8 03, 2014


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Good morning sweeties,

Saturday morning, a cup of hot coffee and you, just you behind your screen,  keeping me company in the very first hours of this glorious morning…


An update for you of my current crochet wips… what else to share? and little things of my everyday too 😉


My Vintage stripy blanket… slowly growing… I’m really enjoying each and every stitch of this eclectic piece of crochet 🙂


My beloved filofaxes…  I am now completly addicted to them 🙂


My new owl, added to my collection… It is big but very cute…and I loved it the second I spotted it on a local shop…


My Crochet Mood blanket, slowly growing too…


I love it too much…It is one of my favorites 😉


The ponchos of my girls… almost done… yes… almost… Hope to finish them before spring 😉


Did you spot my kickers in the pic above… I am in love with my old comfy shoes…they remind me my childhood… and I always have a pair to wear when I’m feeling a little blue 🙂 They cheer me up 😉


Back to my coffee, before the children wake up and the weekend starts 🙂

Weekends are always exciting but I feel like I am dead on Sunday nights 🙂 Do you feel the same?

Have a super one my friend!

See you very soon!



20 02, 2014

I breathe crochet :)

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Hello there!

How’s everything?

This post is again about my hooky update 😉 Sometimes I feel like I breathe crochet 🙂


I choose some yarn… bright and beautiful colorful yarn to start the girls ponchos… I love when children wear colorful clothes… Don’t you agree?

And I started the two ponchos together…


Christina, my oldest girl (8years) chose the yellow to begin with… Here is her poncho so far…


And Sarah (6years old) chose the fushia to start with 🙂


The yarn I am using is called Nako Lux Ninnos a very soft yarn with bright and lovely colors… It is worked with a 3.5mm hook…

I chose for the girls to make this granny poncho… It is very soothing and relaxing to work on… very simple pattern to follow once you make your first two rounds… I just love this design 🙂

You can find the pattern right here 😉


I’ve added also more stripes to my vintage stripy blanket…


I love the colors melting on this project… and I love to pick it on the evenings while watching TV with hubby 😉


And my crochet mood blanket is slowly growing. In the pic above you can see the first 20 days of February…


and on this one you can see it all (January + 20 days of February) …

What do you think?  Are you in love like myself? 😀

You can find here the chart of the squares and how I am joining them together as I go with the last round 😉


I am back to my yellow filofax and using it every night to plan the next day is always a pleasure for me… I love when everything is clearly written on a paper… I am “old-fashion” I know 😉

Have to go now…

I’m wishing you a beautiful day!


15 02, 2014

This week…

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was a good kind of hooky week…

A lot happened around here 🙂

My crochet mood blanket 2014 is coming up nicely…


I am loving working on it and sometimes I feel like I want to finish it all and not do just one square per day 🙂


These are the first 14 days of February 🙂

I chose some yarn to begin a new project too…


A vintage stripy blanket…


This blanket is crocheted with rows of trebles only… I began with a 150 chain and I am working the tr in the space between the trs of the previous row … that is giving to it this lovely effect 🙂 I love it so far… and I’ve progressed on it too 🙂


It will be a big gorgeous blankie I am sure already 🙂

I love how the colors are melting together…this reminds me a little the moss stitch effect …but this is a lot quicker to crochet 😉


Working on big rows is very soothing and calming…


The best medicine when your children are grumpy and sick 😉


And I am also still working on my granny with white border…

white granny wip

and enjoying it 🙂 OOOH the pleasure of crocheting granny squares … I just love crocheting them…

new yarn love

I’ll leave you now with this last pic of some gorgeous yarn I bought just for the pleasure…without any project plan for them in my head 🙂

And this is for me the best kind of shopping on earth 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, thank you for your visit and see you very very soon 😉

Kisses and love


P.S: You keep asking me about the yarn I use for my projects. It is mostly turkish brands (Nako, Mirage)  I buy from my local store here in Beirut. And unfortunately you can not find them online 🙁 They are very similar to the Stylecraft special DK  a brand you can order easily online 😉