the second wip I’m working on. A winter bedspread for our room. I’ve already made some squares and I love how they’re looking 🙂


Traditional granny squares are my favorite. You know that eh? and the more I crochet them the more I have projects in my head with them… I think that my brain is full of granny squares ideas… they are everywhere in my home and I just can’t have enough of them…


They are beautiful…don’t you think? Little sweets for the soul 🙂



*Some pics of my planner. I am in love with this little filofax of mine. Its color, its shape, everything inside it makes my heart sing with joy… And I feel that I am more organised now that I am using it. Everythink is planned, my week is decorated and I feel calm just looking at it 🙂 Nurdy lady 😉



*and this last wip of mine. My crochet mood blanket 2014. I am up to date with it and find again a lot of joy crocheting each morning a square depending on my mood of the moment 🙂 There is not a lot of grey and dark colors… don’t you think? 😉


* My new comfy birkenstock. I love their color and painted my nails to match them 🙂

* And finally: My reason to live…My love… My life… My time consumers… My sun… My rainbow… My everything… My children…


I’ll leave you today with their picture. I just LOVE them so much and I am thankful every day and blessed for having them in my life…

Have a wonderful day my friends!




11 06, 2014

It’s all about crochet…

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When people ask me what do I do in my spare time and I answer crochet… they look at me in a strange way… Here in my country crochet is something “old fashioned”…

Well if crochet is an old fashion activity then I am “old fashioned” and proud to be 😀

Good morning lovely people around the globe… I am very happy to be with you today and to share my latest wips 😉 You are the only one to understand me and my crazy addiction 🙂


I am back to my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 and I was so behind with my squares but today I crocheted June11’s square and that made me very happy 😀


This blanket is very special and I love it… Looking at it brings back memories and I really put my heart into crocheting each square of it 🙂


I felt in love with this idea to make each day of 2014 a square depending on your mood and even though I did not 100% stick to it I still choose the color of my square depending on how I feel 🙂


I am back also to my Vintage Stripy Blanket. Crocheting these colorful stripes calm me in the evening after a rough day… they take my stress away and I love adding one row each evening to this beauty 🙂


Call me crazy but I started also another granny square bedspread for our room 🙂 Yes I am crazy but granny squares with a black border was on my to-do list from long ago and I simply love them. They have a vintage sweet look that I adore 🙂 I am crocheting this new blanket with a thicker yarn (100% acrylic Nako Vizon yarn) than my granny with white bedspread…so a 4 rounds -square is big as a 6 rounds-square on the white one… This new bedspread will be for winter 😉


I’ll crochet it with these 35 colors and the black for the last round 🙂

Thank you dear friend for visiting today,

it is always a pleasure having you here!

Kisses and love


16 04, 2014


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The days are passing by so quickly…

The children are growing so fast…I still remember when they were newborns and it feels like yesterday…

I feel a little nostalgic today…

Crocheting makes me think about my life in general and I am thankful for my little family…

While I crochet I always have thoughts…sometimes it is bad and negative thoughts sometimes not… I try always to see the “positive” in everything and not think about dark days 🙂

A cup of coffee and some stitches make me feel better … always…

Life is good and there is always a rainbow after the rain…

Have a colorful end of week and a bright and beautiful Easter!



P.S: The blankets you see in the pics above are my 3 wips of the moment. I love them all 🙂

1 04, 2014


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Good morning!

I am very happy today because I am up to date with my Crochet Mood blanket 2014. I was a little behind with March’s squares but I finally catch up and joined them yesterday eve 🙂

Here it is so far: January, February and March 2014 in all their glory 🙂


 I left this project a little behind to concentrate on the girls ponchos and now that I am back to it , I’m falling all over in love with it again 🙂




And it is gonna be HUUUUGE: Imagine this big rectangle x 4 😀 Maybe a bedspread 😉


And I’m working on the Vintage stripy blanket too and enjoying it 🙂


My life without crochet would be very boring…

I’m wishing you a very happy day 🙂

Sending you a basket full of love and kisses


14 03, 2014

Crazy week…

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Hello there!

It’s been a crazy chaotic kind of week… very fast… running days… and I’ve had barely time to hold my hook…

I sometimes sit… and take long breathes and remember to enjoy the moment…sit…breathe…and enjoy…

sit for some minutes… a little bit… do something I love…like crochet… just for a few minutes and then run again… Life is sometimes crazy…but it is beautiful 🙂








This post today is a quick one with few pics just to say hello… I’m still here… will try to be back very soon… still working on my wips and… thinking of you in your corner of the world… enjoy your day and your weekend too 🙂