9 11, 2011

Stripes of love

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It is finally done 🙂 hourrayy! I’m really proud to show it to you 🙂 Wanna see? wanna have some stripy color therapy 🙂 ?

ok then…


Stripes of Love:

-Crocheted with love for the love of my life: my hubby 🙂

-Yarn: Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn

-Hook: 4.5mm

-Size: 130x190cm (I did not count how many stitches I started my chain with 🙁 )

-Pattern: 3 rows of treble in color – 1 row of dc in white – 3 rows of treble in color etc

-Edging: You can find it here! I just love this edging and I already used it twice for this blanket and for this one 🙂


Thank you so much for being here! Your sweet words are the sunshine of my mornings 🙂





26 10, 2011

For a colorful wednesday…

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Hello hello hello!

More progress to share with you with Stripes of Love … It is growing slowly but I’m loving it more and more with every stitch made 🙂

The third pic is a back side pic…and I love the back side of this blanket as much as the front…Isn’t the dc stitch (in white) looks cute in the back?

I still have 10 colors to add … That means 40 rows 🙂 mmmmh hope that with these 40 rows it will become a good size blanket for my man 🙂

Until then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for every comment you’re leaving here and I promise to be back very soon for my third-blanket-on-the-go’s update !!

Take good care of yourself, enjoy life, enjoy your day and enjoy crochet 🙂

Bye bye!


14 10, 2011

YARN how I love you :)

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Good morning sweeties!

When I went yarn shopping 2 days ago I was singing in the rain 🙂 Yes, it was raining and the sky was dark grey but I had sunshine in my heart and I was sooo joyful! I think one of my best things to do is yarn shopping and I know that I am not alone 😉

So, I chose some yarn to add to my “Stripes of Love”, my Husband’s blanket…

Yes, I know, not my-kind-of-colors … but I like them… and they will be great when added to the blanket…

and I chose some more yarn so I can start a ripple and join the ripple along held by Lucy and Heather !

I don’t know yet when I’ll begin my ripple…I have two blankets on the go, you know, and this ripple will be my third blanket on the go :S but I could not resist… (who could?)

So I bought some yummy yarn in delicious colors 🙂

Here they are: 15 colors so far:

dark green – very light green – red – blue – orange – leaf green – light salmon

very light blue – dark red – yellow mustard – deep pink – light turquoise – dark mauve – green – purple

Don’t know yet if I’ll use them all and if I’ll add some more colors or no….

but I looooooooove them! The colors are really really beautiful in “live”…

The yarn is called Nako Nakolen. It is a 50% wool 50% acrylic blend….

Very soft and so perfect to crochet with… I keep opening the box, touching the yarn, dreaming and closing the box 🙂 (crazy crazy crazy crazy)

My hand is itching and I don’t know yet when my resistance will fail and I’ll finally begin my “Ripples of happiness” (This is how I’m gonna call this blanket to be)

So, I’m going right right now to join the ripple along! There is a flickr group here ! Come on, join me there! It will be a lovely experience 🙂

Have a terrific day!

P.S: My blooming flower cushion is done so a tadaaaa post is coming very soon….Stay tuned 😉




12 10, 2011

Stripes of love…more progress

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Good morniiiiing!

Hope you’re feeling well today 🙂

I’ve added more stripes to my Hubby’s blanket… This blanket is slowly growing and I love it so far… and I love every stitch crocheted while thinking of him …

I even added purple as my friend Debi suggested … and it turned out very nice with the other colors… (Thank you Debi!)

What do you think? Is it still masculine? My hubby loves it so far and he don’t care so much for the colors …he just told me that he wants it to be big …big enough for him and that means VERYYY BIG 🙂 Hope I’ll not get bored… 😉

but I do not get bored easily as I have many wips… and I mix between them 🙂

Now I ran out of yarn for this blanket…This is the perfect excuse to go yarn shopping today!! yehhhhhhhhh!!

I just LOOOOVEEE to buy yarn … I’m gonna add some for Stripes of Love and some more so I can join the ripple along held by Lucy and Heather! I’m very happy to start a new ripple… It is always soo good to start a project…

specially if it is a blanket! Although I have two blankets on the go right now I am sooo thrilled to start a third one!!!

Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday!